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For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. But yeah, St. John, maybe we should. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? So yes, September. don @ minifie-1. AL WEAVER: Would she be good at solving crime? One of them, Robert Miller, tells Sidney about Spreenhagen, the site where Heath's men murdered unarmed German prisoners of war. Looking for something to watch? (October 1, 2020) Filming for the sixth season of the hugely popular crime drama Grantchester has begun in the UK. Okay, yes. The new season is … As events unfold on the trip, there will be serious repercussions for the rest of the series. Title: But, we can be inventive, I think. DAISY COULAM: Season 6 is going to be kind of game-changing for a lot of our characters—we’re going to put them all through the wringer this series. TOM BRITTNEY: It’s so tough because, as much as I know Will inside and out at the moment, I also really love being surprised by the writers. related_content_links_0_open_in_new_window: related_content_links_1_open_in_new_window: related_content_links_2_open_in_new_window: related_content_links_3_open_in_new_window: related_content_links_4_open_in_new_window: Tom Brittney & Robson Green's Virtual Reunion (and Songfest! Grantchester will return to MASTERPIECE on PBS for a 6th season! So everyone that comes on board, we seem to get nice people. We have seen Sidney being distressed by his wartime memories. Episode cast overview, first billed only. But, hey, Grantchester does love their twists. He finally tells Sidney what happened and why he blames himself for the death of one of his soldier's.Sidney also tells his German girlfriend Hildegard that he has strayed with a jazz singer. View production, box office, & company info. And it’s hard when they say, “Where do you see Will going?” or “What would you like to see happen?”…After what happened in this last series, it has brought Will and Geordie back together in the end, I’m looking forward to just that fun element. Something Heath did causes him torment.The mystery itself is simple maybe because the series wants to tie up some loose ends. I think because of what was happening this series, it took a toll on our friendship. I’m looking forward to having it back and stronger than ever, and seeing where that takes us.

Receive our email newsletter to get schedule updates, exclusive features, and news on shows like Roadkill. Receive our email newsletter to get schedule updates, exclusive features, and news on shows like Roadkill. Sidney and Geordie investigate the murder of a local policeman, and find the killer's motive is connected to events that took place in the Second World War. ROBSON GREEN: Well, let’s just say Geordie and Will, two kindred spirits, go AWOL and go down a really destructive path together. This FAQ is empty.

Love her! There’s lots of very complicated conversations going on about how to shoot and how to keep people safe. No, you’re absolutely right, because she would see things other people wouldn’t see, I think. And that might be interesting, partly because it would be great to play the guilt of it, and to see how she’d worked her way around it. She might boss people into giving clues up. We have only just started speaking with the producers about storylines, and from the little bits they’ve told me, they’ve got a pretty good season in store so far. Terms of Use: PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Actually, I did sort of suggest the storyline involving me and Mrs C on a bit of a detective hunt around the village, so fingers crossed, they put that in…Obviously, because of the structure of the show and the nature of it, it’s Robson and Will doing their thing. Sidney is moping that Amanda is getting married. I had some ideas, and they thought about the same thing, so that’s where we’re going with him in Season 6. She knows Grantchester very, very well, as she’s been there all her life. She’s a genius. But what a lovely man the actor, Dominic Mafham, is. Find out about new shows, get updates on your favorite dramas and mysteries, enjoy exclusive content and more! So, yeah, I think she might well be quite helpful! I feel like it could be the height of Grantchester. ... Set in 1958, the first episode of season six will see the pair attempting to unwind at a holiday camp – only to wind up investigating a murder at the resort. AL WEAVER: Obviously it’s one of those things that you don’t know how much you can say, but suffice to say that Leonard’s whole world blows up. Sidney gets an answer from a person who served under Heath, he is also badly affected like Sidney with his memories of the war. So it’s like a big Rubik’s Cube—everyone’s trying to solve this almost unsolvable puzzle, but everyone’s really up for it and the actors are desperate to get back. I think what we’re very lucky with on this show is that it has good reputation amongst actors as being a nice place to work.

Find out about new shows, get updates on your favorite dramas and mysteries, enjoy exclusive content and more!

And there’s some really good stuff coming up in the next season. Everyone’s kind of jolly. Grantchester Season 6 Begins Filming (October 1, 2020) Filming for the sixth season of the hugely popular crime drama Grantchester has begun in the UK. Oh, she’s so brilliant. She would have some good insights. Helped by Mrs Maguire and Leonard Sidney discovers that the actual and intended victims served in the same unit in the war and, whilst their commanding officer, Heath, is unhelpful, his nervous wife gives Sidney the names of other ex-soldiers. So I think if it was [a question of] where could somebody hide a piece of evidence, she might be quite good at that. However, what sets out to be a fun-filled break for everyone at a holiday camp, is interrupted by a tragic death at the resort. She’s quite perceptive. I’d also like Will to be proven wrong, and that he turns out to be a really lovely man who treats my mother really nicely. Welcome back!”.

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Police constable Jones is murdered and a witness hears the killer say Merlin, leading Sidney and Geordie to the Merlin factory, where Geordie is also shot though Sidney believes the gunman mistook him for his real intended victim. DAISY COULAM: Yes! Whether somebody comes back to the village, or perhaps does a slight blackmail with her, or there’s some part of her life she’s never shared that then comes. As far as the mystery is concerned, Geordie is shot while investigating another shooting of a policeman.While he is in hospital Sidney pokes his nose about and it leads to a local building magnate, Heath who was a commanding officer in the war. Funding for MASTERPIECE is provided by Viking® and Raymond James, with additional support from public television viewers and contributors to The Masterpiece Trust, created to help ensure the series' future. But it’s a two-prong question, because there’s me, Al, what do I want as an actor from the stories, which we discussed.

All I know for sure is that Leonard is going to get a really good storyline, from what I’ve heard. ), Al Weaver: Grantchester's Lovable Leonard Finch, Tessa Peake-Jones: Grantchester’s Splendid Mrs. C, Making Grantchester: Behind the Scenes with Lauren Carse, Catch Up with the Humble & Hilarious Tom Brittney. Sidney and Geordie investigate the murder of a local policeman, and find the killer's motive is connected to events that took place in the Second World War. Who knows?

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