full size nascar simulator

Unlike other motion devices, the GS-5 can produce strong sustained motion feedback and can respond to all up/down, side-to-side, and … Our simulator prices start at $29,995. pro drivers more. We have available, four full size race cars that have be converted into "fully active" simulators.

The harsh reality, you can get lost in that selection if you dont personally & emotionally connect with your targeted consumers as well as leave them with a lasting impression of why your message & products are important! We have had many professional drivers run our simulators. This is the real deal. Our full motion NASCAR Simulator Pods, are perfect for small space solutions. This allows us to bring the most appropriate or desired car to match the event.

Nascar fans are a huge cross section of America. Call 302-221-CARS (2277), email or fill out our custom quote form today and let us help you build your interactive Motorsports Midway Experience. In the world of branding, consumers are bombarded with an array of choices to choose from. Our programming board was very impressed with Lupey and their final product. From € 26500. Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image. Our full motion NASCAR Simulator Pods, are perfect for small space solutions. I was amazed how real it feels. Your brand. For the NASCAR simulator, Moncrief literally began with a blank sheet of paper and figured simulator-system development costs at $2.88 million. We then remove the drive-train from the car and add our unique Virtual Motion hydraulic system and computer generated video images. pro drivers more. Full Size NASCAR Racing Simulators, Full Motion Dirt Late Model, Asphalt, and Sprint Car Racing Simulators. We offer several sponsorship packages that can be tailored to your specific needs. We have met many influential people but our best event was a fuel convention we did for Sunoco. Want to know more? (Crystals), Okay - so this was so much fun. From high-tech entertainment to innovative and immersive educational programs, we have something for every event. Your Potential Clients. Run laps at Michigan, Charlotte, Bristol, Taladega and many, many more! As the driver is seated inside the car, spectators will gather and watch all the racing excitement on the Big Screen Pit Box monitor. Great for Formula 1, NASCAR, ALMS, GT, GTP driver development programs. With very little experience and seat time, you can only imagine the bent up parts we went through. This real full size championship winning 410 Sprint Car Simulator is the ultimate challenge for the Racing Enthusiast. Offer them a ride for free and then you have the opportunity to talk about your product, give out your business card, or collect their information for a future contact. Roelandt Racing Systems would like to offer you a unique family owned service that may be beneficial to your marketing endeavors. Attractions include safe driving awareness programs, full-motion virtual reality simulator, dome theater planetariums, live acts, interactive events, games shows and much more.

Strap yourself into a full-size virtual motion NASCAR simulator. One thing led to another and soon we had a  racing simulator. We were the hit of the convention and were asked to come to all the dinners and hotel suite parties after the convention. It was hilarious. file size 161.2 MB. We’ve modified this NASCAR by adding doors, seats, and a 1-player racing game under the hood. Convention Entertainment & Mobile Marketing. This allows us to bring the most appropriate or desired car to match the event. Now you can experience the thrills and the excitement of the track as you sit behind the wheel of a full size NASCAR Simulator and race the latest fully interactive NASCAR race game while the crowd watches all the excitement on the large external Pit Box Monitor. NASCAR Heat 4. Roelandt Racing Systems is a family run business created in 1999. From single race marketing opportunities to complete season packages, we will get your business seen by the maximum number of future customers. Your Consumers. June 22, 2020 - VIDEO: A full-motion Formula 1 Simulator VIDEO: A full-motion Formula 1 Simulator. Thanks for hiring such great people! This full size simulator is available in any colour and livery. Your Exposure. These attractions are great for inside events as well as outside. We felt if we built this right, people would want to drive these and we could make a little money to help with our racing program. We love working with Kramer! The throttle, brakes and steering systems are all actual sprint car controls. As a joke we put a computer and video game controller in an old racing chassis. last update Monday, January 24, 2005. downloads 5452. downloads (7 days) 18. Your Products. The same great benefits as the full size NASCAR Simulator, but for less than half the space! The same great benefits as the full size NASCAR Simulator, but for less than half the space! Now we had a full size and fully active simulator. Your Potential Clients. Roelandt Racing Systems currently have four full size, fully active simulators. Professional Grade G-Force Simulation.

One full size NASCAR simulator, one sprint and two dirt late model cars. Nothing else compares to the thrill of being in a real race car, driving the speedway, and racing against the stars of the sport! The same great benefits as the full size NASCAR Simulator, but for less than half the space!

After running in a few shows and some more fine tuning, we realized we had a good product. Pretty cool, but you look inside this very expensive race car and see a bright yellow plastic seat with a tiny steering wheel and the car had no movement. We added an in car camera and built a large pit cart accessory unit that holds a big screen television which allows spectators to view what the driver is seeing. Our full motion, full size NASCAR racing simulators, Dirt Late Model, Asphalt, and Sprint car racing simulators have been utilized in a number of different functions including private parties, trade shows, grand openings, conventions, sales promotions, and fund raising events. GS-5 G-Force Seat - Available Now!

Steering system, the pedals, software and graphics will be installed as you want them to be. 52% of organizations confirms that lead generation is their #1 marketing challenges. After a lot more work, we had a full size simulator. Matrix Entertainment is a full service agency providing high-tech, crowd gathering entertainment, attractions & educational events to elementary and high schools, colleges, universities, corporate events, conventions, businesses and military installations around the world.

Swing the door open and climb into the cockpit mini-theater where high definition graphics, surround sound, and wind and smoke machines add realism to the driver controlled racing environment from Roelandt Racing Systems! Your Exposure. NASCAR Racing Simulators (563) 370-5232 Roelandt Racing Systems offers Full Size Race Car Based Racing Simulators, perfect for any special event. There is even a button for the windshield tear-offs in case you get too far in the dirt! | 888-655-7263, Give us a call for more information888-655-7263Or request a quote below. Start Your Engines! I’ll  just say that Sunoco was on the 23rd floor and when we finally made it to the 43rd floor it was unbelievable. This event was phenomenal. Our cars are a hit wherever they run, from an event like a local birthday party or a major racing event, to a business convention. For more images and video, please visit the Media Gallery page. This full size NASCAR Style racing simulators is just the attraction for your next race themed event.

One full size NASCAR simulator, one sprint and two dirt late model cars. Despite the fact that the edition of 2005 produced largely with a view to … We would love to make your event one that will be remembered for years to come! 888-655-7263, Copyright © 2019 by Matrix | Designed & Hosted By Digital Concrete, 3849 Lake Michigan Dr NW. Stand Out! We’ve modified this NASCAR by adding doors, seats, and a 1-player racing game under the hood. This is one that I definitely want to bring back to campus. The first thing that went through our mind was, "How do you compete with these popular NASCAR icons?" Get a real NASCAR experience. Free download. You too can “Get a Feel for what it’s like to be behind the Wheel!”. Your Experience. Our simulation experience starts with a full-size, genuine NASCAR race car. Spectators can gather around the external monitor and watch the racer make their way to Victory Lane. Run laps at Michigan, Charlotte, Bristol, Taladega and many, many more! After one season we realized we needed help.

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