human eye evolution mistake

And there is no need for it to have been intelligently designed and there’s abundant evidence that it wasn’t. Lastly, the writer of the blog criticism seems to fall into 3 categories: and Macmillan, DL, (eds. My apologies. Scientific American recently ran an article on the evolution of the human eye and the interesting questions raised by the history of our eyes. 4. You wrote a great article. Findings were published in the journal PNAS. scattered light generates noise through which objects are seen less sharply. Indeed no one can demonstrate that the eye has evolved from some primitive lens, photosensitive cells or whatever.

It is NOT a good model of the early eye, if that’s what you are hoping.

Who knows how long I had actually needed them? The truth is discovered through the collection of evidence.

structure can be the foundation for “dramatic” improvements in sensory technology. The first mistake is that evolution does not teach that humans descended from monkeys; it states that both have a common ancestor. Good catch! And after one day he is gone! Compare this to the excellent vision of most birds, especially birds of prey, such as eagles and condors. Now that we know that Human eye too can detect a single photon of light do you question your position or make new stories – ones that require human beings to be able to see single photons so as to SURVIVE?

24, 15th ed., P. 321. I am not a biologist and that my knowledge on evolution would be lacking. I certainly I would not say a computer created itself but I would have to conclude it has an intelligent designer behind it, as a robot would as well. is more advanced: it creates a funnel cell system, which means that much more light can be caught on the The optic disc is a necessary structure insofar as the retinal axons must all converge at some point.

Speaking of color vision, not all humans have that, either. The superiority of the bird eye shows that whatever designed the human eye, be it nature or a deity, is capable of producing eyes that are much better than the human eye. passes through fiber-optic cells the useful signal to noise ratio, i.e., the disturbance is improved. (Insects, arachnids, and crustaceans have an entirely different type of eye.)

The rate of myopia increases to more than 70% in Asian countries. It’s true that the eye won’t function if you remove any one part, but evolution doesn’t work by adding individual fully-formed parts to a pre-existing structure.

That is simply not true; Design in general is not perfect; but God is perfect and his work must be perfect; because of human idolatry imperfection enter into earth- BTW by idolatry I don’t mean worshiping of classic idols; but any type of believe that idolize creation rather than Creator. That’s not how evolution works, so comparing the two makes no sense.
There is one more design quirk in the human eye that merits mention.

I wonder what you mean “but if it were to be designed from scratch, it’s hard to imagine it would look anything like it does”. 104, no. So sensitive are cats’ eyes that they can detect a single photon of light in an absolutely dark environment. Absolutely there is evidence that mutations can lead to new structures and there are several cases where we understand the mutations and the evolutionary process fairly well.

He explains that if cells between species have matching molecular fingerprints, then the cells are very likely to share a common ancestor cell. The eye is definitely a marvel, but it is far from perfect. [Update: This article is now included as a section in my new book, Human Errors, go check it out!]. According to this, Everyones statement is quietly correct.

Your notion that complex things have to be designed is not accurate. We live on land and they live under water. New Scientist, 6 May 2010.

God made human to be stewardship of the whole creation, but because of their sin the whole creation ‘was subjected to frustration.’… But we have hope that ‘the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into freedom and glory of the children of God.’ Then, those genes are passed down to their offspring and continue to be available in the gene pool.

Under water with cephalopods, they don’t suffer UV damage so they do not need any protection, that’s why there retina is inverted.
So, essentially, its very hard to predictably change a complex system in a massive way (like creating one planet at exactly the right spot in the solar system with 8 other planets in the vicinity and ensure that the moon slams into it at just the right time so that things are perfect for life) without completely messing it up.

(page 13-14). Maybe there is a reason the human eye is designed a certain way – one that we do not understand in all of our “knowledge”. I have no problem with natural selection, but as I understand evolution correct me if I am wrong requires natural section + mutation to explain the process from simple to complex organisms.

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