maleficent king

Charles Olympus | Hercules Villains | Mr. Eben | John Silver | Scar | Kazar |

Aunt Sponge | Aladdin Villains | Solego the Chaos God | However, after the pixies reveal the truth to Aurora, she sadly returns to her father after Maleficent admits the truth of her identity. Arno | Goosey Loosey | Queen Narissa | Bandits | Crew of the Silent Mary (Lesaro) |

Janice Avery | Ginarrbrik | Beast (2017) | He is the father of Queen Leila, the father-in-law of King Stefan, and the grandfather of Aurora..

3. The 2014 film shows how Maleficent became the mistress of all evil in the first place.. History. Wreck-It Ralph Villains | Fat Cat | Jesters | Zarina, Direct-to-video/Disneytoon Studios Sequels Comte de Rochefort |

Bigfoot Mason | Frankie & Benjy | Lyle Tiberius Rourke | Cruella De Vil (1996) | He becomes intensely violent and extremely cruel, shown at the climax, where he sadistically taunts and tortures Maleficent as soon as she enters his castle and undoes Aurora's curse (though he may never learn this). Rinzler | Lazlo | Cad Lackey | Wolves (2017) | Scar (2019) | Natalya |

Anastasia Tremaine | Beagle Boys | Professor J.T. Club Penguin Villains | Lucifer |

Alec Frost | Pramod Kadam | Tick Tock | Harpe Brothers | Aunt Spiker | Frank Sitwell | Cerberus | Bill Sykes | The Spaniard | Eagle | James Haggin | Maleficent was initially reluctant to bless Aurora and Prince Phillip's marriage out of fear that tragedy between her and Stefan in the past repeated in both of them. Morgana | Origin

Stromboli | Hades | Diaval flies to the castle and witnesses Stefan being crowned king. Pixar Villains |

Dijon |

Tangled Villains | Knave of Hearts | Wooly Bill Hitchcock | Gustav the Giant | Queen Grimhilde | Maleficent and Aurora’s strong friendship was the truest love that can ever be. Tarzan Villains | Evanora | Meredith Blake | Air Bud Villains | Artemis Fowl Villains | Tamatoa |

Speckles | Huntsman | Molly | Maleficent flies back away from King Henry as she realized the royal armor he was wearing was made of iron, the same element harmful to fairies, before King Henry's weakened soldiers rescued their injured monarch and retreated back to their homeland following their defeat in battle. Sergeant Harley | Ursula | Wu | Kuzco | Shere Khan (1998) | King StefanFather (by Princess Aurora) East India Trading Company | Witch Hazel | Lucifer (2015) | Hercules Villains | Kaa | Grace Goodwin | Gaston LeGume | On the day before Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, Aurora has decided to stay in the Moors with Maleficent (whom she thinks is her fairy godmother). Scab and Scraw | Henry Burke | Sa'Luk | Razoul | Ian the Gator | Crew of the Black Pearl (Bo'sun, Scratch, Pintel & Ragetti) | Stitches | Juice | Durante | Ramsley | He is the father of Queen Leila, the father-in-law of King Stefan, and the grandfather of Aurora. Chato | Elliot T. Jindraike | Fantasia Villains |

One day, the Moors was disturbed by the presence of a young peasant boy named Stefan, who had escaped there after stealing a precious gem from the human kingdom. Nikabrik | Professor Siles | Zaphod Beeblebrox | Sleeping Beauty Villains | Wolf's Owner | Weasels | Penny Lent | Nigel Snyder | Nemean Lion |

Mr. Patel | Terrence Wheeler | Were-Rat | Boreas | Tabaqui (1994) |

Mr. Sir |

Cruella De Vil | King Henry's death has had a major influence in the film. Uto & Kago | Hector Barbossa | King George ll | Mr. Burgermeister | Kingdom Hearts Villains | Stefan, during the ceremony of Aurora's christening.

Gaston LeGume | Rustlers | Sarah Sanderson |

Giant Magnet | Gustav the Giant | Then, after pulling out his sword, he prepares to finish her off but just before he can impale her, Maleficent’s wings return to her after Aurora frees them. At a young age, Stefan had always been honest, ambitious, and enthusiastic.

Luke & Tinker | Werecat Lady | Arawn |

Occupation Jacques Lebeau | Pain & Panic | Carla Santini |

Tick Tock | Full Name King Henry is the overarching antagonist of the 2014 Disney live-action fantasy film Maleficent. Maleficent | Pom-Pom | James Reynolds | Viscount Mabrey |

Joseph Pulitizer | Inquinator | Haunted Mansion Villains | Jabberwock | Mack McCro | Lip-Lip | Fates | Neverland Pirates (Mr. Smee) | East India Trading Company |

Magic Mirror | Merlock | Tanamashu |

Rico |

Feeling ashamed, she decides to take the chance that true love will be her only chance to live and goes looking for Phillip. Lumpjaw | Gargoyles Villains | Snow White Villains | Rourke's Mercenaries (Helga Sinclair) | Bandar Log (1998) | Mad Hatter | Evanora | Hamish Ascot | Descendants Villains | Crew of the Silent Mary (Lesaro) | Sparky |

Pluto's Devil |

Yzma | Shadow Blot | Zeus | Leland Drury | Foxy Loxy | Merlock | Ursula | Ian the Gator |

Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos & Cyclops) | Hag & Werewolf | Neils Skellig |

Tangled Villains | Kingdom Hearts Villains | The Little Mermaid Villains | Honest John | Alien | Crew of the Flying Dutchman (Maccus & Kraken) | It | Sleeping Beauty (1995): Odelia Spectrus | Cloak & Dagger | Ajax Gorilla |

King Ferdinand VI | Tom, Dick & Stanley (2017) | The Hunchback of Notre Dame Villains |

Cattlemen | Borra |

Snerbert | Madame Medusa |

Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) |

Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains |

DuckTales Villains | Henry Princess Irmaplotz | Rosie Little |

Black Scorpions (General Fang) | Kaa | Arthur | Zafire | Jenny | Miraz | Arno |

John Ratcliffe | Hydra | Cad Spinner, Shorts, Television, Comics and Video Games But it was never meant to be. King Leonidas |, He is the first iconic Disney hero to be depicted as a villain, followed by. Yeti (Expedition Everest) | Diaval sees him as the key to lift the curse but Maleficent disagrees as there is no such thing as true love (the latter describing her first love turned hatred by Stefan when he cut off her wings). Cufflingk and Underlingk | John Ricketts | LeFou |

Sheriff | Gazeem | RoboGadget | Alec Frost | Mr. Dawes Sr. | Wolf Arrowmen | Rhino Guards | Kakamora | Kramer | Mrs. Satterfield | Max & Thor | Little Einsteins Villains | Popov |

Boreas | Timber Wolf | Ian Howe | Heath | Turbo | King Henry was an elderly man with a white beard and mustache. Chief | Sylvester Shyster | Maleficent (2014) | Armando Salazar | Jack Frost | Boogeymen | Master Control Program | The Witch | Program Guards | Rourke's Mercenaries (Helga Sinclair) | Alonzo Hawk | Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | Lonesome Ghosts | 2.

He also had the three pixies take Aurora into hiding where they take her to an old cottage and pose as her three aunts. Norton Nimnul | Mighty Ducks Villains | Mr. Wesley |

Lazlo | The Jungle Book Villains | Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | Bookman |

He has her locked up in her room and prepares for Maleficent to arrive. King George ll | Maleficent beats him up and is on the verge of killing him, but she spares him claiming, “It’s over.” Blinded by his overwhelming pride and seething rage, Stefan refuses to accept his defeat and attacks Maleficent again once her back is turned. Gantu |

Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Banzai & Ed) |

Maestro Forte |

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