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We plan to limit the timeframe to courses taken in the past three years, although we will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. She started her own firm in 1993, where she and her staff at OPUS specialize in placing scientists in R&D and Quality Assurance positions with food and food ingredient manufacturers. On the third page, the first entry "Faculty" should be Agric-Environ-Sci and the second entry, for "Program", should be Cert in Food Science. Food Science: Topics in Food Microbiology including an overview of the natural flora and microbiological spoilage of food products, methods of control and shelf-life extension, methods of detection and control food-borne pathogens and the use of suitable microorganisms in the production of a variety of food products. Restriction: Science students in physical science and psychology programs who wish to take this course should see the Arts and Science Student Affairs Office for permission to register. Questions? This certificate is open to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Q. So faculty looked at our offerings and felt that if an individual takes particular classes that cover a topic area, such as food safety, they could be awarded a certificate. Q. This course carries an additional charge of $52.69 to cover the cost of transportation with respect to field trips. Contact: [email protected]. Q. Students then must complete other courses selecting from a suggested list of complementary courses which covers  different areas that are important for giving a broad based exposure for the student to be able to meet the demands of food industry or to pursue graduate studies. The course(s) can be credited to the second certificate as well. A. Much will depend on how many courses you need and how fast you can schedule them. Anne has directed consumer sensory research for many food companies. Basically, this certificate program was established as a way to acknowledge individuals who have taken a number of workshops or short courses offered through Penn State Department of Food Science. She holds an MS in Nutrition & Food Science from the M.S. Food Science: See FDSC 495D1 for course description. Her most recent federal project was a contract with NASA to reduce sodium in 29 foods for use in space. Initially starting as a chemical engineer, Dick earned a BS and MS in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA in Finance from Purdue. Following graduation from Cornell University with a degree in Hotel Administration, Moira focused her early career on hotel and restaurant operations and management. Nutrition and Dietetics: Provides students who have a basic biology/chemistry background with the fundamental information on how macronutrients, vitamins and minerals are metabolized in the body, followed by application to evaluate current issues of maximizing health and disease prevention at different stages of the lifecycle. She was elected as an Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Fellow in 2010 for her international leadership in the integration of consumer sensory science to the product development profess, working with cross-functional teams. Moira McGrath is President and Founder of OPUS International, Inc. and the common processing technologies associated with their transformation into stable food products. Food Science: The principles and practices required for the development, maintenance and monitoring of systems for food quality and food safety. On the second page of the on-line form under "application type", choose Undergraduate/Professional, NOT graduate. Q. The concepts and practices of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point; ISO 9000; Total Quality Management; Statistical Sampling Plans, Statistical Process Control; Tools of Quality; Government Regulations. Food Safety and Processing)? Receive IFT’s Food News Now newsletter in your inbox. A. The fee is refundable only during the withdrawal with full refund period. A minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Moira has served on several university Advisory Councils for their Food Science departments. Ellen holds a degree in Food Science & Technology from Oregon State University. There are no professors associated with this course for the, Restriction: Not open to students who take. Life Sciences: The occurrence and importance of microorganisms (especially bacteria) in the biosphere. Select from the list below (Winter Term): Food Science: A study of the chemistry and functionality of the major components comprising food systems, such as water, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. A survey of the newer methods of food preservation such as irradiation, reverse osmosis etc. He won the IFT Outstanding Volunteer Award twice. Are there on-line offerings that one can take as part of the requirements for the certificate? For the Longhorn section of IFT, he has held every position, including serving twice as Chair and Treasurer. Students must complete a core course which introduces the field of food science to those who are coming from other related disciplines. International Food Science Certification Commission. Restriction: Course restricted to senior undergraduate and graduate students. Topics include introductions to chemistry, processing, packaging, analysis, microbiology, product development, sensory evaluation and quality control as they relate to food science. The third entry, asking for “Major or Subject” will default as Food Science. OPUS Int’l Inc. 525 W. Van Buren St., Suite 1000 Contact: [email protected]. Ellen Bradley (CFS), Vice Chair Emphasis will be on the application of basic knowledge of food chemistry, food technology and related disciplines in developing new products or improving the existing ones. There is no cost for applying; the only costs are those associated with signing up for the individual short courses / workshops (although an application fee may be applied for new applicants starting next year). He has worked in global food and flavor research and commercial teams at Givaudan Flavors and previously led the global dairy flavors R&D group at Cargill Flavor systems. Q. Cvent Online Event Registration Software | Copyright © 2000-2020 Cvent, Inc. All rights reserved. A. Chicago, IL 60607. American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Otago in New Zealand.

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