legend of zelda: phantom hourglass walkthrough

Wisdom Gems:#19, #20. If it isn’t obvious enough, the giant red bolts that are on its body make up the boss’ weakness.
History Talk (0) Share. Then fly down to the next island and just below the tree, you’ll find a spot where you can dig. Climb the steps on the right for easier access to the exit. Pick up the second Pure Metal, Azurine. Be sure to examine the tablet to create a warp point and once you are ready, climb up the steps to take on the dungeon boss. Be sure to open up the treasure chest to get the final heart container, bringing our health to a maximum of 16 hearts! Be sure to open up the treasure chest to get the final heart container, bringing our health to a maximum of 16 hearts! This will lower the red blocks, allowing you to climb up the steps at the northeast corner of the room.
Hit all four bolts to make them all blue and Eox will tumble to the ground. Use your hammer and just smack the middle box and all nine of them will turn. Once you reach the northwest part of the island you can hop off the ledge and head to the west. If you fail to knock down all the ice, just keep sailing around and hitting it until you do. If you time it properly, the next moving platform will appear right when you arrive, allowing you to get onto it immediately and reach the bridge. Open the treasure chest here to get a Big Green Rupee. 10.1 Isle of FrostProgress at this pointTotal LifeTreasure Maps 18/31Power Gems 12/20Courage Gems 11/20Wisdom Gems 11/20New in this section From here, cross the bridge that Bremeur extended and once again make your way to the far east of the island, staying on the higher platform. Walk to the west 13 squares and then north 7 squares. Push it up once and then push it to the right. Use the small key and head back down to lower floor. Open the locked door near the switch you used and go to the northwestern safe zone to find another switch. Open the treasure chest here to get a small key and then catapult yourself up to the higher platform. There is a new enemy Stag Beetle here and at the moment it can only be defeated by attacking its backside. However, you would only learn that by navigating the rest of the island. Grapple over to the treasure chest and open it up to get a Power Gem. Optional: Big Green RupeeOnce you reach the northeast part of the island at the lower level after draining the water, run to the right so you are just southwest of the massive pyramid. It will drop down the ledge, ramming into another boulder, and revealing a pathway.

In the next room, locate the pushable block to the far left. Use the grappling hook on one of the wooden pegs and connect it to the tip of the head’s tongue. However, at this point it is literally at the other end of the world and while it’s always nice to be fully prepared, you might want to take care of this after Mutoh’s Temple. "Sprained ankle" my ass... Go to him and watch the cutscene (Linebeck's one of my favorite Zelda characters...), and Linebeck gives you the Key he found so you can go further into the temple (honestly, I don't know if Link's abused more in WW or PH). Shoot them with arrows and continue along the path. (The correct path is Up, Right, Right, Up, and Up). Pull out your shovel and dig up the center of the island to find a Big Gold Rupee! "@type": "WebPage", The head will come crashing down to the ground, at which point you should land a series of sword slashes. Repeat this same process until you reach the top of this small hill and step on the floor switch. From here, use the Grappling Hook on the rock to reach a platform. Defeat them and cross the bridge that appears.

Enemies:Ice Bubble, Ice Keese, Stag Beetle The boss however is incredibly slow and its attacks are very easy to dodge. Once the ice draws near, jump away and just keep moving to avoid getting hit. He scolds Ciela for taking the north road, and tells you to not even think about going north because of the monsters. Walk over to a stone tablet and it gives you a hint on what you need to do. Oshus is waiting for us outside the cave. Walk to the left side and exit the cave. Once you’ve done so, a bridge will appear. Make your way through the narrow passage and at the north end of the room, you’ll be treated with an assortment of treasure. The game will freeze and you'll have to redo everything since your last save. You can examine the nearby Gossip Stone as it gives you a hint on what you need to do. Defeat him just as you fought the previous Yook and the pathway ahead will open up. The area is littered with rupoor, including big rupoor that will take away 50 rupees. Look at your map and as soon as the platforms just starts to move to the east, that is when you want to toss a bomb near the left crystal switch. Make your way through this small cave to arrive at the Great Ice Field.

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