lil wayne mixtapes ranked

Hip hop heads, we're ranking the best Lil Wayne albums of all time. When people talk about Wayne’s blacked-out golden years, they’re talking about ‘Da Drought 3.’. Carter.”.

‘The Dedication’ (2005) 4.

Tha Carter documents Lil’ Wayne in the period before and shortly after the release of his commercially acclaimed album, Tha Carter III.

You would never consider Lil’ Wayne to be a sentimentalist. Both of these seemingly-contradictory narratives feel somewhat true, simultaneously. New mixtapes by Lil Wayne, Future, Lil Herb, Kevin Gates, Death Grips, Yo Gotti and more. ‘Dedication 6’ & ‘D6: Reloaded’ (2017) 6. Unlike the soul samples at that time, which were commonly altered to evoke nostalgia and buoyancy, the pop-rock sample is left largely unchanged. Jones.” Wayne didn’t just use the beat to showcase his unmatched prowess, but also crafted an entirely new song out of the triumphantly dark instrumental. Various parts of the film follow Wayne recording in his hotel room, with ESPN’s Sportscenter looping in the background. Consider it a warning shot for the rest of his career. And Dedication 5 captures the ambiguities of where Wayne now stands, much as the other Dedication tapes have done the same throughout his career. Here, Wayne comes to its defense, and furthers his beef with HOV which has subtly been the most enjoyable feud in all of hip-hop. Check out the list below and tell us why we're wrong. He's still funny when he wants to be. ,’ a stopgap for the impending ‘Tha Carter IV.' Say things I wouldn't say on my album, on anyone's album. ‘No Ceilings’ is one of the more forgotten gems in Lil Wayne’s (admittedly byzantine) mixtape career. ‘Sorry 4 the Wait’ (2011) 7. That teenybopper Wayne who earned that “Lil” through very conventional means. Okay, this is more of a leak than an actual mixtape. He was due for sentencing in February 2010 and was expected to receive a one-year county jail sentence. Like he had done many times before, Wayne captured the overarching melody of the song, while making it his own. Dedication 2 (2006) Features: DJ Drama, Freeway, Willie the Kid, Detroit Red, Juice, Juelz Santana, … Lil’ Wayne released The Leak — a five song EP — in December 2007. Maybe it’s more of an artifact than an actual mixtape, but it’s still plenty memorable. Do what you want, say what you want. Yeeks!). Chest! The calm before the storm. The nonchalant way he panned from sports-talk to straight BARS, exemplifies Wayne’s “always-rapping” persona. Talk what I talk, say what I say. was not the first mixtape star — that lofty title belongs to 50 Cent — but he certainly was the first guy to legitimize the form and he is arguably better at it than any other rapper in the world, ever. An entire generation of Hip-hop heads — between the ages of 21–30 — has never seen a rapper approach the heights of Lil’ Wayne between 2004–08. It's arguably the best thing he’s released in years. His punchlines don't punch and his flows are familiar. In its entirety, the verse stands as one of the best of his career, but the final 30 seconds may be the most accurate testament to his greatness; specifically, when Wayne spends four-straight lines uttering words (“Beef! Over the next two years, 50 Cent, T.I., and Young Jeezy grabbed it momentarily; but only when Lil’ Wayne proclaimed himself the “Best Rapper Alive” on 2005’s Tha Carter II, did it feel like hip-hop was close to crowning a new king. A moment in which, Wayne was still undeniably, the best rapper alive. It’s easy to forget that Beyonce’s “Upgrade U” was a hit-song before Lil’ Wayne freestyled over the Swizz Beatz-produced track on Da Drought 3. But it wasn’t until 2005, at the age of 23, where he really started to put everything together. In 2007, “I’m Me” was his latest record built on self-affirmation.

By 2007, every rapper was using Auto-Tune to compensate for their lack of melody.

Yes, 'Dedication 3' is nowhere near as good as the first two installments. Following a fitting voice-over (“You are watching a master at work”), Wayne delivers on his promise. Get on the mixtape, have fun, enjoy myself. Masterfully, Wayne uses the simultaneous pandemonium to produce one of the greatest lyrical exercises of his career. “Coco.” An apology to his fans and a screed against the Cash Money higher-ups. Please, Wayne, if you're reading this, don't stop. “Still I Rise.” If nothing else, ‘Dedication 3’ is proof that 2008 is a long time ago now. He doesn’t quite steal it, but he comes awfully close. Fittingly, the original featured a verse from Jay-Z.

Looking back, it’s the final classic moment on his last classic mixtape. ‘Da Drought 3’ (2007) 2.

He's back! He claimed to be the “Best Rapper Alive” in 2005, and continued to do so until his status was cemented in 2008. The track was an ode to his drug of choice, comprised of weed-based punchlines. ‘The Dedication’ captures a young man freshly acquainted with his genius. Mick Jenkins, who dropped one of 2014's best mixtapes, 'The Water[s],' is poised for greatness. Wayne’s genius, though, is his juxtaposition of the nostalgic feeling of Field Mobb’s “Georgia” with his palpable anger; Following up each “Georgia” voice-over, with his self-inserted, “Bush.”. Instead, this person was adamant that Kendrick’s pure mic-skills are of a higher standard than Lil Wayne’s ever were. We dissect a rapper’s resume by their studio albums. I quickly found that, despite being only four years younger than me, my combatant wasn’t old enough to remember Wayne’s Apex.

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