lost planet: extreme condition walkthrough

Well, the dongo can only take damage if you fire at its abdomen, which just so happens to be at its rear, making it somewhat taxing to hit.

We don't want to know what the heck this stuff is made of. Some of them will stray far enough not to damage your target, but if you manage to land the initial shell precisely, you'll find that the grenade launcher will deal more damage than any other weapon you're capable of using, at least on certain bosses. It's somewhat difficult to see where the rocks are going to fall, so you may want to stay as mobile as possible; try jumping and hovering in midair and moving around to see if that helps. Apart from that, the bulk of the Green Eye's attacks are physical ones, where it will attempt to run you down or run you over. When you reach the exit from the tunnel, you'll be at a familiar site: this is the snow pirate camp that you probably assaulted a few dozen times in the Lost Planet E3 demo. It's big, it's bad, and it's got a nasty temperament to boot. Characters come in and out of the story, plotlines pop up and disappear just as quickly, and there's never really any coherent theme to the game. While your choice of VS will usually be a matter of finding whatever's available, you'll generally have a bit more flexibility when choose weapons. You'll be above the rockslides at this point, and will be able to use your laser rifle to fire away at the weak spots on the underbelly of the moth as it flies over you. Find the cave and head inside. Again, you can collect the thermal energy from the Trilid's bodies and use it to power your thermal suit, which will keep you alive. It may sound difficult, but it's not incredibly so. Getting them angry will only make it more difficult for you to survive. It's a universally useful weapon, whether dealing with Akrid weak spots (gatling guns will usually be all but required in boss fights) or against VS's. So, yeah...shoot it a lot in the dingus when it's crawling around on its legs. This is a confusing situation for you, as rocks will start to fall and deal heavy damage to you when they hit. Grenades at the feet of this VS are needed to take it down.

You should smash as many of the fuel tanks as you can to retrieve energy, and try to outfit yourself with two EM lasers on your mech before heading up to the uppermost level and proceeding out to the boss fight. It's difficult to avoid them, but if you're in a VS, you can attempt to jump just before they hit the ground to avoid the explosive ramifications. It's also arguably the most useful of the normal weapons in the game, since it's much more powerful against humans and VS's than most other weapons. Since you probably won't be able to keep your VS alive throughout the entire fight, try to unload on the enemy with your gatling gun while constantly firing and reloading your rocket launcher. This includes an attack involving explosive spores that are launched at you, as well as a ramming attack that will come after the bee flies off far into the distance.

The wind doesn't damage you (although it will knock you off your feet), but the rockslides which follow the wind blasts will definitely be more than a nuisance. When both arms are blasted off the chryatis, it will flop down on the ground and lay its head near your feet.

When you reach the platform, you can angle grenades up onto it and blow it away; it'll drop a huge amount of T-Eng, and you'll also be able to access the Data Post nearby.

(You can probably snipe out the turret gunners if you zoom in far enough.). If they roll at you, sidestep their attack and wait for them to hit an obstacle, then perform the same motion.

You can rapidly knock off shots and you likely won't have too many problems with drainage. As you head further down the street, more dongos will appear, followed by a pair of Chryatis's that pop up one at a time. The arm stalks move quickly, and thus your shots from the rocket launcher or anything else will most likely miss.

As with other Akrid bosses, you're going to have to find some weak spots on the Green Eye in order to kill it off completely. The chaingun attack can be avoided by moving to one side along with Isenberg, while the missiles will quickly self-detonate five or six seconds after launch. You have to keep your VS's health up as high as possible during the opening rounds, as the Green Eye begins to move much more erratically towards the end of the fight and will be dealing much more damage to you then, assuming you learn the patterns of the boss and how to dodge its attacks earlier on. If you miss, then Isenberg will usually begin moving away and pounding you with his chaingun attacks, or fire rockets at you to take advantage of your distress.

Capable of holding only six shells in its chamber, it'll be great for nabbing headshots against distant foes, thanks to its ability to zoom in with the d-pad. If you decide to simply avoid the worm completely, the best way to do so is to stick to the rock wall on the eastern side of the plain and walk along it. With two gatling guns, you'll be able to unload on the dongo when it's possible to do so.

Hmm...giant weak spot. There are two ways to proceed here: fight the worm for an achievement (but no real in-game benefit), or simply avoid it entirely and move on to the power source in the far north. They won't be quite as useful against human enemies, who are small enough to avoid the spread of the rounds, but even they will go down eventually. Move forward here and hope that one of the two soldiers you initially encounter drops an energy gun. The machinegun will be a handy tool for most of the game. As is obvious, the only weak spot on the bee is the large orange spot on its abdomen. Well, that's a blatant lie.

The key thing to keep in mind is that it's best to swipe your sword at Isenberg just after he gets done moving.

Arguably the rarest kind of grenades, disc grenades pack a wallop and travel almost in a straight line when thrown, making them more of a rocket launcher than a standard grenade. Crimson Unity, a group of snow pirates, is who you're going after now.

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That's still a pretty small number of rounds of ammunition for a weapon that can fire on enemy suits from as far away as you can see, though! You have to begin with the two rows of four weak spots on the beast's sides, then punch out the four weak spots on its forehead, then demolish the single large weak spot underneath the carapace that cracks on its forehead.

The vertical-sweeping laser can be avoided by consistently strafing away from it. When firing at an enemy VS or the weak spot of an Akrid, the grenade launcher effectively acts as a collection of four or five individual rocket shells. The drones will only attack you if they spot you with their lasers, or if you attack them first; they're dangerous enough in a large group that your best bet is to grapple across to the balconies on the southern side of this area and walk along them to avoid having to move past the bulk of the lasers that are painting the lowest level of the southern walkway. He'll also call up two of the laser defense cannons from the orbital elevator and use those for personal defenses. And it can only be hurt when it's in mech form; it'll be invulnerable when attempting to drill you. This is a super-sized version of the drilling VS that you've ridden in a few times previously. The duration of this freezing effect is usually too short for you to accurately place a shot with your primary weapon, so it's of dubious use in most instances. Your primary sources of damage will be the left and right triggers.

The shotguns work well on the dongos if you get caught in the open; fire a round into their faces to stun them, then work your way around them and unload into their abdomens. Matthew Rorie There's also a rocket launcher in this area, but it'll be difficult to use it properly.

Tip: Keep in mind that the laser rifle will use up around 50 T-Eng per shot, and will also cause your thermal energy to decay more quickly while it's primed to fire. You can also grab the gum grenades atop the train car here to use those; they stick to whatever they hit, making them useful against VS's. You can't bring your VS into the building nearby, so ditch it (B button), grab the shotgun by the corpse, and wander into the Akrid lair. There isn't much to say here, except that you'll need to play through this fight a few times to learn all the nuances of the Green Eye's movements. If you get lost, then just activate a Data Post and follow its directions. Make your way up the little canyon in front of you, killing or avoiding the Akrid in your way.

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Around the corner, you'll finally come across the snow pirates you've been looking for; they're trying to pound the hell out of a Chryatis. As mentioned, the only real way to take down Isenberg is by using the laser sword that you come packaged with at the beginning of the level.

Eventually you'll drop down to a huge room with rows upon rows of VS's parked inside. It'll be overkill against human enemies, and will sometimes frustratingly bounce off Akrids unless you manage to hit them directly in their weak spots. You can lure your foes into the lava here to finish them off quickly. The baseline weapon for a VS is the gatling gun, which can rapidly cycle through shells, not unlike a machine gun when you're on foot.

You'll want to have as much T-Eng as possible before you do so. Watch our video, learn the patterns, and you'll eventually put it down. Be sure to hit the Data Post nearby before heading through the Akrid-infested tunnel, as the boss fight is right around the corner. If you're having troubles taking them out (assuming you want to), jump and hover back and forth across the lava flow to get the dongos to fall into the lava and die. Head around the path to your right and find the Data Post.

Hop into a VS of your own at this point; the one closest to the door through which you entered has a gatling gun and a shotgun. When you hold down the fire button, it will lock on to up to four different targets (or the same target four times), then, when you release the button, homing lasers will track down those targets and impact them.

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