gunditjmara language and culture

languages (VACL). Like Britten, Deborah started working on adding poetry to the traditional Latin requiem mass but struggled to reconcile the content with the history of Australia’s resistance wars. This was part of the Aboriginal Language and Culture component of the Year 7 integrated program ‘Literacy, Literature and Life’. Receive the latest about our funding programs, research, events and news, Contact Us

From the community’s point of view, the Language Program is The primary students were split into two large groups, with one group participating in traditional games, led by Jason Saunders of Winda-Mara, and the other engaging in student-provided Gunditjmara Language workshops. are offered two lessons per week, and Year 7 students, one lesson per week. May 8, 2018| community. “I was visiting that area for the very first time but there was a really strong presence of an unrest in the land, a kind of a vibration that comes from the stand of trees that is behind the old mission,” she says. At Heywood and Districts Secondary College (HDSC) in Victoria’s Stephanie Tashkoff – Heywood and Districts SC Gunditjimara Languages Program. culture, particularly for students who don’t have a strong connection to the the event and the pride community members felt in their young ones. students studying a Local Aboriginal History unit ran language workshops with students from a number of primary schools in Warrnambool were involved in “I love the fact that I'm able to pass on what I know about music and its power to kids who may have had their pathways predetermined by a set of assumptions about Aboriginal achievement that are false,” Deborah says. Deborah, a Yorta Yorta woman from New South Wales, was no stranger to feelings of unease on sites of Aboriginal resistance and slaughter, but the anguish she felt emanating from those trees rocked her to her core.

Grasstree Grasstrees are quite common across Gunditjmara country and had many uses. in being a school that offers a Koorie language; and being a school that is
Gunditjmara Language workshops. The language program, coordinated by program coordinator south-west, the Gunditjmara Languages Program, offered to all students in Years Eumeralla was broadcast on ABC Classic on July 10, 2019. “My intention is that [Eumeralla] will help people to understand better and to make their own declaration of peace in their own way. Year 8 students

for all students undertaking the course – making connections between the

primary schools – 170 Years 5 & 6 students from all around the district. Stephanie Tashkoff is run by language teacher and Koorie Engagement Support illustrating and narrating a number of Gunditjmara traditional and contemporary Students at Heywood & District Secondary College, Warrnambool Primary School, Merrivale Primary School and Warrnambool East Primary School have all contributed to a suite of six Aboriginal language apps featuring local Gunditjmara languages. Gunditjmara country, which encompasses the coastal area from Port Fairy to Portland and inland to Camperdown, is the site of a bloody war between the Indigenous locals and white settlers during the time of Australia’s colonisation. taught 5 words to each group of around 10 primary students, with a rotation “The arts are not new to Indigenous people. language program on a needs basis since the program commenced. The term Gunditjmara included Maar or Mara people who belonged to five language groups, and each of those groups contained subdialects, he said. led by Jason Saunders of Winda-Mara, and the other engaging in student-provided Koorie cultural learnings. The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo is known as ‘Willan’ or ‘Kappatj’ in the Dhauwurd Wurrung language of the Gunditjmara. Family, People, The Body, Actions and Animals. “I'm not looking for guilt, I'm looking for understanding; I'm looking for a kind of way forward that Australians could feel as though we are all part of the continuation of the longest continuing culture in the world. “In the Latin, Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi is the notion that Jesus Christ was the sacrificial lamb who had died to take away the sins of the world. language acquisition and assisting the development of the different neural 03 8683 3100 every 5 minutes; by the end of the two sessions each Year 7 group had presented

Eumeralla performance featuring Deborah Cheetham with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Image: Laura Manariti.

The Gunditjmara, Bunganditj and Jardwadjali people have called this land home for tens of thousands of years, from the time the now-dormant volcano Mount Eccles was erupting to the present day. Protected Areas (IPAs) – Lake Condah and Tyrendarra – to have a look at eel “I've been down to that country many times since, and that unrest, that vibration that comes from those trees, it's those souls that were trapped in that act of brutality and it's still as strong today as it was the first time I heard it,” Deborah says. A shared story of the Gunditjmara Traditional Custodians * Gunditjmara comprises of the following language groups – Dhauwurd Wurrung, Wooloowoorroong, Kee woorroong, Koornkopanoot, Peek woorroong, Keerray woorroong, Tyakoort Woorroong and Gadubanud.

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