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(You'll need at least one Bomb to blow open the south wall in the next room.). All that remains now is to watch the ending. South of this hub room, make a big circle around the dual narrow corridors, fighting past Water Tektites and Pirogusu to the chest in the northwest corner, inside of which is the Compass. In the east room of B3 is a skull that hides a switch, separated by a pit of spikes, guarded by three Blue Bari. Defeat the Hokkubokku you meet to obtain a Small Key, then use it to unlock the southern door leading east. (The castle sewers link directly to the Sanctuary, and so since the Sanctuary appears as a room on the in-game map for this dungeon, I'm including it here instead of among the overworld chests.). North of the room with the invisible walkway over a bottomless pit you have to illuminate is a room with cracked sections of floor guarded by a couple Anti-Fairies and a Spark. This leads to a room with four chests for the taking--the northern two contain 20 Arrows between them, and the southern two contain a total of 6 Bombs. This portion of the appendix will show you where to find them all. Inside is the Magic Hammer, which will allow you to pound posts, stakes, and Moles, as well as let you defeat certain enemies that you couldn't before. Go to the Ghostly Garden in the Dark World and stand next to the rock pile that's set apart in the northeast corner of the garden. where Kakariko Village would be in the Light World) and head inside. On a bluff overlooking the Sanctuary immediately to the west is a rock pile that can be destroyed if you dash into it with the Pegasus Boots. From the dungeon entrance, take the east stairwell down to 1F. You'll arrive in a room with two Crystal Switches, filled with blue and orange blocks you'll have to raise and lower. Inside the chest is another 50 Rupees for your wallet. With the Crystal Switch blue (i.e. Lift the large stone you see nearby to uncover a secret grotto, and go inside. With the Big Key in hand, make your way to the northwest room of B1--you'll have to step on a switch under a pot while evading a Beamos to open the way. Push the gravestone open and drop inside--you'll land back on B1 of the Hyrule Castle dungeon! (Note: Each set of Bombs obtained from a chest comes in a set of three.). From the first room on 2F, unlock the door in the northwest corner and go downstairs to 1F. Once inside, open the big chest to obtain the Power Glove, which lets you lift heavy objects such as stones. Now you can block the laser blasts from Laser Eyes!

Once you have the Big Key, return to the hub room, and get on the central platform where the big chest is. That's 40 Rupees total! Push the lone block near the west end to make a chest appear across the gap. This one contains a Piece of Heart!

East of the room where you got the Compass, there's a chest at the north end of a line of skulls that has another Small Key. Go down to B2, then go to the far eastern room, where you'll find a maiden waiting to be rescued at the end of a series of prison cells. Due to an unusual amount of traffic from your Internet provider, we need to confirm that you're human. This walkthrough is made for those who need a little help on their adventures through Hyrule. Step on it to make a chest appear with the Map inside.

Go inside, then downstairs to find these four chests, but they're blocked by a block puzzle. From the room where you opened the previous chest, return south to the room where the path diverges and you had to push a block aside to stay on the east path. Use the Pegasus Boots trick to dash into the gravestone here and reveal an entrance. From the hub room where you found the previous chest, if you unlock the northeast door, you'll find yourself face to face with another chest. This time, follow the block down into the pit to land on B1. In the southeast corner is a chest holding 10 Arrows. You'll land in front of the big chest (which is otherwise inaccessible), allowing you to obtain the Blue Mail. This is a clue--you should bomb the cracked floor in the western part of the room to create a hole you can drop into. Then strike the Crystal Switch with a ranged weapon so you can access all five chests in this room.

At the south end are a couple chests. It will give you a very valuable prize: one of the four Bottles in the game! Push the blocks out of the way and open the north chest for some Bombs and the south chest for some Rupees. From the dungeon entrance, take the west stairwell down to 1F. Navigate this labyrinth, taking out Blue Sword Soldiers and Chasupas along the way, and lying against the west wall is a chest with another Small Key that you'll need. Do not lift any skulls in this cave! From the room where you found the previous chest (make sure you have the Big Key first though), bomb the cracked floor in the west, then drop into the hole. where the Great Swamp would be in the Light World), you can bomb the rock wall to create an opening to a cave. Navigate your way through the next couple rooms, and then light the four torches you find to cause a chest to appear. Dodge the two spiked rolls in the next room as you make your way to the two chests at the north end. If you continue to see this page, please make sure you have Javascript enabled and are accepting cookies from, even if only temporarily.

At the east end is a chest with 100 Rupees inside.
Beware the Wallmaster as you try to reach it! You'll find yourself in front of a chest with the Big Key waiting for you. on the northeastern island). You'll enter a separate part of the world, known as Zora's Waterfall. You'll enter a new room containing six pots and these three chests--the center of which contains a whopping 300 Rupees! With this item in your arsenal, Link will retain his true shape and abilities while in the Dark World. West of the room with iron globes (accessed from the upper walkway), you'll find a room where four Anti-Fairies surround a single pot.

These aquatic enemies, known as the Zora (some of whom you may have already encountered in Lake Hylia) will appear in whirlpools, shoot fireballs at you, and then resubmerge. You'll need to reach the center to open the chest for a Small Key. From the dungeon entrance, use the Cane of Somaria to ride north to the next room, then ride the platform you can create westward and take the south door to a new room. Bomb it open, go inside and down the steps, and open yet another chest for 300 Rupees. A chest containing the Map will be right in front of you, guarded by a trio of Red Bari. Your Life and Magic Meters will be refilled, and you'll be taken back to the overworld in front of the entrance to Misery Mire. In the southern part of the Great Swamp is an old building called the Swamp Ruins. Inside is the Map. Please log in or register to continue. In the eastern room on 1F, light all four torches and quickly enter the door that opens before a torch extinguishes and the door closes. Climb the steps onto the upper level where you can find a chest. Of special note is the locked chest you find in the gossip shop in the Dark World (i.e. That will then leave the two chests that are on a western island, so make your way there to open them up as well. This chest is located inside the Treasure Cave on Death Mountain. Agree to help him, and he'll open it for you, which will get you one of the four Bottles in the game. You'll be rewarded with the Bow for your Arrows, which are great weapons against Eyegores and the Armos Knights--but beware, because four Yellow Stalfos will drop from the ceiling as soon as you open it and dislodge their skulls to chase you! If you fall down the west hole, you'll land in front of this chest, which contains a Red Rupee. The northern two contain Bombs and Arrows, respectively, while the southern two hold 40 Rupees between them. Open the big chest to claim the Fire Rod, whose flames are helpful for lighting torches from afar and which are helpful against Gibdos in particular (and the boss, Mothula). You should now have access to three of the four chests. SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. This is actually a clue--toss a Bomb onto the cracked floor inside the railing to create a hole with sunlight shining through it to the floor below! In the northwest corner is a chest containing Bombs. Lift the skull you see and step on the switch to make a chest appear, which will give you a Small Key. Evade the two enemies as you open it for a Small Key. In the same cave in Kakariko Village as the previous chest, lying against the north wall are three more chests, each containing a Red Rupee. After you obtain the Magic Hammer, you can access the eastern portion of Death Mountain in the Light World by hammering the posts at the end of the northern bridge.

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