leopold and loeb philosophy

The immediate causes of our behaviors are events in the brain, and we know that stimulating the brain in various places we can make someone experience different things. However, both admitted thereafter, that they were driven by the idea of the kill, their supermen delusions and their aspiration to commit the “perfect crime”. Richard Albert Loeb, nicknamed Dickey, was born on June 11, 1905 in Chicago, Illinois. As an aside, a curious thing happens right in the beginning of the film: Brandon (Leopold) and Phillip (Loeb) are discussing Nietzsche’s apparently novel idea that laws are made only for the weak and that the strong can supersede the laws and act as they wish, apparently without having to suffer consequences for their actions. This is evidence that your decisions are determined. For example, in the Stanford prison experiment, we found that people can easily be turned into torturers. The next morning the Franks family received a special delivery letter asking that they immediately secure $10,000 in old, unmarked bills and telling them to expect further instructions that afternoon. Loeb and Leopold planned different crimes, and committed those crimes. That’s just another way of saying that he didn’t really look into the philosophy deeply enough past the point where he found something he could use to justify himself. Have you considered the other side of the argument, or considered what it might be like for a woman to consider abortion, her reasons, her circumstances, her rights? Its like saying that Shakespeare’s masterpieces are a bunch of words. Not only do findings from the physical sciences count against our belief in free will, but so too does ordinary experience. He received a measure of national recognition as an ornithologist. Posted on June 21, 2017 June 21, 2017 by Dr. Alina Sotskova Only the privileged few, the “supermen” above the law, may commit murder, or at least this was the claim of Loeb and Leopold who committed arguably one of the most controversial crimes of the 20 th century. Their aim was to commit a perfect crime, to show the world that they were above its moral code. He failed to demonstrate how the glasses might have fallen out of his pockets with his frequent birding expeditions and thus, intensified the questioning. Nietzsche writes flamboyantly, dramatically, like a poet or an ancient Greek orator, not like a philosopher attempting to hammer that logical syllogism about the cat that is forever on the mat into your consciousness if that’s the last thing he ever does. This is an easy mistake to make. The trial of Leopold and Loeb, at Chicago's Cook County Courthouse (now Courthouse Place), became a media spectacle and the third—after those of Harry Thaw and Sacco and Vanzetti—to be labeled "the trial of the century."

But these crimes did not reach the media nor involve ay physical harm to a person, until 1924. ( Log Out /  It says that effects are the results of prior causes such that, given the cause, the effect will follow.

Transcendentalism seems to make way for wordly explanations. And I’m not going to take that shred of comfort away from her.”. ________________________________________________________________, ______________________________________________________________. On May 21, 1924 at about five o’clock in the afternoon, Bobby Franks was walking home from school when a green Willys-Knight automobile pulled up near him. But upon a more careful investigation, it becomes readily apparent that Nietzsche calls for you to first question your own beliefs – that is, the rights and wrongs you take for granted. These questions are dangerous to authoritarianism and tendencies to follow others blindly, but they are friends of authenticity and self-awareness. Liked it? Written by: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopold_and_Loeb, http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/leoploeb/Accountoftrial.html, Reasons and weights (intrinsic value, etc), Loeb and Leopold, criminals defaulted by determinism. At the time of the murder, he had already completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago with Phi Beta Kappa honors and planned to begin studies at Harvard Law School after a trip to … In a letter to Loeb, Leopold wrote that “A superman … is, on account of certain superior qualities inherent in him, exempted from the ordinary laws which govern men. And even if we could resist the pull of biology and environment, the place for free will seems vanishingly small.

Good and evil is not absolute, as Nietzsche discussed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

As such, when he writes about supermen being superior to others, it is all too easy to take these words literally and look no further. It is said that this was formed in the mind of Loeb because of the strict and controlling governess who raised him. So that experiment of recognizing brian patterns to determine what a choice a person will make is interesting but still not overwelming. (Douglass Linder, 1997). People can control an robot arm by thoughts.
And someone watching your brain scan sees the pattern that will result in your action, not only before you perform the action, but before you. To continue this little thought experiment, let’s take abortion as an example. Neuroscientist can predict in 70 % of the cases what choose a person will make but just in reference to really simple tasks. In a post-Nietzschean world, I see a number of people who have asked such questions and, as a result, made a change for the better in the world. After his release, he moved to Puerto Rico where he earned a master’s degree, taught university classes, worked for urban renewal, did research in leprosy, was active in the Natural History Society, and published a book on birds. However, on that dark night, Leopold and Loeb didn't realize that they had placed Franks' body with the feet sticking out of the drainage pipe. Which of course they are, but they are not reduced to that (note the emphasis).

That does not mean that he wants us to do away with all laws and values (people do like to jump to extremes immediately).

The gay liberation movement, as it was called in the 1970s. Some such questions might be, why do you believe abortion is morally wrong? Now back to murder. Loeb and Leopold knew each other casually while growing up but their relationship flourished at the University of Chicago after they discovered their mutual interest in crime. He skipped several grades in school and even became the youngest graduate of the University of Michigan at the age of seventeen.

(Since this post was published questions have been raised about the experiment.) On whose authority have you accepted this belief? This last argument has not much to do with determinism, its just a attempt to critic the dogma of physics. ( Log Out /  He had just received another call, this one from the police, spoiling hope that the perfect crime would be executed.

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