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To breath in the setting of Marion Bridge was such a gift. I was beside myself I was so excited! Theatre of Infinity was born of our passion and need to tell stories; to honour the truth inside of us in such a way as to affect other people.

%%EOF /Size 23 /Type /XObject /Type /Catalog We are so incredibly fortunate to have been given such warm, supporting, creative, caring and fun people to help launch Theatre of Infinity’s inaugural production!

How the Beirut explosion sparked Chaker Khazaal’s new memoir Ouch! << 0000031650 00000 n In his surprisingly revealing introduction, MacIvor talks about the genesis of both the play and the movie; the lessons he learned about the differences between the two media; and their radically different stylistic, technical and practical demands on both their authors and their audiences.A well-known practitioner of Canada’s theatre of the avant-garde, MacIvor had for years wanted to write a brilliant screenplay, but there was a problem: he didn’t know how. >> 0000015559 00000 n Marion Bridge is a 2002 Canadian drama film directed by Wiebke von Carolsfeld.

>> << These past couple of weeks have been intense, exhausting and exhilarating – a roller coaster journey as we dove into the story of Marion Bridge. Based on a dramatic play by Daniel MacIvor, the film is noted as Ellen Page's first performance in a feature film.

A prolific playwright, dynamic performer, producer and artistic director, Daniel MacIvor has been creating original Canadian theatre since 1986 when he founded the highly acclaimed theatre company da da kamera, which has won a Chalmers Award for Innovation in Theatre (1998).
MARION BRIDGE by Daniel MacIvor AGNES: In the dream I'm drowning. <<

>> 5 18 0000000017 00000 n Vancouver Courier review.

Should we?” Jeanie and Rebecca said, “Yes. So in order to realize his ambition he decided to create Marion Bridge, a piece of “conventional theatre,” as a vehicle or transitionary playscript he thought he could use as a stylistic “bridge” from the live stage to the cinema. Then, lo and behold, my daughter made the decision to go to school in New Brunswick and I finally had the perfect opportunity and excuse to make a trip to the Maritimes! Just over a year ago we asked Susan Hogan if she was interested in directing. A wee bit disappointing, but completely in keeping with what is said about it in the play. Create a free website or blog at

endobj As we’re walking along Commercial Drive a young woman stops us as she steps out from under an awning saying, “I just saw you. I look for the small strips of glow tape that mark my way to the stool on stage where I sit down and prepare to open the show with my monologue.

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We need to ensure that our voices are heard above it all. Through Susan came the wonderful Susan Miyagashima as our Stage Manager and Set Designer, Michael Rinaldi as Sound Designer and Conor Moore as Lighting Designer. This is only our third performance since our Preview on Feb 4th and our smallest audience. xref /O 7 So in order to realize his ambition he decided to create Marion Bridge, a piece of “conventional theatre,” as a vehicle or transitionary playscript he thought he could use as a stylistic “bridge” from the live stage to the cinema. 22 0 obj 0000015103 00000 n
/Filter [ /FlateDecode /DCTDecode ] Talon plays on stage now in Sudbury, Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Belleville, New York state, Ottawa, Richmond, and Pennsylvania state.

Through Susan came the wonderful Susan … /Height 180 /L 53165 Amanda Parris talks supporting Black voices in media, Global Soundscapes Festival goes digital November 5 to 26, OperaBox Company and Burnaby Lyric Opera present online performances of Messiah Favourites December 19 and 20, How Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia predicted 2020, In Commanding Hope, B.C. /E 51486 stream %����

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Access Onix Code I had met Susan at the 2008 National Voice Intensive and knew instinctively that she would make a great director and would be a good fit. It was wonderful, so moving.”  She touches her heart and looks at us and says again “You moved me.”  We stay and talk with her for a bit before saying good-bye. After reading and discarding dozens of plays looking for one that resonated, she used the time-honoured acting tool to expand her search – Google.

<< In the play, glimpses into how the three sisters reimagine Marion Bridge map an intense longing for events that have been lost, perhaps not even experienced. The film won the award for Best Canadian First Feature Film at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. We’re getting so close to crossing Marion Bridge!

/Group << /Type /Group /S /Transparency /CS /DeviceRGB >> Stuart Derdeyn from The Province newspaper came by our rehearsal on Thursday afternoon to interview us and film a bit for a preview article.

Jeanie, Rebecca and I stop and hug as we reach our cars before we go our separate ways.

Matinee tickets are only $15 each “A compelling and strikingly original theatrical text … It might be MacIvor’s finest work yet.”—Daily News, “An intimate, swiftly moving family drama … a sparkling crisp script, beautifully structured, with snappy, funny lines that dart in and out quickly like swallows, not interrupting the emotional drama of the story.”—Halifax Chronicle-Herald. We’re very excited to see the set that the incredible Susan Miyagishima has designed and built and to be able to move around in the performing space. 0000048702 00000 n

Details here. /Info 4 0 R /ID [<9e0e2926b2f707a9e33e31b65c3a418c><9e0e2926b2f707a9e33e31b65c3a418c>] Trapped by life choices and unfulfilled expectations that have left them isolated, the three women search for the courage to create a new family from the remnants of the old.

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192 pages | Pub. /Length 87

One afternoon we took off in the driving rain and strong wind and drove up the coast as far as Ingonish.

The Play.

Visit, "Hogan, Taylor, Cloutier & Husain dig deep & the resulting honesty is emotionally rewarding."

MacIvor is also a successful filmmaker. When three daughters go home to Cape Breton, they must confront not only their dying mother, but also the lives they have come to lead. �����/@VTVU��~�Q���������7:6>1���{jqiyeum}cs��=.

endobj We are thrilled, excited, daunted, sometimes overwhelmed, but always supremely happy to be gestating this story of three sisters from Cape Breton.

Another day we drove up and over through Sydney and then down to Marion Bridge itself. Adapted into an amazing film back in '02, Marion Bridge is a Cape Breton set play about the lives of three estranged sisters from Sydney, who find their schedules intertwined when their mother is diagnosed with cancer. She made a trip to her favourite bookstore in Vancouver, Biz Books and bought the last remaining copy of Marion Bridge by Daniel McIvor. It was a good show and the audience was completely engaged throughout the entire performance; lots of laughter as well as tears.

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Do you want to? A few minutes later the house lights go down and Michael Rinaldi’s incredible mix of music over the sound of waves rises up to bring Marion Bridge to life. When she discovered it was taken from an actual play and not a stand alone, she was thrilled!


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/S 56 Truly a gift! I had met Susan at the 2008 National Voice Intensive and knew instinctively that she would make a great director and would be a good fit. Tickets can be bought either through Biz Books or reservations can be made by emailing Marion Bridge was nominated for a Governor General’s Award.

We made Baddeck our home base and explored the rest of the Island through several day trips.

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