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Sony may have set unreasonable expectations for The Legend of Dragoon by marketing it initially as a “Final Fantasy Killer,” but this SCE-developed RPG endures as a cult classic of the era.

Relatively standard (but solid) mechanically, the series is mostly recognized for its anime-meets-gothic-horror aesthetic, with characters like vampires, mummies, demons, and a yeti.

Welcome to Retro-Sanctuary's Top 100 Best PS1 games.

Several years before the original Call of Duty game kicked off the now-oversaturated WW2 first-person shooter genre, Medal of Honor set the bar.

Robbit’s ability to triple-jump mid-air is the game’s mechanical focus, supplemented by various power-ups with classic effects like temporary invincibility, extending the level time limit, or increasing Robbit’s health. Ape Escape was the first game to require the PlayStation’s DualShock controller before the now-standard vibrating two-stick model came stock with the console. Too cool.

Gameplay divides into relatively linear, objective-based missions. It was the result of a cancelled collaboration between Sony and Nintendo, leading to somewhat of a feud in the mid 90s. With only the main character in common (and a cheeky reference to how he’s named after a character’s favorite video game), Legends is set in an archipelago. Projectile weapons and power-ups scatter throughout arenas set in the ruins of major cities around the world. The story is standard genre fare. Capcom initially contrasted Dino Crisis against Resident Evil by marketing it as “Panic Horror” rather than a survival-style game.

Games with the AO rating are considered by the board to be suitable for players age 18 and over; AO-rated games can contain higher levels of violent, profane, sexual, or pornographic content than the next-lowest rating on the scale (Mature [M], generally considered suitable for players 17 and over) can accommodate. In its prime, Secret of Mana received criticism for making the story feel too diffuse. In its prime, players loved the game’s dark, compelling narrative, voice acting, and varied mechanics. Breaking away from the gritty sci-fi trajectory created by FF7 and FF8, FF9’s return to the stylized, chibi aesthetic and light-hearted fantasy of the series’ original entries displeased many fans. Set in the future during a war between Earth and the Moon, you pilot a spacecraft through horizontal, 2.5D levels, destroying enemies and collecting power-ups. To protect humanity from his father, Alucard sets out to slay the castle’s monstrous inhabitants. Square essentially retconned the game into Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy Tactics and XII, but even without that, it stands alone as a beloved classic for its mature story and mechanical depth.

Much of the same team — including Mikami himself — also developed Dino Crisis, a survival horror game that happens to be set in a secret island research facility. Like F-Zero on the SNES, the Wipeout series lets players experience fantastical levels of speed in futuristic racing. Lightweight visuals mean the game can completely load into the console’s RAM, and thus players can generate levels based on any music CDs they insert. ESPN Plus costs for UFC 254 live stream PPV event, NHL, MLB, and more explained. In retrospect, its infusion of RPG progression systems into a survival horror framework can be seen reflected in more modern games such as The Evil Within, though its pausable real-time combat has been less explored subsequently. In 1994, the PlayStation launched in Japan, giving its players a way to enjoy beautiful (at the time) 3D games using discs, instead of the expensive price tag that came with cartridges.
While the first Resident Evil is beloved for creating the “Survival Horror” genre, Resident Evil 2 perfected the formula.

Following the explosive, global success of FF7 was a tall order, but Square managed to keep aggressively evolving the series for its immediate sequel, Final Fantasy VIII. 1997 saw the Madden football franchise take its first stab at 3D with Madden Football 64, but for our money, the best sports game of the year was the less ambitious and far more refined Madden NFL 98.

Final Fantasy Tactics, however, opened up into a much richer, isometric, grid-based encounter reminiscent of X-COM, with an elaborate job system allowing for deep, strategic party customization. And Core Design did not disappoint. There we so many new fighters and so many things to do (thanks to the addition of mini-games) that it was hard to believe Tekken 3 could even exist on the PS1. Although not quite as viscerally scary or enduring a franchise as, has its merits. Not every great game needs to reinvent the wheel, after all. Steven Spielberg developed the story, working with the same historical military consultants he collaborated with on Saving Private Ryan. You assume the role of a martial artist from a village at the edge of the world that sets out on a quest to beat back the Mist. Whether it was an ape squirming under your net or a revved-up dash hoop spinning around your waist, every precisely controlled action was rewarded with unprecedented tactile feedback. It consumed the surface and spawned countless monsters, pushing humanity to the brink. Gex is a humorous Mario 64 style 3D platform game where you explore the levels searching for remote controls. The whole first trilogy, developed by Insomniac Games, is well remembered for its colorful characters and solid platforming.

The Materia-based battle system still influences game design today, the story features one of the most tragic plot twists of all time, and the graphics (at the time) were beyond anything we'd ever seen. You play as Klonoa, an anthropomorphic resident of Phantomile with a power-granting wind spirit that inhabits a ring. Welcome to Retro-Sanctuary's Top 100 Best PS1 games. The original Tony Hawk Pro Skater was an enormous success when it launched in 1999, but the follow-up a year later truly cemented it as one of the most beloved skateboarding games of all time. The game is very playable, and the 2-player split screen mode is still very addictive. FFT wasn’t the first tactical RPG to cross over from Japan — the Shining Force and Ogre Battle series already broke that ground for western console audiences. FF8 was the first in the series to feature realistically proportioned characters and continued the move from FF7 towards the fantasy-infused sci-fi aesthetics that defined later entries. While widely beloved by fans and critics, Suidoken II’s limited print run and distribution prevented it from reaching the universal acclaim that Final Fantasy games found on the PlayStation — at least in the West. Collectibles and level-specific objectives keep it spicy, and the addition of level- and skater-creation tools give it a ton of replayability.
R4, the Namco-developed series’ final entry on PlayStation, looks like the former but plays closer to the latter. Although Vib-Ribbon is one of the most visually primitive games ever released for the original PlayStation, ironically it could now most easily be mistaken for a contemporary indie title. It was surprising that it turned out so well, considering that stylistically, Legacy of Kain was a brand-new take on the series, its prequel being a top-down RPG. Players remember this Resident Evil game most fondly for the creepy atmosphere and unsettling presentation. The game is a challenging brain-tickler, giving more replayability with the ability to create new levels, a feature that unlocks after completing the game once. A recurring theme on this list, Square didn’t leverage the PlayStation’s storage and processing power to make crude stabs at 3D graphics.

With its dense fog, smothering darkness, and multiple dimensions, Silent Hill created one of the most terrifying (and memorable) environments ever seen in a video game.

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