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My suggestion would be to read “The Life of Ian Curtis – Torn Apart” by Mick Middles and Lindsay Reade either while reading this book or directly after reading it. The book is told in a linear fashion, but may little details from the future are thrown in that sometimes threw off the narrative. The whole book she just seems to paint herself as an innocent bystander as her world around her is falling apart. The rope from the clothes rack was around his neck. Angry, humiliated,” she revealed.

facts has to be checked.

Meanwhile, former Joy Division guitarist Bernard Sumner also recently released an autobiography entitled ‘Chapter and Verse’. However the 2nd part of the book tends to take a look at Ian's whole situation (at least from his wife's point of view). It had been Wilson who had given Joy Division their TV break on the local magazine programme Granada Reports , and he also founded Factory Records , which released most of Joy Division's work. Whatever you probably LOVE Interpol and think they are so original...without Joy Divsion you wouldn't have any of that stuff.

This account shreds many of the romantic notions surrounding Joy Division, without ever quite touching the mystery of the music itself. The 1st part of the book focus on this a little much and I started to get tired of it. They say you should never meet your idols because you will usually be disappointed. Deborah Curtis writes from the heart and shares with us her memories and journey as an innocent and helpless bystander in Ian Curtis's life. Very sad indeed. He controlled what Deborah wore, w. I wouldn't say Deborah Curtis is a great writer but the way she manages to convey her complex feelings about Ian Curtis is both believable and touching. Refresh and try again. Unlike my more heavy reading habits, I don't feel like this subject matter needs to be fresh in my mind to write a review. He contributed little to their household financially and even less as a father and mate. Beg you to read this? If you don't then, don't read this...duh, what did you think I was going to say. Debbie Curtis does leave you with the impression that he never intended to live beyond his twenties and took his life while he would be remembered a legend like many of his idols. This may help to buffer some of the incriminations Deborah Curtis brings forward against her long deceased husband. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joy Division and Ian Curtis' lyrics.

Deborah Curtis writes candidly in a new book, exclusively extracted in this week's NME.

I recommend the movie, "Control" more than I recommend this book.

Found it really hard to read the last few pages even tho I knew how the story went, v sad. However, I was surprised to learn that such a dispassionate movie was based on the biography written by Ian Curtis's widow.

That was somewhat the case with reading this book. Then the rope - I hadn’t noticed the rope. However the 2nd part of the book tends to take a look at Ian's whole situation (at least from his wif.

Me lady is a big fan of Joy Division/New Order.

Having seen Control for the third time, I was very eager to read this book. And of course, if everything she said in it is true, then by all means that seems appropriate.

While there are quotes in the book that lead you to believe his epilepsy, the drugs to control it and the "rock n' roll lifestyle" contributed to severe depression and ultimately suicide. This is an account of the mesmerising life and tragic death of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, told from the perspective of his wife Deborah. The whole book she just seems to paint herself as an innocent bystander as her world around her is falling apart. leave her book for the last, the best for the last. If you've seen the movie "Control" and/or "24 Hour Party People", you might want to read this book as it strips away the "myth from the man" to reveal Ian's, rather intense, character flaws and emotional issues that pre-date his epilepsy. “How did I feel when Rob Gretton told me ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ was about me? Welcome back. Yeah, this book is also the basis for the Joy Division movie "Control" which should be coming to theatre's soon and THEN you will read this book. Beg you to read this?

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published “I scoured his manuscripts looking for evidence that it wasn’t so.” “The burden of finding a way to displace what was happening in his life must have twisted him to the core,” she added. Throw in being pulled between 2 lovers and you have recipe for self destruction. I realized halfway through that I would rather keep my limited understanding of Ian Curtis, his life and problems. To see what your friends thought of this book, Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division, This is a wonderful peek into the Iconic Ian Curtis' private life; however I suggest that you keep in mind who is telling the story. Deborah will relay a detailed account of some horrific incident between her and Ian after which she will blandly give a two or three sentence account of a good deed Ian performed then makes some blasé comment about how “Ian was always doing nice things.” Is this supposed to balance out the two page account of Ian Curtis’ monster manifesto?

So tragic and sad. My instinct that he was playing, “I stared at him, he was so still. However, he was not very kind to his wife at all.

Of course this could have been exageraged since she did write this book.

Of course, it makes for a great companion piec, This is an mildly interesting read, though it's probably only of interest to fans of Joy Division, Factory and the late 70's Manchester Post-Punk scene. I don't want to know that he was a controlling, emotionally manipulative young man or that they were far too young and immature to get married... but now I do. An intense read and a very sad story: albeit well written. Me lady is a big fan of Joy Division/New Order so we happened to visit Macclesfield (Ian's home and place of death/eternal resting place). Falling in love with another woman while Deborah was pregnant with their first child was a sad thing. I was especially surprised to read about his violence and control issues. So This Is Permanence: Ian Curtis, Joy Division Lyrics and Notebooks, edited by Deborah Curtis and Jon Savage, is published through Faber & Faber on October 16. The rope from the clothes rack was around his neck. Unsurprisingly, the book written by Deborah, gave me, and not only me, the sad, dejecting and on the other hand, beautiful image of a person, whose only wish was to become famous and release an LP and a single. In Touching From a Distance, Deborah Curtis retells the life of her husband, Ian Curtis - the lead singer and founder of the British punk band Joy Division. when we are a joy division fan we believe and clichés and prejudices about everybody involved and just don't realise that they are nothing but opinions.

And then I put it down for some unknown reason. I wouldn't say Deborah Curtis is a great writer but the way she manages to convey her complex feelings about Ian Curtis is both believable and touching.

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