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Female She is an actress and producer, known for Falling Down (1993), Cybill (1995) and The Allnighter (1987). Karen Fineman, the former Beverly Hills High schoolgirl who made an auspicious debut as Cosette in the 1988 West Coast premiere of “Les Miz,” has evolved into an elegant solo artist who instills every song with a sumptuous blend of passion, humor, power and finesse. Cynthia Szigeti was born on October 26, 1949 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Cynthia Carol Szigeti.

Jerry plans to meet a supermodel at the airport Diplomat’s Club lounge after a quick stopover in Ithaca NY to wow some patrons at the local comedy club. .

volunteers to chaperone and with his knowledge of Miss America pageants quickly becomes her personal coach. She was adopted by her stepfather, psychology professor Keith Davis, after he married her mother, Dorothy, a university data analyst, in 1968. Loading... Jerry meets a girl but never gets her number until he finds it on an AIDS walk list. Jerry lies to Elaine and tells her that he went to Queens and intimidated the man with his karate moves. She was portrayed by Karen Fineman. She subsequently did commercials, off-Broadway and touring theater and some spots on ... Jocelyne Kelly is known for her work on Boogie Nights (1997), Lucky 13 (2005) and Love Stinks (1999). Loading... Jerry went out with Gail 3 times and she didn’t even want to shake his hand, but kisses Kramer the first time he walks her home. You’re eating unions, you’re spotting dimes, I don’t know what the hell is going on.”, (We loved Anna Gunn on Seinfeld so much we thought she deserved her own character spotlight.). The highlights are Fineman’s musical excerpts from “Les Miz,” “City of Angels” (in which she performed on Broadway) and “Promises, Promises,” her recent Reprise Series co-starring effort opposite Jason Alexander.


Hey Jerry, next time you are looking for things to do, stick to what you know. Jerry is disappointed with the sex, as there was nothing gymnastic about it, but he is committed to dating Katya for at least three more weeks. She has been married to Frederick Weller since September 6, 2003. [13], Her first book, Finerman's Rules: Secrets I'd Only Tell My Daughters About Business and Life was published by Hachette Book Group's Business Plus on June 4, 2013. Jerry meets Gwen at a Tim Whatley party and shes looks beautiful. Jerry realizes that George spilled the beans and tells him hes “out of the loop.” While at Lena’s apartment, Jerry finds a lifetime supply of contraceptive sponges and gets caught. She is the daughter of Penny (Levy), a social worker, and Charles Peet, a lawyer, and has an older sister.
Jerry asks Elaine if her boyfriend who is a doctor can look at the tube to determine what its for, learning that it is medication for her cat Whiskers. Loading... Shelly and Jerry go out on a double date with George and his gal pal Paula. When he meets Abby’s mentor, Cynthia he finds out she is actually dating Bania. Tia later dumps Jerry when she witnesses him picking his nose, but Jerry claims that he was only scratching it and there was no “nostril penetration.”. Acclaimed in her community for her quirky roles in independent film and mainstream such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Keener got her start as a casting ... Parker is a native Californian. Jerry falls in love with her and asks her to marry him, but they eventually break it off. masseuse but for some reason she refuses to give him a massage. Peet's ... A new reigning 1960s international sex symbol took to the cinematic throne as soon as Raquel Welch emerged from the sea in her purposely depleted, furry prehistoric bikini. They spend all night coming up with a plan to accomplish the switch. but later Jodi tells Jerry that she doesn’t like him. Kramer gets help from Newman who writes poetry for Kramer to use on Pam. While this is a show that has many famous quotes, from "the Yada Yada Yada" to "The sea was angry that day, my friends," many of the best ones are about dating and love. Turns out they overlooked another aspect of the relationship when Elaine expresses her desire for this, that, and the other. Jerry begins to annoy George and Elaine with his PDA and baby talk with his new girlfriend Sheila. Michele Maika is an actress, known for The Dictator (2012), Friends (1994) and NYPD Blue (1993). Gwen shows up at the Festivus dinner at the Costanzas' place to confront Jerry. Jane Andrea Ragsdale was born on October 2, 1970 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. (1,766 votes, average: 5.77 out of 10)
Karen Lisa Finerman (February 25, 1965) is an American businesswoman and television personality. She is the daughter of Tonka and Damir Milicevic, and has a younger brother, Tomo. But Kramer leaves his lit cigar near some old newspapers, which causes a fire that destroys the cabin. As the race is about to begin, Kramer’s car backfires and Jerry gets another head start, winning the race again.

Loading... Jerry wants a massage, but she “does not submit to forcible massage”. Jerry gets annoyed and begins to think that Donna likes it when people mistake her for a Chinese woman. (1,921 votes, average: 8.16 out of 10)

Isabel Rhode Island at a baseball game and asks her out. pageant as Miss Rhode Island and must be chaperoned on their date. They establish a set of rules to help avoid the complications that can arise when two people sleep together. Jerry is excited to  be dating a woman named Lois but learns that she works for Duncan Meyer, his old rival from a high school track race in ninth grade, Jerry got a head start that nobody noticed and won, but Duncan always accused him of cheating. Jerry goes out with Gwen a few days later, but when she arrives Jerry finds that she is completely unattractive. Jerry can’t understand how she could have gone out with Newman, and what must be wrong with her if he was the one who dumped her.

attempt to meet Jerry, Elaine, George, and Susan at Susan’s family’s home up country. He finally goes looking through her closet to look for different outfits, but gets caught, and she dumps him before he can ever find out.

Jerry learns that she works at a Law Firm called ‘Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft’, and decides to stake out her office to ask her out. As she guides the audience through her early years as a child of Rodeo Drive and beyond, Fineman displays a keen wit and adroit comic timing, crooning over her teen-age infatuation with Starbuck’s “Taylor,” the full-maned “latte boy who brings me java, he brings me joy.” Later, she reveals how her taste in men has matured in “He’s Bald,” a bolero-rhythmed ode to follicle-deprived older men. In 1989, she ... Berta Waagfjord is an actress, known for Seinfeld (1989) and Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (1993). Tracy Letts ("Counterguy") won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play "August: Osage County". Unfortunately for Jerry, he agreed to take a 4 hour boat ride around Manhattan with her before learning about her fiance. Loading... Sandy, (1,326 votes, average: 7.60 out of 10) Loading... Jerry’s new girlfriend Marla is a virgin. Colin Malone, who played an employee of the betting parlor, is credited as "Sleazy Guy". Audrey When she meets her in a sauna at the gym, she accidentally trips into her and gets a feel.

Unfortunately shes a “two face” and looks hideous in some light.

While having dinner at Audrey’s fathers restaurant, Jerry notices that her father, Poppie, didn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom.

(1,728 votes, average: 7.05 out of 10) This episode popularized the concept of a "two-face": someone who looks attractive sometimes and looks bad at other times, depending on exterior conditions, such as lighting. (2,544 votes, average: 2.76 out of 10) (1,794 votes, average: 8.84 out of 10) America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back. (1,679 votes, average: 8.51 out of 10)

[4][5] Finerman graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1983. Believing that Jerry shows no emotions, she encourages him to get angry. Kramer volunteers to chaperone and with his knowledge of Miss America pageants quickly becomes her personal coach. When he finally gets back to her apartment, he sees a photo of her wearing the same outfit from 1992.

Jerry finds the Santos Brothers backstage and gets into an argument, only to learn they had given the real jacket back to Hallie. In the circus’s restroom, Kramer finally passes his kidney stone, screaming so loudly that Misha falls from the high wire. Jerry meets Gwen at Tim Whatley's Hanukkah party. (1,790 votes, average: 4.62 out of 10) Rain or shine, you can get some pretty nice views up there. Loading... Jerry’s girlfriend Meryl pretends to be his wife so she can get his 25% discount at the dry cleaners. Gwen runs into Kramer outside of H&H Bagels.

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