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Set in the present day during Michaelmas term at St Oswald's, a grammar school for boys somewhere in the North of England, the book is a psychological thriller about class distinctions, damaged childhood, secrets, identity and revenge. In a short time, Julian was (secretly) in love with Leon. Genre: Fiction . Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Gentlemen and Players A teacher at a fancy British boys' boarding school begins to investigate a series of accidents and near death occurrences in the school community, and suspects one of the new teachers when he connects the incidents to an old death that happened at the school many years ago.

But gradually, as the incidents become increasingly serious, it becomes clear that someone with inside knowledge is intent on causing real damage. One of the new teachers, Chris Keane, is somehow always missing around the times each near-death takes place or in the vicinity of an office or dormitory whenever an object goes missing, so Roy starts to suspect that Chris is the culprit. Dianne Dare – an attractive young woman who teaches French. While … The story was first published in August 1898 by Cassell's Magazine. Gentlemen and Players Summary Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “Gentlemen and Players” by Joanne Harris. Smoking Gauloises in his empty form room is his "one concession to the influence of the Modern Languages", and there is long-standing enmity between Straitley and Dr Devine, the Head of German. Julian manages to keep up the charade because they are in different years. Over the course of the book, Julian tells us what happened and what he’s doing now to harm the school. Pat Bishop – the Second Master, also unmarried, a keen sportsman devoted to St Oswald's. In cricket, the Gentlemen v Players game was a first-class cricket match regularly played from 1806 until 1962 between a team made up of elite amateurs (the "Gentlemen"), young sportsmen of independent means (from the Universities), and one made up of professionals (the "Players"). Depending on the study guide provider (SparkNotes, Shmoop, etc. Gentlemen & Players is a novel by Joanne Harris first published in 2005. Finally, Gentlemen and Players highlights class differences and class consciousness in Britain at the turn of the millennium. anything to discredit the school. We are led to believe that Julian is actually Keane, one of the new teachers.

Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris. However, St Oswald's is about to suffer a cataclysmic upheaval. However does discover that the caretaker's child was named Julia, although at first this does not make him understand the truth. Siding with the winners or those in power to prevent such nuisances from happening or to advance one's own career is only one of the many human weaknesses which are on display in a professional environment where teamwork is actually supposed to be a prerequisite. Something happens. Now, under the name of Julian Pinchbeck, the culprit is sending false stories about St. Oswald's to the local papers, and Roy begins to realize that Julian Pinchbeck is the culprit, and likely Chris Keane. Gerry Grachvogel – a “well-meaning ass with a predilection for flashcards.”. Roy starts to notice that things aren't quite right at school. SPOILER: sent in by KXL who says..."This is actually a really good book, cleverly told. When the two boys are nearly discovered meeting on a roof of the school, they hastily try to run and hide and in the process, Leon slips and falls from the roof to his death. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure called "Mole" publishes in the local newspaper damaging allegations about St Oswald's. Julia returns to Paris, perhaps to engage in more psychopathic activities, Straitley and Keane live, and the school endures (though just barely). Straitley begins to suspect that, not only are all these incidents orchestrated by the same malicious individual, but that this person is deliberately trying to bring down St. Oswald's. He asks around and nobody in the grounds today seems to have remembered a Julian Pinchbeck. However, when Diane tries to stab Roy as well, he manages to fend her off and shouts for help, starting her. She’s stabbed Keane to death. He stole a uniform and started sneaking on campus during lunch, P.E., etc.

The book takes place at St. Oswald’s, a British prep school. Highly intelligent, defiantly old-fashioned, very observant, devoted to his pupils and the School, he is totally unambitious, dislikes being told what to do, despises all innovations in teaching and has the habit of swearing in Latin at people who don't know the language.

An incurable optimist, Straitley is only uncomfortable when he has to deal with the opposite sex. . On a different note, in recent years the paradox has cropped up of having to view pupils as "paying customers" whose wishes have to be respected at all times and at the same time as individuals in their formative years who must not only be encouraged and praised but also punished for their misbehaviour. He looks up the name and comes up with the story of the boy whose name was associated with Leon's death, and who was then never found again.

JULIA, the groundskeeper’s daughter. Soon afterwards, a pupil in Straitley's class nearly dies, following another malicious trick, and closely guarded secrets in the lives of the St Oswald's staff are anonymously revealed. Not only was she pretending to be a student, she was pretending to be male. Click on a plot link to find similar books. The novel is written using Harris' typical split-narrative technique. The title is never explained in the book, but refers to how, in the past, members of cricket teams were either “Gentleman” (the were rich and played without pay) or “Players” (played for pay). Published: 2005 . She keeps her hair short. Having never married, he lives alone and has devoted his life to his career., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Compared to the pupils at the local comprehensive, the boys attending St Oswald's are a privileged group. The story is told by two alternating first person narrators. (Just like watching “The Sixth Sense” a second time to see if the film-makers cheated, I went back and scanned the book. ".

Straitley, meanwhile, tries to figure why all these bad things are happening to the school. Bob Strange – the Third Master, a bureaucrat unpopular with the pupils; ambitious, narrow-minded and unscrupulous. In particular, a 13-year-old Jewish boy from Straitley's form deplores the alleged theft of his expensive fountain pen, a Bar Mitzvah present.

. Leon reacts to something and calls Julian a pervert. Sites like SparkNotes with a Gentlemen and … With Brian Protheroe, Nicholas Clay, Claire Oberman, Edita Brychta. Increased paperwork, computers, Health & Safety and a new generation of administrators have finally persuaded him that he no longer has a place in the world of education. He’s not enrolled in the school. Roy Straitley – unmarried Classics master, called "Quaz" by his pupils. A student nearly dies in a riding accident from a sabotaged saddle, and other students and teachers have narrow escapes from death as they fall down stairs or narrowly avoid being poisoned. .

They were too poor to attend the school, so he had to attend the local state (in the U.S. “public”) school. Time and again, flashbacks detail the second narrator's childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, thus giving a fully rounded picture of a deranged mind and explaining why someone should want to demolish a school's reputation and do harm to members of the staff.

Firstly, there is ample discussion of the teaching profession—its pros and cons, its beauty and its dangers. The ploy works, the unpleasant teacher is suspended and never seen again ("Mud sticks."). We’re not sure exactly what. The story was also included in the collection The Amateur Cracksman, published by Methuen & Co. Ltd in London, and Charles Scribner's Sons in New York, both in 1899. He is a keen observer, and hardly anything connected with life at the school, however insignificant, ever escapes his notice. Leon slips, falls, and dies. They accidentally trip an alarm. Julian hates the school because of what happened there when he was a child. They touch and start to undress. Now Julian says he is back, and pretending to be a teacher while getting vengeance on the school, St. Oswald's. This page was last edited on 7 August 2020, at 21:48. It begins with a series of small acts of mischief conducted by someone on school premises. Their relationship was never found out but Julian's father kills himself in grief and guilt over one of his charges dying, and Julian runs away. Always intent on mediating between rivalling factions, Bishop has been able to keep his affair with his secretary a secret so as not to blemish the school's reputation. Pages: 422 . Isabelle Tapi – a part-time French teacher, "rather useless in a leggy, Gallic kind of way". We thought it was gay competition; now we see better. However, it is also a deliciously complicated literary thriller set in two time periods with three narrative perspectives, which also serves as a fine cautionary tale. Julian's father kills himself over the guilt of the death "of a young tresspassor on his watch." Meanwhile, the reader gets an anonymous narrative from the actual culprit and potential murderer, who calls himself Julian Pinchbeck. Julia says she doesn’t know anyone by the name of Pinchbeck. She must now flee as Roy threatens to call the police. Read Time: 6 hours Full Book Notes and Study Guides. Joanne Harris has abandoned French cuisine for a boys' school thriller in Gentlemen & Players, says Harry Ritchie Harry Ritchie Sat 15 Oct 2005 18.50 EDT First published on Sat 15 Oct 2005 18.50 EDT He is slightly overweight and ugly by conventional standards (his nickname among his pupils is "Quaz", short for "Quasimodo").

He had experiences at St. Oswald's that triggered his innate pathological tendencies and made him hate the school.

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