jeff thomson vs shoaib akhtar

The Coronavirus is the biggest scamdemic this world has ever seen do you agree? And we’re hooked instantly and clamor for more. SHARE. More often than not, it’s the batsmen that fuel the imagination and fantasy of both fans and connoisseurs alike. In October 1974, a hitherto unknown bowler strapped up for Australia in the opening Ashes Test at Brisbane. Also there are many, many bowlers who are capable of reaching around 155km/h, so in the nets batsmen are able to train against this sort of speed. The only assurance one had, however, was that of speed. As a shell-shocked Eden Gardens watched in astonishment, the Akhtar brand of fast-bowling began to mushroom. Akhtar has competitors for fastest bowler in this day and age. Surrounded By Sea. RahulKargal FOLLOW. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. SHOAIB AKHTAR WORLD's FASTEST BOWLER What do you think of the answers? As Akash Chopra recalled, “He made my life miserable in Sydney '04, by swinging the ball prodigiously at high speeds”. So summing up... Akhtar is probably faster when it comes to the speed gun, Thomson felt much faster to face. Thomson, however, was in a class of his own, there was nobody near him in terms of speed during his era. Did you enjoy rollerskating as a youngster. Flair and flamboyance very seldom gel well together and in Akhtar’s case, both these elements were oozing in abundance. The thrill of the rare moment provides us with just as much joy as watching the ball sail into the stands. From the aggressive lot in the form of Virender Sehwag, Chris Gayle and Sachin Tendulkar to those stubborn in the mould of Rahul Dravid and Andrew Strauss - Lee accounted for batsmen of all variety while unsettling very one of them. 8 years ago. Jeff Thomson had well and truly arrived. His 6 for 46 in the second innings gave him a match haul of 9 for 105. And as much as the romanticism surrounding fast-bowling begs for the comparison to be eluded, one can’t but resist the temptation. The run-up, the giant leap, and the intimidating grunt before a release adds to the cricketing theater. And in this day and age where the game is packaged to entertain the masses, the batsman is but the sole hero while the bowler stands relegated to the ranks of the “also ran”. They (his team) had spent three months fearing for their livelihoods and wondering if they were going to get hit on the head”. And he did take off for sure. So Lee is surely the undisputed leader of the pack as far as wickets bagged is concerned. And by sending back Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar of successive balls in 1997, he made sure that his name would prop up in fast-bowling conversations for posterity. Anecdotally, there is one telling piece of evidence that suggests Thomson was the fastest, possibly the first to consistently break the 100 mph barrier. In the ODIs however, Lee nudges ahead of Akhtar with a superior average of 23.4. Sheer aggression embodied his style of bowling and the Aussie breathed fire at all times. Why oh kind sir why IPL generates more revenue then GDP of Australia and is watched by four billion people worldwide, what's your say?

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