magia record tier list

Very easy to slot though, and is an accessible option for new and F2P players. Join us to discuss the latest PMMM spin-off! Best Offensive Memoria.

On top of this she does not offer much damage to her connect target with her triple accele deck. Has a decent ATK stat and could be a workable glass cannon if slotted. While Mirror Matches may be less forgiving than PvE Quests, finding a team in which Best Girl triumphs is part of the fun! Disclaimer: I'm no whale and don't have all the girls in the game, so most of this is either from experience facing them in PVP or inspired by the existing tier lists Also statements below may not apply to whales. You can attack the whole enemy team with just a single click. I rerolled for Mami when JP launched but think I'll save for Kazumi this time around. Learning with Mitama! Her connect is, however, counter-intuitive. Did not reroll at the start of jp and never had problems clearing any stages. List of all Magical Girls in Magia Record. Very high DEF, high HP and average ATK, but lacking in blast disks, fairly well fitted for being a tank. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style, The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex,, Possibly the best magical girl in the game. TIERS ARE ONLY APPROXIMATE THUS FAR.

)⁠Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver. )⁠Elisa Celjska⁠Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver. Tbh stop when you get a character you like! NA Game. Her good stats, dark element and triple Blast makes her a powerhouse that can wreak havoc on the enemy team. )⁠Kaharu Yuuna⁠Wakana Tsumugi⁠Mizuki Rui⁠Kasane Ao⁠Rena-chan (Idol ver. Kanoko is a 2 -star, by the way. Reddit. Great stats, but she's subpar in every other regard.

)⁠Rika & Ren (Christmas ver. A blind might blind the enemy, removing evade from them, and adding a miss chance to their attacks. Forest's first gorilla, her triple blast discs combined with the third highest ATK in the game make her beastly. But she's cute, so we forgive her. about careers press advertise blog. Another mediocre glass cannon, she's a hard hitter but her stats just aren't as good, and her connect is simply average. As a result, the city is home to dozens of Magical Girls, many who have banded together or formed teams to improve their chances of defeating enemies. Spoilers: This page includes JP Server Magical Girls!

High ATK, low everything else. A higher base Rarity normally translates into higher overall stats when compared to a lower-Rarity Magical Girl that has been upgraded - for example, Tamaki Iroha (a base 1★) has significantly lower stats at 4★ than Kaname Madoka (a base 4★). Due to the sheer power difference between 5★ girls and the others, it may be assumed that any non-5★ girl not listed here belongs in the F-tier. A Magical Girl's base stats can be improved upon through upgrades such as Spirit Enhancement and Memoria, and by increasing her Rarity and level. When a Magical Girl reaches 100 MP, she is able to use a devastating attack known as Magia. Using Reddit. Her connect is solid, with Attack Up and a chance to Stun as well as a guaranteed Curse on hit. Her stats are average, and although she's an Accele gorilla she probably won't get to Magia.

Join us to discuss the latest instalment of the PMMM franchise! A pretty good off-tank with solid stats all around.
Good to know that Mami is tier 1, as she should rightfully be! The girls are ranked based on the following guidelines: The status aliments Stun, Charm and Bind will here be referred to as stuns. It shouldn’t be blindly assumed that a random assortment of highly tiered girls is synonymous with the strongest available team for you. Out of curiosity (since I'm a major waifu planner and will save to oblivion for the units I really really want), since NA is not starting at the same time as JP what would be the safest/most accurate way to find the "potential" date for banners? Gamepress Magia Record Tier Lists - PvP and PvE. The characters of the Magia record game are categorized into seven groups, we update the Magia record tier list on a monthly basis. This page is preserverd for now as a reference as it can still be appliable, particularly for the NA server. Can work in a magia comp - her Magia is fairly good and her AAA disk spread make it easy to reach. A non-puella blast combo does more damage than charge-, accele-, or puella comboes. Any attempts to find loopholes in this rule or abuse it will not be tolerated. Without it, she drops to a B or even C. Since she's an Accele gorilla, she can pretty easily fire off her Magia if you let her. Her stats are mediocre, but what really holds her back is her discs. Put her on a team with someone with high ATK, and that girl will wreak havoc on enemies. You have to make your team out of them. )⁠Rena & Kaede (Mizugi ver.
They may also have abilities and skills that reflect their typing and shape their playstyle. Posted by. Once her Connect is available, she can pass her next attack over to an ally, who then receives all the buffs granted by that Connect. and Amano Suzune. The AI will focus the target it expects to do the most damage on. The girls possess special moves and magical abilities to battle against the enemies. Two blast disks give her nice damage potential. Magical Girls are the collectible main combat units of Magia Record. On the off chance she doesn't manage to kill them all herself, her connect increases damage and gives a high crit chance. Having only one blast disk holds her back. This tier list originally applied to Mirrors on the JP server, however the introduction of NA-only content and the rapid shifts in meta means it is no longer applicable to either server. These girls have great magic skills. A light type with the highest attack in game, Fate will annihilate anything she comes across. NA reroll tier list for original roster. While her defense is abysmal, her decent HP pool will let her soak up the hits the tank can't cover. Can tank decently, especially for a magia team or a 5-girl team; her stats are pretty good. Her connect is chance based with a mediocre effect, she's got three charge discs, and she doesn't fit any role particularly well.

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