flights to atlanta from chicago

Had to run to catch the train because pilot couldn't find the gate and train stops at 1:30am in the airport! High season is considered to be November, December and January. It was much more spacious and just an overall enjoyable trip." Delta vs KLM...Not so...See below:" The most infuriating part of this however was realizing that there was one other bag in my overhead bin. The airline has no empathy, they seem to be only concerned with charging you at every opportunity they get. The lady at the ticketing counter had an attitude problem when I asked for alternative flight options or when the potential time this flight would be leaving. Spirit employees mislabeled our luggage under other people's names and sent one suitcase to Portland! I'm still not sure what fees I will be charged... check in bag fee online or higher at the counter fee? Oh and boarding, cmon. When you are booking flights from Chicago to Atlanta, you will have decide which airport is most convenient for you to depart from. Loading of front of plane first. Good Food. Travel is not necessarily recommended at this time, and flights may be prone to cancellation: please check with local authorities in both Chicago and Atlanta for travel alerts, and be sure to review the airline's cancellation policy and travel advisories before booking. I was exhausted and beside myself with frustration. No I was not looking for first or business class just to be asked would have been nice", Pros: "free movies" I'm not a screamer, I'm rational. Not able to get on wifi to watch movie. No. And as we didn't leave "on time" it was t very clear when we would land", Pros: "I paid for more leg room and got it." ", Pros: "New Airbus Dreamliner is a nice plane." Cons: "There is no free food. This was my 1st experience with this airline and probably my last. A good price for a nonstop flight from Chicago to Atlanta is less than $67. ", Pros: "The best part of my flight to Atlanta was the price. Cons: "Was surprised that it cost to bring even a carry-on item - also, that soda had a charge. I never compliant but this time I must express my concerns. This is a horrible practice and leave s a bad taste in my mouth. Nonstop flights can be found on the following days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Cons: "Seat very uncomfortable. Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price. Cons: "Bathrooms were in rough shape, would have liked to see those serviced in-flight so those of us using the space to do night-time routines like brushing our teeth and washing faces didn't have to deal with someone else's mess. I WILL TELL EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THEM. We announced it three times.” Well I had approached the counter prior to arrival and they told me to get back in line when I tried to ask about my purse and backpack. However, on the Spirit Airlines I had no problem whatsoever. - I'm a frequent flyer. The crew on the plane was polite and efficient. After all the nickel and diming for seats, baggage (checked AND carry on) it would have cost me less to fly my preferred carrier and avoided every hassle, not to mention the inadequate compensation (again).
In addition, they won't accept your checked-in baggage if you're not at the airport 45 min before boarding to drop it off. Cons: "The check in. There was not enough room for both my shoulders and the stranger's shoulders next to me and so I ended up sitting lopsided the entire flight to accommodate, causing me back pain for the plane ride and my entire weekend getaway. 25% of our users found flights on this route for $93 or less. ", Pros: "I WAS NO TOLD ABOUT YOUR BAGGAGE FEE AND WAS VERY UPSET THAT I CHOSE TO BRING TWO BAGS WHEN I COULD HAVE JUST BROUGHT ONE BIG SUITCASE AND PAID HALF AS MUCH. Cons: "The width of the seats was too small. Thank you. Yes, this was my fault for not knowing or expecting the extra $45 each way for my carry on. Cons: "Nothing was bad, completely average. Cons: "No frills, minimal comfort, a cup of water is free. O'Hare International Airport is located about 17 miles from the center of the city's business district and provides the majority of the air services for the city of Chicago. But this has nothing to do with Spirit - simply their ignorance and lack of consideration and my being unwilling to speak with them about it. You deserve your reputation and rank as worst in Customer Satisfaction", Pros: "The cheapness of the original ticket." Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport (Atlanta, GA). Cons: "For the second flight in a row, our flight was over 2 1/2 hours late. Our data indicates that the weather will be 90 °F on average in the month of July. ", Cons: "Lost my luggage and people at check in were rude", Cons: "Frontier delayed our flight due to a mechanical problem for over twelve hours. Cons: "Nothing to write home about. Cons: "Boarding, Boarding, Boarding Everyone with a carry on being forced to pay Yelling and screaming at gate agent about baggage fees Total cluster FXXX in the gate area. While my flight was only 80 dollars, I ended up spending 100+ dollars extra to carry on my suit. Also, the attendant at the gate managed to get my wife seated next to me when our seats ended up separated. There are 1,511 (nonstop) flights between Atlanta and Chicago per week, averaging 215 per day. ", Pros: "I love how if I do this review you might give me a free flight because I'm poor and still need to travel a lot. Cons: "The inside of the plane around the air vents definitely could use some cleaning. They can be accessed by military members and their families for free, and they contain rest areas, board games, showers, and complimentary snacks. I have not flown in years." We would get updates about departure only after I got an email update from Looking for a cheap flight? Cons: "Seats to small, not enough leg room", Pros: "The flight was 40 minutes early!" ", Cons: "It was a lot of turbulences, The plane kept dropping scared me shitless..The seats were real low and the leg room was tight...", Pros: "I made it to my destination and was offered a beverage" Cons: "Wasn't enough room.. kind of tight.. Cons: "No complaints", Cons: "The gate attendant did not give proper updates when delay was occurring. ", Pros: "What more could you ask for we were on time. Cons: "The flight attendants seemed almost angry. When I put my bags through the check out they stopped me and said I had to throw away my cologne because it was too large. Cons: "I did not like", Pros: "It was a good nice ride. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS THAT YOU MAKE PEOPLE PAY FOR THEIR CARRY ON BAGS WHEN NO OTHER DECENT AIRLINE DOES THAT. I had an aisle seat, and the mother and young son next to me talked loudly during the entire flight, making it hard to concentrate in my reading in spite of wearing earplugs. MY FRIEND THOUGHT SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED TO ME.

Cons: "Changed my boarding gate and I barely noticed in time to make my flight. I could have bought a ticket on a better airline for cheaper if I had known. ", Pros: "The empty sit next to me" I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER FLY FRONTIER AGAIN. Not even water or soda. Having to argue to get extra water to drink when I got seriously dehidrated The limited choice in movies", Pros: "Direct flight Chicago to Paris." ", Cons: "Dated plane. They checked us in quickly and ensured that we would make our flight. If you enjoy small airports, you might want to fly from Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW). I will NOT use Frontier again. Cons: "The professionalism of the pilot and crew despite the long delay", Pros: "Excellent all the way!" ", Pros: "Economy seats are comfortable.

ALL OF THIS IS AT THE FAULT OF FRONTIER. Cons: "Crammed into small seats with no leg room to allow for more seats. IT IS NOT WORTH IT." They also charge for water, I mean seriously a cup of water, not a bottled water, just a cup of regular ole' water. Nothing impressive either. ", Pros: "On time!" Terrible!
BA was an hour late taking off from London to Warsaw. Airline was old and also it took 2 hours to get going because they had to check the engine. ", Cons: "Spirits customer service is poor. They also kept the lights dimmed so it was easier to relax." Cons: "I paid for the extra comfort seat and this seat does not recline. Cons: "The plane was old, no entertainment was provided, tight space with little leg room and our plane departed late. Everyone shouted and he immediately changed his mind." The snack was awful. In additional to the frustration of all of that, I received my checked in luggage with a wheel missing.

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