grace satellite orbit

After more than 15 productive years in orbit, the U.S./German GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite mission has ended science operations. Star Camera Assembly (SCA) Another goal of the mission is to create a better profile of Earth's atmosphere. The two identical satellites orbit one behind the other in the same orbital plane at an approximate distance of 220 km (137 miles). 17-1271. GRACE consists of two identical spacecraft that fly about 220 kilometers (137 miles) apart in a polar orbit 500 kilometers (310 miles) above Earth. One of the twin GRACE satellites, Flight Model 1, is seen on a trolley during construction in Germany. Designed for a nominal mission lifetime of five years, GRACE is currently operating in an extended mission phase, which is expected to continue through at least 2015. In contrast to the original GRACE mission, the distance between the new satellites will also be measured using lasers – a technological experiment in preparation for future generations of gravity-research satellites. The GRACE mission was selected as the second mission under the NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP) Program in May 1997. This visualization of a gravity model was created with data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) and shows variations in Earth’s gravity field. Like GRACE, the twin GRACE-FO satellites will follow each other in orbit around the Earth, separated by about 137 miles (220 km). The gravity variations studied by GRACE include: changes due to surface and deep currents in the ocean; runoff and ground water storage on land masses; exchanges between ice sheets or glaciers and the ocean; and variations of mass within Earth. Si vous avez appuyé sur les boutons Sync (Synchroniser) du routeur et du satellite Orbi, consultez la page Comment synchroniser le routeur et le satellite Orbi ? CL #: Instead, the two GRACE satellites themselves act in unison as the primary instrument. GRACE satellites are mounted belly to belly at an IABG testing facility in Germany. Coarse Earth Sun and Sensor (CES) This animation illustrates the highs and lows of the Earth's gravity field as water in the basins of the U.S. changes over time. Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers will be used to determine the exact position of the satellite over the Earth to within a centimeter or less. The coarse Earth/Sun sensor provides coarse attitude determination during all mission phases. The Star Tracker Assembly enables fine attitude and orbit control of the satellites and precise transformation of science data into inertial references.

The GPS receivers are used as references to determine the precise location of the two satellites in orbit.

The results from this mission are yielding crucial information about the distribution and flow of mass within Earth and its surroundings.

Globalstar Silicon Solar Cell Arrays (GSA) | Passes | Close encounters: View from above orbital plane View from above satellite Ground track The orbit data is extracted from the following two-line orbital elements, 1 43477U 18047B 20280.08935182 +.00000739 00000-0 +30296-4 0 09 2 43477 88.9818 122.8662 0016873 190.6479 252.6105 15.24073111132076. After a full investigation by an anomaly response team at JPL, the backup system in the MWI was powered up on 1… ... GRACE on orbit - 1 GRACE on orbit - 1 The GRACE satellites during component integration in a German clean room.

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