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Gylt is a horror game, but that’s not to say it’s likely to be a scary game. Made By Tequila Works.

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It isn’t uncommon for either horror games or mystery games to provide some of their narrative through collectibles as well as other kinds of side material, meaning that if players know to be very thorough if they want to get a complete picture of what is going on. © Sally also mentions she stopped enjoying the arcade because of the bullies, it can be implied they got ahold of it and harrassed her there too. From its puzzles made alternatingly of wires and valves that need spinning to enemies whose patrols encompass only the same 20 feet of space on a loop, Gylt is at best a charmingly typical experience, like the kind of stealth-action puzzle-platformer mash-up movie tie-in we hardly see anymore. History . Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Gylt: It is interesting to note that Gylt was made by Tequila Works. 27 December 2019. To be exact, it is the one Google Stadia exclusive to be available to interested individuals upon the platform’s launch, meaning that there are a lot of expectations placed upon it. NY 10036. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. There was a problem. You will receive a verification email shortly. One of the most common pieces of praise for Gylt is that it has excellent world-building that does a good job at supporting its narrative. WhatsApp. The Bullies are the main antagonists behind the events that led to the main plot of the video game GYLT. However, none of them have been a sequel to another. The soundtrack is the pitch-perfect accompaniment to Gylt’s adolescent horror tale, and it was the first indication that I was not to expect an adult tone. Platform(s): Google Stadia. They were both, the reason 7-year old Emily Kauffman ran away from home and went missing, and the ones who cornered Sally into taking the cable car towards her horrifying adventure. Its small cast of voice actors does a good job too, with real children seemingly in the starring roles and who, regardless, actually talk like children. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In short, Sally’s cousin Emily has gone missing, which is why Sally has set out on a search for her whereabouts. For the young adults and kids who can’t yet handle the Silent Hills and Resident Evils of the world, Gylt is the perfect introduction to what’s creeping around the corner. Visit our corporate site. Sally spends most of her time crouched behind crates waiting for a nearby monster to look the other way for precisely the six seconds she needs to advance to the next shadow. In short, some of its loose ends are never tied up by the game in either the main narrative or the side materials. Enemies are both easy to fool and sometimes annoyingly good at spotting you in the dark. I always love a lingering mystery. Something that can be particularly interesting for those who enjoy both genres. Tequila Works shows off in Gylt’s setting, with a neon-lit arcade and an eerie gymnasium standing out as two especially memorable areas that look fantastic and pack just the right amount of creepiness to complement the tone. Whenever Emily does exchange dialogue with Sally she seems specially upset and disgusted at her because of an incident with the bullies: Before her disappearance, the lot of them ganged on Emily while Sally just stood there watching, the little girl was heartbroken that she could have come to her aid but didn't and even when she finds herself surrounded by monsters, Emily still feels reluctant about seeing her cousin. New York, The central mystery is a fun one and captures the Laika-like spirit of the project perfectly. Gylt – review. Since it has been said that Gylt is “gateway horror,” it should come as no surprise to learn that it is very typical in some respects when it comes to its game design. Lack of ambition in the design of levels. Gylt is a Third-Person horror game released exclusively for Google Stadia in the tail end of 2019. They were both, the reason 7-year old Emily Kauffman ran away from home and went missing, and the ones who cornered Sally into taking the cable car towards her horrifying adventure. Learn how your comment data is processed. I actually took the day off from work when Ninja …, Gears of War creator Cliff Bles zinski appears to be …, It’s Halloween once again, and every year a dedicated segment …, This one is a complete classic. Thanks to this, interested individuals can expect to delve into Sally’s relationship with Emily as well as the history of the one-time mining town of Bethelwood where they both live. Hope you enjoy my musings! Both will frequently be used for puzzle-solving too, but in most interactions of any sort, Gylt will feel like something you’ve already played countless times before. These titles have shared certain elements, with examples ranging from a sense of creepiness to a fondness for puzzles.

Twitter. Gylt is a horror game, but that’s not to say it’s likely to be a scary game.

In Gylt, they make it more difficult for enemies to spot the player character without actually making that altogether impossible, which is something that can trip up those who aren’t prepared for this particular quirk. While the bullies are definitely a plot device and are not on-screen for the most part, their actions have a strong presence through the entire game. She finds herself doing so until deep into the night where a couple of bullies on their bikes decide to give chase upon spotting her.

In fact, it is possible to make an argument that none of them have even been in the same genres as the rest in spite of their occasional similarities. However, there are some characteristics that cause it to stand out, which is why interested individuals might have heard its name in recent times. It just closes the distance monsters need before they spot you. One such tool would be the flashlight, which can be used to just burn away certain monsters that can be encountered in the game. Gylt is a horror game that has been released for the Google Stadia.

Regardless, with detection meters and scripted movements assisting, stealth feels not just familiar and easy, but dated. Collectively, Gylt feels like yet another intriguing one-off game from Tequila Works, who now has developed five games in 10 years without any sequels, while no two of their games even exist in the same genre. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! One of the reasons that Gylt has managed to get noticed is because it is a Google Stadia exclusive. However, that isn’t the case. Facebook. As the middle school-aged Sally, players find themselves in her home of Bethelwood, a once quaint mining town now playing host to brutish monsters of various shapes and sizes. Gylt’s best feature after its tone is its visual style, whose funhouse mirror proportionality is instantly reminiscent of most computer-generated movies from the past 25 years. In Gylt, shadows do not mean invisibility as they tend to in other games. Despite the intricacies involved for Google Stadia early adopters, Gylt holds its own not so much as a genre-smashing pioneer – it’s anything but that, nor is it some technical powerhouse even with the Google cloud powering it – but rather, it lives on past its credits thanks to its special status as a gateway horror story particularly suited for younger genre fans. However, Gylt is worse in this respect than a lot of its counterparts for one simple reason. Given the name, some people might expect it to be a Mexican studio. There are circumstances in which this kind of thing can work out well, but there are plenty of players who will just find it to be unsatisfying. In short, there are a lot of games in which shadows function as perfect cover. Gylt is a modern gateway horror, for the young or inexperienced fans dipping their toes in the murky waters of genre stories. In any case, pulling off the storytelling for just one narrative can be a real challenge, thus making this competence when juggling two narratives that much more impressive. If so, they shouldn’t get their hopes up. Gylt’s tone and world go a long way to make up for the game’s totally familiar gameplay experience. You know the drill.

Besides combat, both of these tools are also used for other kinds of problem-solving under less urgent circumstances. I never did nail down the distance I needed to keep when they were facing my way.

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