karen nyberg and megan mcarthur

When she came home six months later, he was potty trained. We want to hear what you think about this article. During this mission, Nyberg completed diverse tasks, for example simulating an emergency scenario training. In 2007, McArthur became the lead robotics crew member of the STS-125 mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope. She gets it. All four met after being selected by NASA as part of …

[9], Since the end of her 2013 mission, Nyberg has worked for NASA in the Space Shuttle branch, the Exploration branch, and as Chief of the Robotics branch. The pair will be the first NASA astronauts to take off from U.S. soil at Cape Canaveral since 2011, as the country previously relied on Russian support to send their people into space for almost a decade. The historic SpaceX launch is meant to be the first of many, which raises the question of whether Nyberg and McArthur themselves will fly on SpaceX’s capsule sometime soon. These days, the women married to NASA’s space travelers are astronauts themselves. This time, it’s their husbands’ turn to leave the planet. NASA astronauts Megan McArthur and Karen Nyberg are days away from seeing their husband's off.

61.3k Followers, 268 Following, 316 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Astronaut Karen Nyberg (@astrokarenn) Space travel has long been seen as one big step for man, but in recent intergalactic news, it's become one giant step for womankind.

“I got my menu for what I was going to eat on board the [SpaceX] capsule a little while back, and I was like, I don’t recognize any of this food. Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will fly this week in a spacecraft … [11], Nyberg's hometown is Vining, Minnesota. For the past decade, NASA has been working with commercial companies, including SpaceX, to return launches to American shores.

Nyberg retired from NASA in March, satisfied with the missions on her record. Nyberg and McArthur will be at Cape Canaveral this week to witness the historic flight, knowing perhaps better than anyone what their husbands are getting themselves into. I didn’t pick any of these choices.’” The list, it turned out, was McArthur’s.

Traditionally, the wives of astronauts bore a specific type of celebrity - photographed in magazines, scrutinised for their appearance, and forced to deliver public declarations of "worry" for their partner's return. The pair's husbands have been tested twice for COVID-19 to ensure they don't bring the deadly virus to the International Space Station. SpaceX flew an uncrewed demonstration of this mission last year, but the company has never launched people before, only satellites and space-station supplies. Nyberg's husband, Douglas Hurley, and McArthur's… [12][13] She is married to fellow astronaut Doug Hurley and they have a son Jack Hurley. one big step for man, but in recent intergalactic, Karen Nyberg and Megan McArthur are days away from sending their husbands, both fellow astronauts, off on a. new space mission in the rocket launch of a lifetime. Today, the breakdown is more even. In 1966, when NASA cut the feed during one of Neil Armstrong’s flights, his wife, Jan Armstrong, forced a NASA public-affairs officer to drive her to Mission Control, but the staff refused to let her in. She has already seen the stunning view of Earth against the darkness of space through its windows, and stepped outside to float, hanging on by a tether. After two years of training and evaluation she qualified as a Mission Specialist and was assigned for technical duties in the Astronaut Office Station Operations Branch. Now the launch is just days away. This week, the two men will fly on a new astronaut-transportation system designed and built by SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk. “At some point, you detach yourself a little bit from being that rational person, and there’s emotion, obviously, watching the person that you love launch into space,” Nyberg said.

“The world would be scrutinizing her hair, her complexion, her outfit, her figure, her poise, her parenting skills, her diction, her charm, and most of all, her patriotism.” Hollywood seized on the strain of these women’s lives in the spotlight, and movie scripts often turned them into caricatures of helplessness. Nyberg and McArthur, however, will be hooked into their husbands' mission on their personal laptops.

They will be the first NASA astronauts to take off from U.S. soil since 2011, the test-drivers in an effort to get human spaceflight back on America’s terms after nearly a decade of relying on another nation to send U.S. astronauts into orbit. Read: The original sin of NASA spacesuits, Like many Americans, the two astronaut couples spent this spring hunkered down at home with their families, navigating the pandemic’s new risks. Both say NASA didn’t pick them for the current mission because they don’t have the military experience that their husbands do, and NASA has always chosen pilots to test out new vehicles. "There's emotion, obviously, watching the person that you love launch into space," Nyberg adds. NASA allowed women to join the astronaut corps in 1978, but by the time Nyberg and McArthur graduated in 2002, there were still only three women in a class of 17. Nyberg was a mechanical engineer, and McArthur an oceanographer. We know really well the teams that are there to support them," Nyberg says. But maybe that’s what I’ve got to eat because of constraints,” Behnken said in an interview with The Atlantic last year. Watch brand new episodes of The Spanish Princess now on Stan. 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She is known as the last person to be hands on with the Hubble Space Telescopevia the Canadarm. The reality of the moment is finally sinking in. Decades ago, when the first NASA astronauts flew to space, the most well-known women in the American space effort were the astronauts’ wives.

Nyberg retired from NASA in March this year. In NASA records, her surname is Behnken. TheAtlantic.com Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. Her recreational interests include running, sewing, drawing and painting, backpacking, piano, and spending time with her family. She is of Norwegian ancestry. NASA allowed women to join the astronaut corps in 1978.

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