maastricht treaty austerity

Also well done Boris for making your speech today despite the very rude racket of Corbyn’s gobs nearby.

Dominic is correct. I’m not holding my breath. They speak common sense when it comes to energy policy. So what are you trying to say Mr Redwood, are you are admitting that the Thatcher government, of which you were either an advisor to or a part of, were wrong in signing the SEA and (negotiating much of) the Maastricht treaties.
Much of it is electioneering and as I have been saying it will quickly be forgotten as the results will barely be visible and of course it will never be enough for those who lobby for their special interest. A great many of us are far better qualified than you are, judging by the complete garbage you spew out daily.

@sm; More to the point, how many none EZ member states have had to implement “Austerity”, heck not even all the EZ has had to, so “Austerity” is clearly nothing to to with fiscal requirements within EU policy nor the Maastricht treaty – had the latter been the case the John Major govt would have had to implement “Austerity” from Nov. 1993, not stimulated the economy for the forthcoming expected/required GE…. Have you been asleep for three years or are you taking drugs? Angela Merkel publicly boasted about this. The US deficit is more than twice any of those. It seems ever more likely that we are going to get a soft Brexit rather than what we voted for which was all out. If we ever get out of the EU, and genuinely and cleanly, all the savings will be gone in an instant. 636 bn a year on the debts, for 5 years on the Trot. In the Euro area countries are threatened with fines if they do not comply. Reminds me to refer them to the ICO for not answering.

@JR reply; “I had left her before the SEA was put through!”. Lets have some positive thinking in this diary. Is it only me but, I find it ironic that on one hand the EU Commission demands that the UK reduces its budget deficit and, on the other they increase not only their own expenditure but, demand that the UK and a few others pay more ! There is too much negativity if not downright gloom from some contributors. They should also sign up to upholding both. There are, of course, different degrees of “austerity”. Make of it what you will. Without growth in the economy we stagnate, although this doesn’t stop government, insurance companies and every other service putting up the prices they charge us, making us poorer by the day. “. Will they refuse customer orders? And of course many of those are now arguing for a “Soft Brexit” previously argued that we should join the euro, which could well have led us into the “Hard Austerity” experienced by the Greeks rather than the mild “Soft Austerity” we are having. Say we strike tariff free trade with world car manufacturers outside the EU. Reply to reply: so Sir John you are just, as so often, propagating lies to serve your cause. Hammond.

JR, do not say something is untrue when you are clearly wrong. Continued free movement of unskilled workers and continuing paying overseas aid through the EU. 220 bn a year going on the debts. They seem to be quite capable of printing as many €100 notes as they want. Is it really worth it ? As an aside – why is it that commenters like Andy, Hefner, Len, MinC, NM, etc, are always offensive or, at the very least, discourteous? Brown told us it was the end of BOOM and BUST – but what he meant was an end to Growth. Reply to reply. Not governement not spending. Sheer nonsense. Spain youth unemployment is simply unacceptable.
But we know in El Presidente’s regime has had enough of experts.

I see the former happy to knock everything down whilst smiling sardonically amongst the ruins. Eurosceptic MP’s at the time said the Treaty would give the new EU great powers at the expense of Westminster and predicted it would lead to a fully federalised EU. My critics pretend it is otherwise and say I should not associate the EU with austerity policies. There can be no doubt that cutting the budget deficit and in due course cutting debt is an EU requirement which successive UK governments have taken seriously. It also attracts abuse and engenders a culture of entitlement and dependency on the state which creates continuous dissatisfaction because welfare can never be sustained at a level that will satisfy an ever increasing demand. What happened to the “rapid rebuttal unit” promised by Michael Gove weeks ago? Sir John, can you tell me if this the common thinking in parliament of the Brexiteer MPs? This has a twofold effect, encouraging credit and making life difficult for the retailer.

All it wants is for us to lay bare our GDP so it can rely on the contributions we make . Although a trend towards deficit convergence is apparent in the leading European Union countries, this is at a markedly higher level than 3%. Let’s hope Mr Johnson calls for a General Election with cooperation with the Brexit party Westminster can be purged of all the Eu loving mps, the Labour Party would be forced to put there cards on the table in being a remain party which effectively would wipe them out hopefully north of the Watford gap. Reply Not true. The villian of the piece was John Major.

So the 220 bn a year you spend on the debts you have created.

Is Boris raising GE threat real or stick instead of carrot? But you can’t extrapolate from that to say that it works for inflation linked debt. 13,000 bn pounds of debts.

Now the 5 trillion is now 10 trillion. Those who get sacked are not necessarily wrong. 2019 UK 1.2% to March. Half Brexit is not Brexit at all. Which is why we are where we are today. With the EU there may be some tariff changes, and in a few categories some need to indicate compliance with EU standards as there is with every other export market. Forty year high on taxation, failure to balance the structural deficit by 2015 etc. Personally, I can’t remember a year in the last twenty, when some mainstream economist did not predict Japan would default within months. The UK decides its fiscal and monetary policies, not the EU. It still runs a 6% budget deficit and a 3% BoP surplus. The Private Sector continually borrows to invest to provide a bigger and better return.

People and businesses spend/invest their own money at least twice as efficiently as government do.

The PM has the right to advise the Queen to not give her [royal]assent, because assenting to a statute becoming law, is an executive decision. Indeed, in government they care not what they spent nor what value they get. Brexit will get rid of the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP). The government could repeal the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 and stop paying State Pensions altogether – theoretically.

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