lanayru mining facility boss

On your way across, pick up the Ancient Flower. Behind them, you’ll reveal a clue to an upcoming puzzle. Equip your Gust Bellows to blow the turning machine on the platform to make it travel along the rail towards you. When you’re done, climb back up the, There is a Beamos in this new section of the room, so go ahead and defeat it before.

You will – finally –, receive the Dungeon Map. He will start jumping at you again, so just repeat the process until you’ve defeated it. They are found all throughout this dungeon, but luckily they are almost of no harm to Link. Equip your Beetle and use it to activate the Timeshift Stone that’s near the ceiling. The one closest to the north end of the room is ‘1’, so hit the diamond switch at the north end of the room first. The first phase of the battle involves Link striking at the scorpions’ claws. There is a higher platform at the end of the room but we can’t reach it yet, so let’s equip the Gust Bellows to clear the sand from the metal box. In this initial room, you’ll find a ton of these small enemy scorpions known as Aracha. The switch that operatesthese machines is buried under sand.In the present time, some objects areno longer functional due to extremeage, but they can be returned to anactive state when time is shifted back.I calculate an 85% chance the pathahead will open if you continue withinthe confines of the time-shifted area. You’ll have to fight another new enemy, the Sentrobe, which will shoot missles at you. There are two more staldra in this room, so defeat them as soon as you enter.

The massive central hall of the Lanayru Mining Facility is completely blocked off, aside from a path to the east. There’s a ladder here that you can climb, but there is a box that’s blocking the top of the ladder. When you’ve gotten it close enough to you, jump onto it. Climb up the steps and remove the dust with the Gust Bellows. Crawl through, to the next area, which has a treasure chest that contains a Blue Bird Feather. A second beamos will spawn on the rail itself, so you’ll have to get rid of this one so that cart can pass. These armos are restricted to these areas of the room, so it’s a good idea to fight just one at a time in their restricted areas, as oppose to the overlapping areas. Doing so in the proper order will cause the gate at the north end of the room to open up.

You can talk to them before moving on. The Timeshift Stones found outside are central to this dungeon. Climb the ladder and step on the switch here to lift the gate in the center of the room. Jump on top of this platform and head north into the next room. Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the dust and reveal a new  Timeshift Stone. As you walk down the corridor notice there are two Gerudo Dragonflies to catch. Step onto it to open the gate; this will act as a shortcut.

Climb up the next  wall – all while avoiding the bursts of wind – until you make it to the next platform.

Head over to this door and then go through to the next room.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword > Lanayru Desert. Moldarach's an okay boss, but I'm pretty disappointed that neither of the Lanayru bosses actually involved timeshift stones, despite how heavily they featured in the area. ArachaArmosBeamosChuChu (Yellow)Electro SpumeFroakSentrobeStaldraThunder Keese, Goddess's HarpAccess to the Temple of Time. Use this to conserve hearts.

Key Item: Gust Bellows. In the new room, head over to the left and you’ll run into a Froak. Using the Gust Bellows, move them to the  right. Pull the next lever; this will open another  d, oor on the other side of the room. These statue-like monsters will jump towards you. to deactivate it, and a second time to reactivate it, so that the cart goes backwards. This will cause a door on the other side of the room to open up. Continue blowing the platform to get to the nearby treasure chest. You’ll come across a barred door, and just above it is a pinwheel-looking object. Bellows equipped, move the platform all the way to the northern section of the room. To defeat Moldarach, Link Defeat him using the same exact methods you used before.

Open it up to get a Monster Horn. they open, you’ll have to make a certain sword slash, either vertical or horizontal. Head to Lanayru, the yellow column of light, when you are ready. Drop back down and go back to the room we were just in. This will make for easier transportation throughout the dungeon. When you’re done, climb back up the  platform to reach the ladder. When you’ve revealed all three crystal switches, look back across to the other side of the room and you’ll see – from left to right – an order of 2, 3, 1. Throw a Bomb into this vessel and the statue will fall flat, allowing you to proceed to the west. The first room contains the Aracha, a scorpion that you will encounter many times, throughout the dungeon. Use the gust bellows to blow at it, lifting the gate to a nearby door. Hidden Triforce Member Accepted as Supporting Role in Upcoming Nintendo Title, Epona’s Song (A poem for the original Ocarina of Time composition), Majora’s Mask Oceanside Spider House Guide, Twilight Princess Hidden Skills & Howling Stones, Zelda Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough, A Link Between Worlds Master Ore Locations, Phantom Hourglass Heart Container Locations.

Hop in the mine cart in the area and it will take you through a door to the north for a Red Rupee Chest. You can also break the nearby barrels in order to get a few recovery hearts. For the beamos that are on the side, you can hide behind the cart, so that the laser does not harm you.

This doesn’t change the closed gate, but an, Armos will appear.

If you hit it directly northward, it will blow up the boulders that are in your way. Moldarach will change the direction he is holding his claws, so you’ll constantly need to adjust how you sword slash. You can also break the nearby barrels in order to get a few recovery hearts. Open the next gate by using the Gust Bellows on  the pinwheel, which will give you entrance to the earlier part of the dungeon. There are new enemy Beamos that appear just below. Continue along the hidden pathways across the sand and you’ll find a second area of dust against the west wall. You’ll encounter some Thunder Keese in this area of the room. Drop back down and go back to the room we were just in. The robot will adjust your map, as well as mark an ‘X’ on it to show the location of the entrance to the Lanayru Mining Facility. The Sentrobe will then begin to send two Sentrobe Bombs in your direction. Climb the ladder here and open the treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Gust Bellows. You’ll have to use your Gust Bellows to spin the top part of the Armos – which will in turn  open its mouth and reveal what looks like a crystal switch – and use your sword to slash at the crystal in its mouth.

Bomb the rocks and whack it to bring the room into its own time bubble. Jump across and use the gust bellows on the pile of dust. You’ll have to fight another new enemy, the Sentrobe. Go, As you follow the cart, it will bring to life a few Beamos.

Drop back down and if you turn to the right you’ll find a treasure chest on the ground. Gust Bellows to use. Just deliver a sword slash to defeat them. There is a platform along the west wall but we can’t reach it yet. You will find another mine cart with a Timeshift Stone here, so activate it with a strike from your sword. Use your, Slingshot to hit it and activate it. For now you can collect a Goddess Cube behind the platform you land on. repeat the process until you’ve defeated it. For The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I was thinking about the boss for Lanayru Mining Facility... *spoilers*". Go back through the hole when you’re done. Climb up the next set of steps and open the treasure chest. The Timeshift Stone won’t create platforms for you to walk on this time, so you’ll have to jump onto the railway platform and use the Gust Bellows to follow it.

The other mine cart track can only be used if you push the mine cart from the east into the time bubble. Head to the steel box that’s on the side and push it down over the ledge; afterwards, jump down. Once you reach the boss door, run over to the northwest corner of the room and save your progress at the bird statue. The Timeshift Stones found outside are central to this dungeon.

Enemies:Sentrobe, Sentrobe Bomb, Armos

The Lanayru Mining Facility is the third Dungeon in Skyward Sword. Moments later, Moldarach will appear from underneath the sand and the battle will begin. Jump over and climb up the next ladder. The Armos are stuck to these areas and cannot leave them, so it would be best to take care of one first and then the other while one of them is, trapped within their own respective circle. Jump and grab onto the nearby lever to bring the movable platform in your direction. When the weak points –  or ‘eyes’ – turn red, it means that Moldarach is going to strike, so back away to avoid it. The dungeon also features conveyor belts that are active only in the past; they impede Link's movement in one direction, but speed it up in the other.

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