final fantasy 7 remake trophy guide and roadmap

(1 of 2) Make use of the Iron Blade’s Triple Slash, Make use of the Iron Blade’s Triple Slash (left), focus on hitting all of the Time Boxes first. Mafia 1 Remake Trophy Guide. To earn this trophy you’ll need to clear every chapter in Hard difficulty. In Chapter 14 you’ll be able to return to the children’s hideout in the Sector 5 Slums to participate in the new and improved hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenge.

You cannot use retries to continue from checkpoints - you need to make the run all in one go. From Michigan, she tends to watch reruns of Futurama and Steven Universe. It should be a simple matter to kill the offending Gorger and earn this trophy. After this, you’ll be able to take on new Battle Intel Reports as you advance the story, meeting Chadley in Chapter 8, Chapter 9 and Chapter 13. You’ll earn this trophy for defeating the superboss at the end of the Three-Person Team vs. Top Secret battle in the Shinra Combat Simulator. ", Vagabond Johnny (talk to Johnny near the Honeybee Inn), Second talk with Chocobo Sam: "Heads or tails?

Squats honestly aren’t that difficult, and with a little practice you should score this trophy - for more tips, check out the guide’s Squats page. If you can defeat this ultimate challenge in the Shinra Combat Simulator you’ll obtain Gotterdammerung, a potent accessory that’ll make clearing Hard difficulty much, much easier (especially Chapters 17 and 18). Keep practicing and put up more pullups than Jules to claim victory - a tie will not suffice. If players want the Biker Boy trophy, the bike battle sequence will have to be done in one shot. Follow up with offensive ability or magic after using the weapon ability. Attain a perfect score on the dance practice before the dance minigame with Andrea. A lot of the trophies centered in the game itself are plot-based.

You’ll find a full Hard difficulty walkthrough in this guide, but generally you’ll want to max out your materia and hit level 50 before seriously starting Hard difficulty. Remove ads and unlock special features, Report 10 - Combat Simulation: Fat Chocobo.

Each match spans two rounds - another innovation that differs pullups from squats - which really just gives them an opportunity to switch up the button sequence. The most difficult ones will involve fighting summons, but there’s no reason you need to do this on Hard difficulty (or even Normal difficulty, for that matter), and there’s also no reason why you can’t wait until you’ve unlocked Chapter Select, should you want to make this even easier. If you want, just run around there and grind for AP to level up an orb of materia and pop this trophy… or just play the game, it’s inconceivable that you won’t level up some materia at some point. Buy from the vending machine in the Maintenance Facility 2F area. One quest, Burning Thighs is universal, but The Party Never Stops and A Dynamite Body are exclusive to Chocobo Sam, while The Price of Thievery and Shears’ Counterattack are exclusive to Madam M. Choices you make throughout Chapter 9 will determine which of the latter two quests you receive. It doesn’t matter which two you unlock, as long as you complete them.
After completing at least one side quest, head over to the crowd near Seventh Heaven to witness a scene involving Johnny.

See Disc Jockey (below) for more information. Defeat any one of these summons: Shiva in Chapter 8 (complete Battle Intel Reports 01-04), Fat Chocobo in Chapter 9 (complete Battle Intel Reports 05-09), Leviathan in Chapter 13 (complete Battle Intel Reports 10-14) or Bahamut in Chapter 14 (complete all other Battle Intel Reports) to earn this trophy. At the bottom right of the screen you’ll see the life bar for your bike - as long as your life bar is roughly around the “N” in the word “Motonox Gust” (around 75% full) you’ll succeed. Speak to the woman in the alley southwest of the entrance to the Honeybee Inn in Wall Market, during the quest, Hit enemies vulnerable to fire, ice, or lightning using the appropriate magic.

Final Fantasy 7: Every Trophy and How to Unlock Them. Talk to a cowgirl on a roof southeast of the Honeybee Inn. Defeating this boss (and the string of encounters before it) is one thing, but a good bit of work is required to even unlock this battle: you’ll need to complete all the other Underground Colosseum and Shinra Combat Simulator matches, which means returning to Chapter 9 with Aerith to complete two new (although simple) matches.
Below you can find the full Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake trophy list.

This trophy will single-handedly force you to do at least three partial playthroughs of the game, as Cloud, Tifa and Aerith each have three possible dresses they can wear in Chapter 9, and what dress each character ends up wearing depends on what side quests they do in Chapter 3 (Tifa), Chapter 8 (Aerith) and Chapter 9 (Cloud). Speak to the woman north of Madam M's massage parlor, near the pond, during the quest. Talk to the singer in the bar across the street from the gym in Wall Market. Each character has six weapons, and each weapon has an ability you can use while said weapon is equipped. First talk with Chocobo Sam: "The girl we're looking for...", Talk to the guy outside the hotel: "Stay the night? The initial trophy is seemingly easy in that, by the end of the first motorcycle battle, players have to get Jesse to praise how well the bike was handled.

Story-related, cannot be missed. Jules will almost always fall off the bar near the beginning of round one (around 6-7 pullups in) and will regularly fall off near the end of the second round (when he hits his maximum of around 42-44 pullups). (1 of 2) During certain fights the summon meter will start to charge. Nor do you need to do everything in a chapter to complete said chapter - you can skip all optional content (like motorcycle minigames and side quests) and as long as you reach the end of the chapter it’ll count. After defeating the enemies in a small combat room, the materia will be sitting behind one of the fans. In Chapter 6, turn off all the Sun Lamps, then travel back to where the cargo lift is - the “H01” platform. On its own, this is pretty straight-forward: There are side quests in Chapter 3, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 and Chapter 14, and for the most part, completing them is just a matter of… well, not skipping ahead to the next chapter when they’re available. Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session. After you return to the Sector 5 Slums from Aerith’s House during Chapter 8 (after picking flowers) you’ll have to rescue some kids. You’ll earn this trophy after you defeat the two Security Officers at the beginning of Chapter 1. Should you complete all twenty-four possible quests, when you head to the “Urban Development District” en route to the end of the chapter you’ll find a letter on the ground. Follow her on Twitter at @_lyricalballads.

Score exactly 301 points in seven or fewer dart throws and you’ll earn this trophy, not to mention an orb of Luck Up Materia from Wedge later on.

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