insomnia recovery stories

Rest became slightly more important. Our bodies love routine and rhythms. I accepted my sleeplessness nights, and even planned to not sleep. Yeah, that’s a bad idea, too. When she’s not writing and managing web content for her day job, she enjoys hitting a yoga class, laughing hysterically, taking long city walks, petting the neighborhood dogs, concocting new juicing recipes, or trying to stay in loving kindness on public transportation. The source of the phobia can usually be traced back to one or more specific triggering event, usually something traumatic that happened, often but not always at an early age. As bleak as the wakeful nights can be, there’s always an end to it. I was the cartoon character stranded on the desert island, and the bottle of temazepam on my bedside table was beginning to resemble a glistening ham. Instead of fighting it, I welcome my “up” time to catch up on Netflix, cook and clean. Buying plastic bottles wastes money and fills landfills. Learning to take care of myself has not been an overnight success; I am still working on it. I forced myself to work and miserably trekked through the day. Techniques and approaches aimed at mere symptom management will only take us so far.

A panicked disbelief often takes hold: “This is actually happening again.”. Home » Buzzworthy Blogs » How I Recovered From Chronic Insomnia, By Tawny Scarlet Sverdlin, Buzzworthy Blogs. I try to focus on the positive things in my life.

Submit your story or essay to Buzzworthy Blogs. I was a walking cliche, of course, completely run-of-the-mill. These restless nights turned into restless weeks, and then restless months. Sharing my success story after 8 months of debilitating insomnia. Feelings of anxiety and fear associated with my bedroom gradually subsided, and it became easier to shift focus away from sleep during the day. During this period of my life, I intentionally worked through the stressors that initially led up to the insomnia. The carpet swirled a bit. Too much stress can  store itself in the muscles. Does Honey Beat Traditional Remedies For Respiratory Infection? Sleeping pills have dozens of terrifying side effects, Tear Gas Could Be Linked To Changes In Menstruation And Even Miscarriage, The Emotional Duress Of A New Reality: The Mental Health Crisis Of Pregnant Women During The COVID-19 Pandemic. Sleeplessness and its accompanying anxiety began at an early age for me.

During this period, “I’m a night owl” morphed into: “I’m not really a morning person.” Ever so gradually, it morphed again into: “I haven’t slept in days.” Suddenly I’m pushing 30, and sleep remains as elusive as ever. After hearing my story, Dr. Erichsen encouraged me to try something I initially hated: to stop trying to control my sleep. Until then, it had been years since I’d stepped inside a hospital.

From my experience, and from the insight I’ve gained from others, its’ not the lack of sleep itself that drives insomniacs mad. Life is a journey; and there’s always something to be learned, in everything. I could always count on a solid 7–8 hours of sleep a night, and perhaps a nap or two during the week. It was a choice. It always does.

If you have insomnia, don’t put off what you love because of this trial.

For example, I have all four limbs, I live in a nice apartment and I am in good health. After attempting to fight insomnia for over a year with no avail, I was forced to take a new approach. Watch your words, and choose to hope. It wasn’t long before I was swigging Nyquil straight from the bottle. I’ve since embraced the fact that life is full of storms. Even when multiple voices inside of you tell you that you will fail, if the loudest voice in your head says, “ You can do this,” then that’s what will happen. Every time I attempted to create new “solutions” around my sleep, such as adjusting my sleep window, trying a new supplement or medication regimen, or sleeping in a new random position, I fed an unhealthy preoccupation with sleep. Its’ just not that simple. Unfortunately a few more restless nights followed in the weeks to come. Despite this particular storm, you can still give yourself permission to dance in the rain. My hands and arms tingled. Rather than trying to fight it, I choose instead to welcome any insightful teachings or new areas of self-awareness it may bring. These two restless hours turned into 3 hours, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7.

So I didn’t sleep. Back in college, I’d call myself a night owl. If you’re like me, you’re often awake at night. I could sit here and write about how “perfect” my sleep has become, but this would be misleading. This can lead to an ongoing state of restlessness, annoyance, and disappointment, which often contributes to a negative and pessimistic outlook on life. One night, after a particularly stressful day, I remember lying in bed for about 2 hours unable to fall asleep. So what does help? If you find sleep elusive, try changing your perspective.

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