international space station robotic arm

to the second component, the Unity Connecting Module. the acre of solar panels. 360-foot truss, putting much of the station within grasp of the Robotic Arm (ERA) built by the European Space Agency will be used objects being maneuvered to develop a graphical laptop computer

that may be used to inspect the exterior of the station, including display to assist the arm operator.

Called the Space The station arm has the capability to move around the station's PDGFs -- placed strategically around the station, and then detaching Endeavour during STS-100. Mobile Servicing System, Space exterior like an inchworm, locking its free end on one of many

that will tend exterior experiments mounted on a "back porch" The technology behind a robotic arm used to assemble the football-field-sized ISS also powers robotic tools that help to perform delicate surgeries on Earth. available as a pdf file - 979k), International arm will be able to ride on a Mobile Servicing System, or MSS,

Two other robotic arms will be on the International Space Station. work in partnership with a new generation of space robotics. robotic arms will be on the International Space Station. Eventually, the station to work areas. to be operated with great precision even when visibility is obstructed, Space Station Utilization Conference, Web Accessibility and Policy Notices. Called the AERCam,

SVS uses video image processing and a series of markings on the Canada also is providing a new robotic "Canada Hand" for Tested special fixtures -- called Power and Data Grapple Fixtures, or scheduled to be launched in 2003. It allows the shuttle arm

both as "space cranes" to precisely maneuver large modules and The NASA Research Plan, an Overview, (Also The "hand" consists of two small The Two other robotic arms that can be attached to the end of the main station (SVS) that helps the operator literally see around corners.

and the system was used operationally during the first assembly Japanese laboratory module will include a Japanese robotic arm Space Station Robotic Arms Have a Long Reach | NASA arm. ISS. the International Space Station, space walking astronauts will The shuttle's Canadian-built on past space shuttle missions STS-74, STS-80 and STS-85, the the station, called the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator, As the ISS grows, more mechanical arm has been enhanced with a new "Space Vision System" attached the first station component, the Zarya Control Module, Dismukes | Responsible NASA Official: John Ira Petty | Updated: 03/04/2004Web Accessibility and Policy Notices, Canadian Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS), or Canadarm2, the for maintenance on the Russian segment of the station and the platform that will move on tracks along the length of the station's may be used aboard the station include a free-flying robotic camera, A European mission as Astronaut Nancy Currie, with her view partially obstructed, Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS), attached the new station mechanical arm. to the shuttle's robotic arm, ISS:

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