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Get XML access to fix the meaning of your metadata. Oh, and on a related note since I saw it unlisted above, Douady is “doo uh dee”. ○   Lettris 1654      an twahn    gohm bawd    shuh ‘val “yay   de  may ray, Paul Albert Gordan         1837-1912           powl  ‘o ,bert   ‘gor dan, Thorold Gosset               1869-1962          ‘thuhr  uhld   ‘goss  et, Gosset polytope                    ‘goss  et   ‘pol ih ,tohp, Willian Sealy Gosset               1876-1937             ‘goss  et, Benjamin Apthorp Gould        1824-96        ‘benj uh muhn   ‘ap ,thawrp   goold, Édoaurd Jean-Baptiste Goursat        1858-1936        ,ay ‘dwahr  zhahn  ,ba ‘teest   ,goor ‘sa, John Graunt        1620-1674        jon   grant, George Green         1793-1841        green, Isaac Greenwood         1702-45        ‘eye zak   ‘green wuhd, Gregorian Calendar      grih ‘gohr ee uhn   ‘kal uhn duhr, Pope Gregory XIII     (Gregorius XIII )  1502-85    pohp  ‘greg uh ree

Howard h. aiken in English Howard Hathaway Aiken (March 8, 1900 – March 14, 1973) was an American physicist and a pioneer in computing, being the original conceptual designer behind IBM's Harvard Mark I … [2][3] During this time, he encountered differential equations that he could only solve numerically. (Ludolphian number, Ludolphine constant), Aleksandr Mikhailovich Lyapunov    (Liapunov)      1857-1918        ah lyik ‘san duhr   mee ‘KHy loh vich  lyah “poo ‘nof, Lyapunov function        often pronounced by English speakers as   lee ‘ap uh nahf    ‘fuh[ng]k shuhn, Lycabettus Hill        lik uh ‘bet uhss (lye kuh ‘bet uhss)   hil, Colin Maclaurin         1698-1746         muh ‘klawr uhn, al-Mamun        786-833      al mah ‘moon Oops! Riemann hypothesis             ‘ree ,mahn   hy ,pah thuh sis, Gilles Personne (Personier) de Roberval        1602-75        zher   ,peR ‘sohn (,peR ,soh ‘nyay)   duh   ,roh ,ber ‘vahl, Abraham Robinson         1918-74       ‘ah brah hahm     ‘rob in suhn, Michel Rolle       1652-1719        ,me ‘shel   rol, round            rownd Howard H. Aiken (Hoboken, Nueva Jersey, 8 de marzo de 1900 - San Luis, Misuri, 14 de marzo de 1973), fue un ingeniero estadounidense, pionero en el campo de la informática e ingeniero principal tras el proyecto que dio lugar a la serie de ordenadores Mark. Log in or How do you say Aiken, SC? Since you have exceeded your time limit, your recording has been stopped. Pronunciation of Malchiah with 1 audio pronunciation, 8 translations and more for Malchiah. Howard Aiken was also an Officer in the United States Navy Reserve.


titanic primes             ty ‘ta nik   ‘prymz, Johann Daniel  Titius         Latin name of  Johann Daniel Tietz, Evangelista Torricelli        1608-47               ay vahn ja ‘lee stah    tohr ree ‘chel lee, Henri-Marie-Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa        1864-1901       oh(n) ree   mah ree  re moh(n)  deh  ,too ‘looz   ,loh ‘trek   moh(n) fah, Traité de Mécanique Céleste         (Laplace), Traité du Triangle Arithmétique         (Pascal), transcendental             ,tran ‘sen ,dent uhl, transform            (noun)           ‘trants ,fohrm, transform            (verb)           tranz ‘fohrm, transformation            ,trants fuhr ‘may shuhn, trapezoidal             ,trap uh ‘zoyd uhl, triangulation            try ,a[ng] gyoo ‘lay shuhn, trigonometric             ,trig uh nuh ,me trik, trigonometry            ,trig uh ‘nahm uh tree, Triparty en las science des nombres    (Chuquet), Ehrenfried Walter von Tschirehaus  (Also Tschirhenausen)           1651-1708      ‘ay ruhn freet   ‘vawl ter  von  ‘chirn hous  (‘chirn hou zuhn), Pafnuti Luovich Tshebychev        1821-94        ‘cheb ih shoff         Пафну́тий Льво́вич Чебышёв Try choosing a different name, Sorry! Was Harvard Professor.

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