mala lyrics in english

At best, with some minor corrections this translation is 4 stars. You know that is a thing of education that for voting others you must have some work posted here and so by doin that provin yourself to this comunity and allowing yourself that right to vote that specific language , through your displayed talent ... You should remove fast your vote and think better before startin to cast votes here and there here people puts heart in what they do and people like you aren't welcomed here. Anuel) / Anuel / Real until death, baby / Uah / What do I have to do / To make you my woman? If it bothers you, well, my bad. 6ix9ine - MALA ft. Anuel AA (English Translation) Lyrics: Brr / (Haha! Delete this "vote", respect people who really does something m for music this comunity for others etc,.. and learn from your rude mistake , so that there won't be a next time happening Come back show us (yourself) how good you are and earn that right to vote, and of course use it with wisdom as it should really be used What ya say , you get it? I kissed your girlfriend, my bad. English translations #1 and #2 (Maja Dejanovic / are both wrong - "me invitan" means "they invite me" (which also makes sense instead of the current translations) and I say that as someone who has no formal education or experience with Spanish (I'm Romanian, no contact with the language except their soap-operas "telenovelas"). I've always been like that, you all knew it, Deep down they love me and that's why they invite me, I Didn't know you were coming with him (au), And your boyfriend was inattentive and thereI came (au), Here I am, me, to give you what you want baby, Here I am, me, my bad if I ruined the plan with him, Here I am, give me your number so I can see you again, My life is like that (au), it's only mine (au), People continue to criticise and criticise. I am neither bad nor saint. I do not understand how is possible to vote if you are not fluent in the translation language. ? I screwed up at the party, my bad. Opening / Ending Themes of Mexican Telenovelas Vol. Да не си казал гък! Боя-дисвам! As far as I know the soft should work the way you described, so he should have been unable to vote. I drank too much, my bad. "Brunetu" Did you even read this site rules ? You are a devil. Baby, don't kill me. Maluma Baby, yeah. Very strange. Please remove your vote. As a native speaker, [@brunetu] I find your vote unfair. 1 star ratings are reserved to translations made with GT (or similar sites) or worse outputs, this does not fit into that criteria. That I'm not afraid of the bad (Sometimes I'm a fire) Don't get confused, I'm not good at all. Barely knowing a language does not qualify you to give someone a 1 star rating based on 1 mistake. They say there is danger when I go out. Bring me alcohol so … I would suggest the following corrections be made: That time in the party I found you (au) > That time I met you at a party (au) This is definitely not a one star translation and the fact of finding one mistake is not enough to give such a rating. Deep down they love me and that's why they talk bad about me. In my eyes you see evil. It should be: Deep down they love me and that's why they invite me (they invite them to parties, if it was "they talk bad about me" it would have been "por eso hablan mal de mí" in Spanish). Could you explain why I cannnot vote in other languages? You don't live it. I've always been like that, you all knew it. And you are evil. And she does not stop drinking (Drinking) And inside, I'm going crazy. As you said you "barely know any Spanish", so according to LT rules you'r not allowed to vote. And you are evil. My life is like that, it's only mine. "me invitan" means "they invite me", not "they talk bad about me" - I barely know any Spanish (as a Romanian), so that seems a crass mistake, since it's such a common word and should be so obvious. ОдяУ (ходих)! If I want to vote it is only possible if the translation was made into german because in my profile, the other languages are mentioned as "learned". This seems like a too obvious / common word, how it's possible it would be wrongly translated, I have no idea. Baby, don't devour me. You know you must be fluent in both the source lang and the transl one to add a vote ! I also wonder how it was possible. My life is like that, it's only mine. [Chorus: Anuel AA & 6ix9ine] You are a devil. Didn't know you were coming with him (au) > I didn't know you were coming with him (au), Indeed the translator didn't translate this line correctly: 3, Xiao Wu - 说一句我不走了 (shuō yī jù wǒ bù zǒu le).

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