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The dimensions of the ISS are about 356 feet by 240 feet, which is bigger than a football pitch.

​One of Tim’s most cherished moments was having the opportunity to talk with the late Professor Stephen Hawking from the International Space Station.

His Principia mission was an eventful and busy six months in space. Major Timothy Peake is the first British citizen to be selected by …

He plans to participate in the 2016 race while in space. It takes a few months to get back to normal when they return to Earth. Here are the essential facts.


Where is the ISS 'safe haven'? Video, 00:00:55, Tear gas, smashed glass and anger. ​As a young second lieutenant, Tim’s leadership skills were put to the test on the troubled streets of Northern Ireland, serving as a Platoon Commander on attachment to the Royal Green Jackets prior to commencing his flying training. Born: 7 April 1972 It weighs 450 tons and relies on solar panel arrays and rechargeable nickel-hydrogen batteries.

A seasoned runner back on planet Earth, Major Peake completed the London Marathon in 1999, finishing in three hours and 18 minutes - but he does not expect to beat that time. Video, 00:00:57, Tim Peake's water survival training. Last tweet before launch - GO for flight! Why space is bad for your body. It's also easy to lose muscle mass while in space - you don't need muscles to support you in a weightless environment. The reason you can see the ISS is because it isn't actually that far up in space. Born: 7 April 1972 Nationality: British Family: married and has one son Hobbies: skiing, scuba diving, cross country running and reading Timothy graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1992 as an officer in the Army Air Corps.

Video, 00:01:46Where is the ISS 'safe haven'? Tim Peake is off to the International Space Station today. I think it’s fascinating; it’s quite closely related to Earth in being one of the small, rocky planets that probably once had an atmosphere and once had oceans on it.”. In additional to understanding cultural differences, this environment allowed the astronauts to develop their leadership skills under stressful conditions. He enrolled in evening classes to study mathematics and attained a Bachelor of Science degree in flight dynamics whilst also studying for his test pilot qualification. Because of a lack of funding the ISS is scheduled to be taken out of orbit next year. 11 Things You Should Know About Tim Peake, Britain's First Astronaut In 20 Years.

After further training with his crewmates Tim Kopra and Yuri Malenchenko, and many months spent in Russia, the United States, Japan, Canada and Germany he launched to space on 15 December 2015. Working on environmental and sustainability projects not long after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, he kayaked Prince William Sound and learned ice climbing and winter mountaineering near Denali National Park. He received a degree in flight dynamics and evaluation in 2006. 8. Persuading an undecided voter. Nationality: British See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Video, 00:06:04What Trump's wall says about the US election. it's left us a little disgruntled about our time here on earth.

Previously, UK citizens had been unable to apply to become ESA astronauts and so Tim leapt at this once in a lifetime opportunity. At the same time, having been surprised to see an online recruiting advertisement from the European Space Agency (ESA), he underwent a rigorous year-long astronaut selection with over 8000 other hopeful candidates.

Video, 00:01:07, Astronaut's underwater 'spacewalk' Video, 00:01:04, Training for space at -24C.
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Video, 00:03:11, Could postal voting upend US election?

WATCH: Proof NASA edits out UFOs?

Argh... the numbers just get more and more depressing! ​Before attending the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, Tim spent an arduous three months on an expedition to Alaska.

Video, 00:02:01, Tim Peake attempts to speak Russian. Video, 00:00:44, Could you handle astronaut training?

WATCH: Bizarre 'donut UFOs stalking ISS' - has mystery been solved?

There's also an application so that their laptops can mirror the desktop computer connected to the internet on the ground. Here are five interesting facts you might not know about Tim Peake and his time at the International Space Station.

He studied at the town’s high school for boys, […] Tim was the first British European Space Agency astronaut to visit the Space Station. Video, 00:01:37, Why space is bad for your body.

Video, 00:01:17, Up Next, Look up!

Tim embraced the tough regime at the Royal Military Academy and despite being one of the youngest officer recruits he was singled out to lead his Platoon and later awarded the Stockwell Sword as the Army Air Corps' best junior officer. Video, 00:00:47, Where is the ISS 'safe haven'? The ISS circles the Earth every 90 minutes at a speed of almost five miles a second.

Sadly for him, there are no plans to send ESA astronauts to Mars. He's not even gone to space yet, but the astronaut is already planning his next mission.

“The more further down the training we go the more technical the Russian language becomes.

​Tim was appointed Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) in the Queen's 2016 Birthday Honours for services to space research and scientific education.

Tim Peake: The essential facts about British astronaut, British astronaut's essential bio.

Download 'Midnight Sky' on iTunes. This means that if you look closely, you may be able to see a foreign object in the sky.

But who is the former army helicopter pilot turned spaceman? He was the first British astronaut to board the ISS, a laboratory 400 kilometres from Earth. No, he's not hitching a ride with Santa, but the ISS will be crossing our skies on Christmas Eve. HA! While Tim Peake makes history as the only Brit to travel to the International Space Station, it has got us thinking about the ways in which planet Earth could work a little bit better for us. Liverpool mayor's loss after brother's Covid death. ​After nearly 18 years of military service, Tim left the Army in 2009 to work as a senior test pilot for AgustaWestland (now Leonardo Helicopters). Family: married and has one sonHobbies: skiing, scuba diving, cross country running and reading.

Tim Peake has become Britain's first "official astronaut" with his mission to the International Space Station. “I felt like walking out halfway through,” he said of his language training. Video, 00:06:04, What Trump's wall says about the US election, How much do US elections cost?

Technically speaking, because of the lack of gravity in space...astronauts don't weigh anything at all! Video, 00:02:14Why space is bad for your body, Tim Peake under pressure in centrifuge. Here are some things you may not know about him and the mission. Mir means peace.

​Tim’s first overseas posting took him to Germany, where he commanded a flight of reconnaissance helicopters. Video, 00:02:01Tim Peake video diary at Star City, Tim Peake attempts to speak Russian. This means that a 6 foot man may find himself growing two inches taller. ​At the age of 13, Tim’s dream of becoming a pilot became a reality when he took control of an aircraft for the first time. Missing out on life on Earth must be pretty tough, and the astronauts won't be able to visit their local cinema to watch the latest films. It sparked a passion for flying that has been a driving force throughout his career.

He applied for the Empire Test Pilot’s School at Boscombe Down and, following a gruelling selection process, was accepted onto the prestigious course. “Learning Russian has been the single most difficult aspect of my training.

In 2014 the International Space Station was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but it lost out to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai. The Cub Scouts and school Cadet Force gave him a taste for the outdoors and he was never happier as a young boy than when he was hiking, kayaking or climbing.

Video, 00:00:47, 'I voted for a guy named Trump' - President Trump, Biden or Trump? I love systems, I love diagrams, I’m not a natural linguist and Russian for me has been particularly hard. Video, 00:00:47Tim Peake attempts to speak Russian. At a recent crew news conference he said ground staff will be able to download 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' for the crew to watch. He was the first British astronaut with the agency, and was the 7th British born person to go into space. It also has greenhouses, a laboratory, a gym and a sleep station.

Video, 00:02:45Could postal voting upend US election? Video, 00:00:44Five things in Tim Peake's suitcase. ​Whilst his peers were following a more traditional officer career path, Tim fought to become a flying instructor – a move that would shape his future and ultimately lead to him becoming an astronaut.

By the time he was 18, he had already flown numerous solo sorties and been awarded a coveted position to join the British Army Air Corps. Timothy Peake. Top 10 facts about the ISS as astronaut Timothy Peake heads to space BRITISH astronaut Timothy Peake is scheduled today to board Soyuz TMA-19M … Tim Peake (1972–) is a British astronaut who became famous when he spent six months living and working on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015/16. Squizzes has collected 10 interesting facts about Tim Peake, read on to find out what language he has had to learn when training to go to space and why his six month trip to space is called Principia! Video, 00:01:01, Tim Peake: Astronaut exam day. Tim Peake is an astronaut with the European Space Agency.

It’s probably the part that I’ve found the toughest, and at times, the least enjoyable.”. It will only take 8 mins 48 secs for the Soyuz rocket to get into orbit.

Video, 00:01:13Tim Peake: Astronaut exam day, Tim Peake video diary at Star City. He became a helicopter flying instructor in 1998 before being selected for a post with the US Army, flying Apache helicopters.

The Cub Scouts and school Cadet Force gave him a taste for the outdoors and he was never happier as a young boy than when he was hiking, kayaking or climbing.

He previously served in the British army, reaching the rank of major. Video, 00:01:04Tear gas, smashed glass and anger, 'Media created picture of my husband I don't recognise' Video, 00:02:13'Media created picture of my husband I don't recognise', What Trump's wall says about the US election.

Video, 00:02:29. Tim Peake has become Britain's first "official astronaut" with his mission to the International Space Station. As someone who left school aged 18 with three unexceptional A levels, Tim did not have the greatest academic start in life. Persuading an undecided voter, The three-year-old orphaned by war.

We'll get packing our bags now shall we? Tim also had the opportunity to talk with another hero of his whilst in space, Doctor of Astrophysics and rock legend Brian May. Video, 00:00:47'I voted for a guy named Trump' - President Trump, Biden or Trump?

Tim spent seven days exploring a cave network deep underground Sardinia with four other astronauts from Russia, Japan, Europe and the United States. Express.

Timothy graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1992 as an officer in the Army Air Corps.

Video, 00:02:42, Liverpool mayor's loss after brother's Covid death, Ex-paratrooper attempts no-parachute record jump. Miley Cyrus

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