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Gloomhaven’s glowing reception – a laundry list of awards from Board Game Geek, Origins, and SXSW among others – is primarily due to the game’s blending of board game gameplay and classic pen and paper tabletop roleplaying. The character section is also well done including the ability to track all your checkmarks, unlocked perks, XP and Gold.

By giving a story synopsis of each scenario it is easy to remember the storyline of why you unlocked a scenario in the first place. Counts remaining cards in attack modifier decks, allowing the player to calculate probability. Heal Kids (6 Players), Goal: Rescue all Children and kill all enemies, Availability: Available on Dropbox at charity stream scenario, Description: Created for a charity stream with proceeds going to Extra Life, Author: Designed by Isaac Childres and written by Jamie Keagy, Availability: Only available as backer reward for The Secret Cabal - 2018 Kickstarter Campaign, Description: Created for The Secret Cabal 2018 Kickstarter Campaign, Availability: September 2019 - Only available as backer reward for The Secret Cabal - 2019 Kickstarter Campaign. Goal: Kill All Enemies, Then Protect Thira At The Altar For Five Rounds. You passed out drunk in a border village south of the frontier road days ago. Linked Event: Rift Event 9, Rift Event 10, Goal: Destroy the source of the storm's power, Linked Event: Rift Event 13, Rift Event 14, Goal: Protect the buildings from the raiders, Linked Event: Rift Event 15, Rift Event 16. Your exploration eventually leads you into the darkness of the crypts. Gloomhaven, the digital adaptation of the acclaimed board game, mixes Tactical-RPG and dungeon-crawling.Its challenges, legendary for their unforgiving nature, reward only the most daring players with the sharpest minds. Author: Eric Herman. In Gloomhaven, you play as a team of mercenaries on their own personal quests to go conquer a world of darkness and trials. Description: Brave the forest to find a cure for your fallen shipmate. ", Goal: Defeat the Pyromancer and escape with the loot.

Summary: This iOS app provides the ability to track monsters abilities and attacks. Description: You are looking for a job and Thrax has an interesting offer.
Tracks player and monster HP and conditions and expires conditions automatically at the right times.
The map updates with scenario unlocks / completions. Description: Kill the leader of a hedonistic cult. Functionality:This acts as a monster AI to calculate focus, line of sight, range and movement. Gloomhaven is a game of Euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives. This wiki is still under construction.

Description: In the night, your ship is invaded by monstrous creatures. ", Goal: Kill The Sahuagin Baron and at least 1 character must make it back to the Entrance, Description: "Those fishman were brutal and you feel lucky to be alive. It loads up with all the appropriate monsters decks. In Gloomhaven, there will be a large number of classes a player can choose for their heroes. Scenario SG-03 is opened by this scenario, but is not finished yet. The stories say a mad sorcerer named Velkus occupied the citadel during his tyrannical rule. Shows scenario information: monsters, trap damage, bonus XP, and gold. Description: Attempting to infiltrate the "abandoned" city you are set upon by a band of Inox who have claimed it as their home. The next morning it seem that the village had been hit by Kobold's Slavers and you were one of the casualties alongside many others. It auto calculates the amount of XP and Gold earned at the end, trap damage, and everything related to the monsters! NOTE: This Campaign assumes the party has a high reputation. Description: In your search for the source of the mist, you discover a factory on an island in the misty sea. Description: Zaide returns to the place that haunts her in her nightmares. After players fail a scenario, instead of retrying it, they can instead play this scenario to retroactively count the other as a victory, but the cost for losing is steep. Displays your current status of your campaign. Description: You decide to investigate the Mountain Stronghold where 'an army is grown' according to the confession of a Savvas. Gloomhaven page on the Asmodee Digital website, ", Description: "There is a new Evil lurking in the Paricutin Valley. The game is rated the No. This is particularly useful when you want to play several campaigns in parallel or just manage your own character. Functionality: Displays your Gloomhaven campaign progress so far and highlights currently available scenarios. Merkmal des Spiels ist auch, dass einige Entscheidungen der Spieler zu dauerhaften Veränderungen im Spielgeschehen führen („Legacy-Mechanismus“). This wiki page is dedicated to the various support applications for Gloomhaven. Goal: Kill the Kidnapper and all revealed enemies. Summary: (01/19/2018) This is a simple, yet smooth application for generating monster attack modifiers and tracking elements. Goal: Loot all Goal treasure tiles and escape.

Goal: Convince the Jury of your Innocence, NOTE: This is Part 1 of a two part ending to the Capital Intrigue Mini-Campaign. ", Description: "His time has come. Choose your group members wisely, because in the turmoil of battle you can only rely on your wits, skills and spells to fight your way through the putrid dungeons and forgotten ruins. Description: Finally you meet your contracter.

To release everything all at once would be a challenge to say the least.

Description: While attempting to visit a witness you find their home ransacked and the witness held hostage my a group of Inox.

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