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FAQs sections for more details about We analyze the coseismic and postseismic gravity changes and conclude that the mascon solutions contain information almost identical to the SH solutions and retrieve coseismic gravity change signals with resolutions equivalent to Gaussian filter radii of 210–270 km.

Cheng, M. K., B. D. Tapley, and J. C. Ries (2013), Deceleration in the Earth's oblateness. and Petrology, Exploration A. Geruo, J. Wahr, and S. Zhong (2013), Computations of the viscoelastic response of a 3-D compressible Earth to surface loading: an application to Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in Antarctica and Canada. The GRACE and GRACE-FO solution time series are provided as single NetCDF timeseries. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Degree 1 Corrections : The degree-1 coefficients (Geocenter) corrections are applied. JPL GRACE Mascon Ocean, Ice, and Hydrology Equivalent Water Height Release 06 Coastal Resolution Improvement (CRI) Filtered Version 1.0., Furthermore, the gain factors tend to be dominated by the annual cycles of land water storage variations, and may thus not be suitable to quantify trends from the GRCTellus land data. spherical-harmonic solutions. See the provider's Monthly Mass Please note: the gain factors can be used for hydrology-related signals, but not for mountain glaciers or ice sheets (as these components are not in CLM). The mascon solutions are available at, and the SH solutions can be found online (at The solutions with all the appropriate corrections applied (GAD, GIA, C20, C30, degree1, etc) in equi-angular grids.

to provide an easy way for users to explore both datasets and compare the

Mass Concentration blocks (mascons) are essentially another form of gravity field basis functions to which GRACE’s inter-satellite ranging observations are fit. The GRACE Tellus (GRCTellus) Global Mascon dataset is based on Level-1 GRACE observations and processed at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Science Data Products Please visit the RL05 processing details page, C20 replacement : The C20 (degree 2 order 0) coefficients are replaced with the C20 solutions from Satellite Laser Ranging [Cheng et al., 2013] for consistency with all the other GRACE solutions used in the Science community. When using any of the GRCTellus data, please Geophys.

The final solution is the sum of the initial forward model, and the mascon adjustments for the first and second iterations. The finite faults of three earthquakes are from Wei et al.

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