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Thus, although it is illegal not to register, non-registration does not preclude a company from existing and acting as a company. All rights reserved. All reports do integrate the VAT number which is the official ID number for a business in Belgium. The company’s bank account is important for future financial transactions as well as for depositing the share capital. Charleroi   Identifying data are provided by commercial courts and the Monitor. Penalties apply for late filing or for inadequate submissions. Together we will be able to offer you the specialized help you require for your business start-up in Belgium. Why Invest in the Belgian Automotive Industry. Liege   Whenever a foreign investor comes to our country with the intention to set up a company in Belgium, it is advisable from him to be informed on the characteristics of all the types of companies in order to make the right decision as far as his interests are concerned. If you need to identify a business or verify a company's existence in Belgium, obtain information sourced from Belgian company register. Namur   Search for information about all Belgian companies, that's more than 3 million registered businesses. Contact our partners who are experts in opening offshore companies! Company incorporation in Belgium is a simple process that involves a few key steps.

We use your data to assist you with your request. If you are planning to file for a trademark or to register a new company name in Belgium it is a good idea to do preliminary worldwide screening in order to reduce the cost of an exhaustive search. Posted on Jun 04 2019, edited on Jun 04 2019. Choosing the appropriate business structure is an essential step and it is also one of the first ones to accomplish, along with choosing and reserving a company name. Welcome! Alternatively you can incorporate your company without traveling to Belgium. Registration in the Business Register does not form part of the process of establishing a company in the Netherlands. For our clients who need legal services in other countries, we recommend our reliable teams from all around the world, such as consultants from Germany, Albania, Austria, Switzerland or Montenegro. Gent   Get Registry and financial information about a business in Belgium. The SA/NV will have different, more complex requirements for management and control, for example, observing the special attendance quorum and the special majority quorum in extraordinary meetings.
Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Company Formation Belgium. Payroll taxes, real property taxes and social security taxes and a transfer tax are also among the taxes for companies in Belgium. Contact our partners who are experts in opening offshore companies!

The reporting requirements differ according to the chosen business form and this is also another matter an investor must keep in mind when choosing the business form in Belgium. Belgium Companies, Belgium Directory Listing. For example, an R&D credit allows for the reduction of the total costs associated with these types of activities by 5 to 8%, when companies are able to meet certain conditions. Choosing between the available business forms is done once the investors know what their main business targets are and know their available share capital as well as the future plans for expansion. Full foreign ownership is allowed in the country and only in some rare situations, the government can deem it necessary to block an investment. Belgium is an attractive destination for foreign investors primarily because of its central location in Europe and the fact that full foreign ownership is permitted. Please note that client queries should NOT be posted here but sent through our Contact page. Brussel   Belgium welcomes foreign investments and foreigners have the same rights to, The private limited liability company is the most popular business form in the country. Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Company Formation Belgium. Licenses and permits are required for various business activities like selling or storing foodstuffs, importing and exporting various items and others.

Together we will be able to offer you the specialized help you require for your business start-up in Belgium. We do the company name screening in 200 countries, contact us. For each business check our report range that answer your information needs : credit report, legal facts, shareholders and subsidiary... There is no exchange control in Belgium, however, the National Bank will collect information on cross-border transactions and those transactions with non-residents in some cases; the purpose is to report the balance-of-payments. Click to agree to our Terms for Personal Data Processing. Cooperatives that operate according to law must obtain the approval from the Minister of Economy and also comply with other rules. Under the new R&D deduction regime, up to 85% of the R&D income derived from qualifying IP assets can be deducted from the taxable income (subject to some restrictions and conditions). The formalities for the setup as well as the complexity depend on the chosen type: either limited liability or unlimited liability. Search for information about all Belgian companies, that's more than 3 million registered businesses. Other, - Registration with the Belgian Trade Register, - Obtaining VAT number and other necessary permits and licenses. It allows the founders to have limited liability, only up to the invested capital, and it requires a lower capital for incorporation, compared to the SA which is generally suited to large corporations. Banks in Belgium will usually require the company’s incorporation documents and data about the founders in order to. A set of tax incentives are available and are targeted specifically at innovative businesses and those that engage in research and development activities. Investors also need to comply with the requirements for, . This number also coincides with the EU VAT number. These steps are similar to those necessary when you, Foreign or local investors willing to incorporate a, Another, less frequently used business form that can be incorporated in Belgium is the, In general, when the individuals or the corporate bodies don’t have the possibility to deposit a, The individuals can join under the same name with the same economic purposes in a. Unknown   Belgium is a small but well-developed country that relies on trade activities to maintain its financial stability. All rights reserved. Belgium is a country at the heart of Europe, one that offers a favorable business environment and excellent connectivity to surrounding markets. The New Belgian Companies Code Transformation of the Company code landscape. Our company registration experts in Belgium list the main types of companies in the following video: If you need more details about these types of companies or complete support for opening a company, our Belgian company formation agents can help you. We will not send unsolicited emails. These scores measure risk of failure and company financial performance. The European Business Register is a network of business registers kept by the registration authorities in most of the European countries. They can also assist you in case you need to open a bank account in Belgium for your new company. In terms of accounting and reporting, Belgium follows the International Financial Reporting Standards and the financial statements are to be submitted annually by companies – no later than six months following the end of the financial year. Likewise, the. The "one-stop-shop" allows for a quick registration of a new business in Belgium and investors can commence their activities in less than a week. The company formation steps for a certain legal entity in Belgium will differ according to company type, however, the list below includes t. The registration steps for a branch in Belgium also include a submission with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises as well as appointing a legal representative. Companies in Belgium are expected to follow the Income Tax Code and the additional regulations and decrees, as applicable. We recommend Clientpedia, a digital marketing company based in London which has experienced web designers and online marketing specialists. The new Companies Code is a major modernisation of the current Belgian company law, bringing advancements in flexibility and simplification. The legal capacity of the future type of business is another aspect that can be of interest to investors. EBR makes it possible for everybody to obtain comparable, official company information from the countries connected to the network. Alternatively you can incorporate your company without traveling to, Guide to Obtaining Citizenship in Belgium, Frequently Asked Questions about Company Formation in Belgiu, Obtain Business Permits and Licenses in Belgium, Open a Telecommunications Business in Belgium, Set Up a Cryptocurrency Company in Belgium, Open a Company in the FMCG Sector in Belgium, Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Belgium, 5 Cryptocurrency Business Ideas in Belgium, Top Locations for Renting Office Space in Belgium, Open a Belgian Business for Selling Coffee, Tea and Spices, Belgium – Netherlands Double Tax Treaty, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Belgian Business Culture, Belgium Legislation on Foreign Investments, Most Attractive Investment Industries in Belgium. Business Directory Belgium, List of Companies in Belgium with Contact Details, Addresses.
Alternatively you can incorporate your company without traveling to Belgium. We recommend Clientpedia, a digital marketing company based in London which has experienced web designers and online marketing specialists. Guests can search without logging in. Belgium offers a quick and easy incorporation procedure and investors have access to our special company formation packages, for complete services related to the incorporation of a company that also includes adequate counseling for choosing the legal business form. As our client, you will beneficiate from the joint expertize of local lawyers and international consultants. Foreign investors are welcomed in Belgium and they enjoy the same rights as local entrepreneurs. Select action: Select Comment on this article Send a request to our specialists. With more than 15 million company linkages, discover business structures, shareholders and subsidiaries in Belgium and worldwide. EBR makes official information on European companies available online for you. the Articles of Association will be drawn up in accordance with the chosen business form (if required for that particular entity). For example, the SPRL/BVBA has legal personality while the sole trader is not separate from its founder. Other string points for Belgium include a high standard of living and a welcoming, multicultural and open business climate. All reports do integrate the VAT number which is the official ID number for a business in Belgium. Unlike other countries like Cyprus, where company registration takes at least two weeks, the registration of a Belgian company at the centralized company office (guichet-entreprises / ondernemingsloket) will only last up to a week. Starting a business in Belgium can prove a very inspired decision for foreign investors looking for new expansion opportunities. Antwerpen   In general, the private limited liability company, the SPRL, is the preferred business form by foreign and local investors. Why Invest in the Belgian Automotive Industry. Call us now at +31206974000 to set up an appointment with our consultants in Brussels, Belgium. The two types of cooperative societies in Belgium are a particular type of business that have variable capital and a determined number of partners.

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