is richie knucklez married

Richie Knucklez is an actor and producer, known for The OutRunners (2016), Reverb (1999) and The King of Arcades (2014) Richie Knucklez Arcade Games is a retro gamer’s dream come true. Dickey Betts has been hospitalized due to a freak accident.

Or why the Power Glove wasn’t “so bad” after all?

Beau has worked alongside CompeteLeague, Super League Gaming, OPNoobs, Tyler1, and PlayVS to build experiences for a variety of different games, most prominently League of Legends.

Get ready for an infusion of deep analytical context into your favorite geek topics as Mike Pixley of Bonsai Pop and team.

Working against them are intelligent dinosaurs, lizard people, and the Atlantians a space-faring race who are stealing the world’s only major resource: Magik; and ‘Thunder World’ a storyabout three giant robots and a giant monster learning how to work with each other and saving the world, which is being written by him and Doug Rice of Dynamo Joe.

For more info and to pre-order:[…], THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND DEBUT RECORD DOWN TO THE RIVER OUT NOW  DEBUTS AT #1 ON ITUNES ROCK CHART! One of which getting in so many silly debates on here.

Kelciumchloride is a female cosplayer based out of northern Jersey who has been published in magazines for her incredible cosplay work and will be one of this year’s special cosplay guests! He restores classic arcade games and pinball machines, and hosts the Arcade Culture Webshow. Arcades are my poor ass hobby lol. Some hated that he seemed to love Disney’s FIX-IT FELIX more than he loved actual ’80s arcade games. To me, Kaneda has the money, so his choice to spend how ever much he wants on the games and decor. Philo Barnhart is professional film animator living in Oak Park, IL, known for his work on feature-length films: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers Down Under, The Secret of NIMH, Happily Ever After, An American Tail, and special effects for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Philo’s parent Dale Barnhart and Phyllis Barnhart were both animators at Disney’s animation studios.

Dais Of Thunder are a group of comedians and gamers that have been, together 5 years doing costumed roasts of fictional characters.At past conventions we’ve done roasts of iconic characters like PACMAN, MARIO and SONIC and have been joined on stage by characters including LUIGI LINK, WARIO, ROBOTNIK, PEACH and dozens of others.This year will be no different as we roast. It may not display this or other websites correctly. He worked on consumer products for several years with Disney, and to this day you can still find his artwork still being used on toys, books, home electronics/appliances, apparel, and posters. 8. He takes the pop in popculture straight to your brain utilizing history, sociology, anthropology, and a dash of heart to make it stick! Chase is most proud of her current work as the co-founder of Pop Culture Hero Coalition which works to educate and support children, teens and adults to overcome bullying and social injustice, and to transform their struggles into strengths, using stories and characters from pop culture TV, film, and comics. It seemed very much like his biggest claim to fame was behind him.


So everyone knows most everything about Weibe and Mitchell I was hoping to get some bio info together for Richie and the kong off site ASAP since we are like 4 weeks away so the sooner I can get this information the better.

He takes the pop in popculture straight to your brain utilizing history, sociology, anthropology, and a dash of heart to make it stick!

His YouTube channel consists of time lapse paintings, art reviews, pick up videos and more.

He still plays with Legos.

Charles’ Latest works “IT LIES!” a board game and web series under development with Michael Giba.

Shane and his associates at Did You Know Gaming? That screams of desperation of wanting people to come play with him, because his personality isn't attracting people, that's for sure. Currently Philo is working with Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc. His latest comic title is WHISPERS FROM THE VOID. Charles is also known for his Roller Derby Drama, which is loosely based on the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Team. Rate.

He is best known for his detailed work on sketchbook covers.

Richie Knucklez is an actor and producer, known for The OutRunners (2016), Reverb (1999) and The King of Arcades (2014). They also make sketches and short films. 9. Did You Know Gaming?

Kelcium Chloride, Psycho Scene Events and J1-Con Anime & Gaming Expo will host a number of cosplay events throughout the expo including a big cosplay contest with prizes, and cosplay karaoke.

Fun-loving and whimsical, he’s more interested in making himself laugh than anything else. With Ralph H. Baer, Tim Balderamos, Greg Bond, Jerry Buckner. Some of his proudest moments have been running the national Border Wars Campaign, bringing together hundreds of players from across the US, and being a guest speaker at Stony Brook University on the subjects of Independent Game Design, and Creating Compelling Villains. The most it should take to get people to show up and play your games is some free beer and maybe some snacks. If the game says do it, he simply does it, and since 2011, he’s been uploading weekly videos to share what it’s like to be a completionist with you all at home.

Logged DK High : 1,059,700 (Lvl 22-1 KS!

A pioneer of the professional gaming industry having helped bring the gaming scene together by bridging communities to businesses at the local and national level.

Returning to New Jersey Gamer conis Drake McWhorter A.K.A. Wish all of you the best and the invite to come play is always open. We are so appreciative.

The article feels like even more deliberate attention whoring! Growing up watching the magic of art become animation, he spends his life continuing the tradition of making stories come to life through art. Creator of such videogame classics as RAMPAGE, XENOPHOBE and GENERAL CHAOS, Brian F Colin is a vastly experienced Game Designer, Artist, Animator and Development Group Leader with over 80 video game titles to his credit…. Rate. JavaScript is disabled.

Through guidance and assistance he has been at the forefront of multiple conventions that have helped pave the way for the future of the professional gaming world to launch.

Betts has been sedated at an undisclosed[…].

Bring your cosplay A-Game at #NJGamerCon! Each week on The Completionist, Jirard takes a video game, whether it’s a cherished classic or a brand-new challenge right after release, and completes it 100 percent. He restores classic arcade games and pinball machines, and hosts the Arcade Culture Webshow.

Beau “Protroid” LaManna is an esports Commentator, Tournament Organizer, and Consultant. I dunno. Years went by. That shitty website crashed my browser about halfway through, but to be fair that line was towards the beginning.

You might know him from his time on The Game Theorists, ScrewAttack, and The Weekly Pull or from his minor “hit” shows, Crossover, Smash History, Because Comics, and Unpopular Gaming Opinions.

In addition to being the co-host of both Super Beard Brothers, The Dex and The Dex Podcast, the creator of the Mario universe, and Ronik in Big Bad Bosses. Adam Shub aka Squarepainter has been hand painting nostalgic pixel art since 2008. FOUR-CD SET CAPTURES BAND JUST TWO MONTHS BEFORERECORDING SEMINAL AT FILLMORE EAST AND MASSIVE SUCCESS As part of the[…], The Allman Brothers Band’s first five albums are being released on limited-edition color vinyl. WORLD TOUR IN FULL SWING SELECT DATES SUPPORTING JOHN FOGERTY INCLUDING RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL IN NYC AUGUST 15 Buy/Listen to Down To The River Also Available for Preorder on Vinyl: “They have the[…], THE DICKEY BETTS BAND Ramblin’ Man: Live at The St. George Theatre Set For Release – July 26, 2019 on BMG Airing on DirecTV starting Friday, June 14, 2019 Available on Amazon at (Los Angeles, CA) – June 10, 2019 – BMG is proud to announce The Dickey Betts[…], Update July 26: Available now on Amazon: We now have a release date for the Dickey Betts Band live CD and DVD recorded at the July 21, 2018 St. George Theatre concert on Staten Island in NYC.
He discusses game design at the intersection of art and culture on his YouTube channel, Satchbag’s Goods, and is on the board of directors for the Internet Creators Guild with the likes of Hank Green and Casey Neistat. When he is not screaming about or building amateur tournaments, he is playing everything from Civilization to Teamfight Tactics.
Chad’s YouTube series pays heavy tribute to 90s pop culture, style, and humor. All content is Copyright 2018 Betts Back Alley unless otherwise noted and may not be downloaded, copied, or used in any way without prior written permission. J1 Studios plan to blaze forth with a new vision for comics, video games, and animation. SOUTH JERSEY AND PHILADELPHIA'S GAMING CONVENTION. He’s a comic book enthusiast, video maker extraordinaire, and tabletop game developer who puts the fans first! Rob “QuickPaw” Steiner Jr. returns to NJ Gamer Con. Fan and friend of the YouTube community, Rob dabbles in animation and gaming streams on his YouTube channel.

On the big screen, Chase starred in Stephen King’s Sometimes They Come Back For More and in the award-winning Marina.

Rate. Since then he has authored eight novels including the philosophical science-fantasy epics God Swords: Saga of the Bladed Sun and Day Earth Died, and seven Dark Refuge sourcebooks for Dark Refuge Games. Shane Gill owns and operates Did You Know Gaming?, a set of YouTube channels and a blog that cover video game trivia. This includes The Allman Brothers Band, Idlewild South, At Fillmore East, Eat a Peach, and Brothers and Sisters.

Some really hated that he paid $3,000 for an arcade-machine emulator pedestal. Perhaps, a different game was loaded up. Continue?

With a black belt in karate and a talent for entertaining fans at conventions everywhere, his performances should not be missed.

1. Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, Josh Henderson. Rate.

Haunting Tales of Bachelor’s Grove with Brian K Morris a kickstarter success.

An update from David Spero: Donna just texted me that Dickey is “Off the respirator and doing great! Charles has been publishing comic books since 1991, starting with Kremin.

ChadTronic reviews toys, vintage VHS home entertainment, and televised media of varying genres in a retrospective and comedic manner.

Ritchie Knucklez. And you've never had 6 girls at your place at one time?

He is best known for his detailed work on sketchbook covers. CHARLES D. MOISANT, is a comic book Publisher, artist, writer, and the creative director of Silver Phoenix Entertainment (a 100% female owned company). Whether it’s a “Review” of a single game, a top 10, a Hacking video, or anything else, fun is the number one priority.

Rate. Besides, we all have to be honest here, how many of us EVER even had a room full of 6 girls? Returning to NJ Gamer Con is fan favorite, martial artist and cosplayer Dangerous Dan.

will make a special appearance, fresh off his two recent covers for Cavewoman Comics. Error: please try again.

Lance has his own comic book called The Wicked Wabbit, while also working on a comic book titled The Eagle! They were certainly more vehement anyway.

Former world record holder of Space Invaders, Ritchie is one of New Jersey’s Hometown heroes and ambassadors for Arcade culture. Frizz, I am in total agreement with you here.

He was the one who was throwing cash to have people come beat the high scores on his games. Crazy, Thanks man...i've taken many steps back and this chapter in my life was an interesting one for sure. Philo Barnhart is drawing the second issue. !

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