futurama i'm lars

But he also does jar jobs for people who have had their body cut off. Bender: Porn. While my head's slowly dying 'cause I'm not in a jar yet, you bimbo!
Leela: Fry, was this an idiotic trick to get Lars and me back together? Oh, God, no! Planet Express is still in business. Bender: Oh, flexible. Dreidl, dreidl LaBarbara: No, he got two half-daddies. That's what a Paradox IS, it can't make logical sense by it's very nature. Nixon: We're hopelessly outgunned. It's because... Leela: Nudar! Farnsworth : Congratulations! Ten, nine, eigh---[A Solid Gold Death star turns visible and shoots the Nimbus]. Farnsworth: That must be my $400 now. Lars: Nice to be met. When Fry travels back in time on 1 January, 2000, he sees Panucci throwing away a slice of pizza. Lars: Oh, sorry, Doctor. Lars leaves to return to his job at Panucchi's Pizza and live out his life while Bender hunts him down. You're giving away personal information! Make a hole, chumps. [Falls on Fry and Leela from above] Cerveza, por favor. The key with Fry and Lars is they're very rarely in the same room together throughout the movie. Thank you! Nice to meet you. In his absence, I'm calling a mandatory company security seminar.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Says me! Doo, doo, doodoo! Bender: Fry, old buddy! Bubblegum: Not quite, my wrinkly brother. Just terrible. Hermes: You took his name? Farnsworth: Yes, flying on the air in our mighty spaceship! Bender: People, I'm sorry. Full fast ahead. Nudar[speaking]: Nah! Up and away! Zoidberg: [angry] You stay out of my dumpster! Zoidberg: Yetis? In the process Fry loses his hair, and his larynx is damaged by the smoke from the fire. He meets his past self and stalls him long enough for his past self to not see the pizza being thrown away, making him instead ask for the storage room above the pizzeria, while the original Fry gets frozen again, making him a time duplicate. It's handsome Lars and his fabulous jars. Leela: Oh.

I'm fighting back for Kwanza Leela: I don't quite understand what this petition's about.

I find that rather hard to believe. Bender: And that's how I saved Earth and am the greatest! Bender: Sounds like a job for me, Bender. Directed by Dwayne Carey-Hill.
His Majesty Prince Adisaraki O. Zoidberg of Nigeria died. Santa: Now, let's not resort to violence, Leela. Prepare for gore galore! Fry: Meet me there in five minutes. Music by I'm Lars! Bender: Warning, perform virus scan? Hermes (VO): Company physician, Dr. John A. Zoidberg. Bender: Here! It's enough to know you're happy with Lars. if I was a bald-headed kook. 'cause it's an extra-happy Xmas this year. Leela: Does anybody mind if I take command? Leela: We don't have to stand here and take abuse from a gross nerd. Having no money from that era to buy the slice of pizza, he goes back to Applied Cryogenics and uses the time sphere to go back an hour before, when the pizza was still fresh. Doo, doo, doodoo! I thought it was only a legend, but the sprunjer never lies. He's just being polite. In order for any of this to make any sense at all, someone must make one final trip back in time to put the code on Fry's ass in the first place!

Lars: I'm Lars? This toyshop's going to war! In July 3011, Fry works as a feeder at the Head Museum and Dr. Cahill mistakes him for Lars (6ACV23). How much nakeder could you be? Prepare to evacuate Earth. Farnsworth : Congratulations! Zoidberg: Mazel tov! Leela: You won't send me any spam, will you? When then see how Fry became Lars and he then froze himself along with Michelle which is how she got to the year 3000. Farnsworth: And not just fired, but beaten up, too. Leela: Don't mess with me, you ice-crapping snow-honkies.

Neptunians: [singing] Ten hut! This helps a lot. Farnsworth: They robbed me of my dignity Nudar, Fleb and Schlump: [Singing] Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na, Hey, hey, hey, We took your stuff!, etc. Can somebody explain what the hell is going on? As the ending shows, he was being quite literal. If Hermes were here, he'd fire you all.

Performed by He works there until one day in 3007, the Planet Express crew arrives as Hermes' body and head has been separated. We also know with Bender that hundreds of Bender's exist beneath Planet Express throughout the movie and those paradoxes don't get resolved until the original Bender is in the same place as them for a long period of time, at least on screen. Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! That's when I learned that, as a time paradox duplicate, I, too, was doomed. I was gonna be married. Hermes: I did it! Zapp: Assuming the 15th pile of children buys us a few seconds, we will then execute maneuver 45.

His chronological age would be around 2040, given he was frozen (twice) for a total of 1990 years. Doo, doo, doodoo! I mean, come on. As he looks in the mirror and the picture of Leela and Lars, he realises that he himself is Lars. Nudar: That's just what the guys who oppose the things you support want you to do. Come on! Bender Should Not Be Allowed On Television, https://futurama.fandom.com/wiki/Bender%27s_Big_Score_Part_4/Transcript?oldid=86642. Nibbler: No! Leela: Hey, guess what, guys. I bet she'd love me too, Fry gets a butt tattoo that is unexplained and we find out it is a time code. from some disgusting species; Bender[speaking]: We could sing. [Lars bursts a side door of the burning building at a run] Fry: Wait for me, Leela! Everything will be all--. Lars: Apparently not. What's this? When Farnsworth said at the wedding that time-paradox duplicates were doomed, Lars said "What?". That's proximity-triggered. Lars, knowing he is doomed anyway, sacrifices himself to kill Nudar when he hugs him together onto Bender's time paradox duplicate while he explodes from his Auto Destruct Sequence. He calls off the wedding, leaving Leela heartbroken. What are you, cousins? And a special hello to everyone else. Will his body be all right? I'll start maybe thinking about saying "Sure, when?". Ho... Santa: Can you imagine the harm they could do with that information? But Fry decides to follow after her with the help of Mr. Panucci' cousin Leroy. Nudar: I've never detected so much information before. I'll be there in a thousand years. The museum got tricked into giving all its funding to something called the Scamming Sciences Institute. They're guided by these cute Santa, Chanukah Zombie and Kwanzabot: [singing] This trinity's going to war! Lars: Guilty as charged.

Fry: "Charles de Gaulle"? His body now rests at Orbiting Meadows (BBS). Amy: May stars in heaven bless your love!

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