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By 2013, the The first prototype (PT-ZNF) rolled out from the Embraer subsidiary plant, Embraer Defense and Security, at Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo on 21 October 2014,[38][39] and flew for the first time on 3 February 2015. Embraer Kc-390 Vs Kawasaki C-2; Embraer Kc-390 Wiki; Embraer Kc-390 Orders; Embraer Kc-390 Portugal; Entity Index This is the list of all entities in this result page. Turki Tampilkan M113 E-ACV, Ranpur Lapis Baja Elektrik dengan Kendali Hybrid, Ranpur Amfibi BMP-2 Rayakan 40 Tahun Pengabdian, UR-15 Meteor – Inilah Varian Ranpur BMP-3 dengan Fungsi Penghancur Medan Ranjau. All sorts of aeronautical design factors come into play. Fly-by-wire flight controls with active sidesticks allows load factors up to 3g. [46] In December 2017, as the two prototypes accumulated over 1,500 flight hours and laboratory testing over 40,000 hours, initial operating capability was reached while full operational capability was expected in 2018. "all-flying tail" (sometimes called a "T-tail") configuration. Posts, videos, photos contributed to the website please send to: You have entered an incorrect email address! [26] On 10 September 2010, the defense minister of Portugal signed an intentions letter to join the programme. Serupa dengan Kawasaki C-2, Embraer juga menyiapkan agar pintu rampa KC-390 dapat dimasuki fuselage helikopter angkut medium sekelas UH-60 Black Hawk. It should progressively replace the C-130 Hercules within the FAB. During this time, the Embraer KC-390 transport aircraft will perform dangerous flight techniques such as low-flying exercises for full-featured testing. With the successful production of this transport aircraft, Brazil officially entered the national group capable of manufacturing large transport aircraft. If it's the same plane, but lacking defensive systems & painted a different colour, then no problem: the customers can fit defensive aids, military communications, etc. Resminya, sang manufaktur Embraer Defense and Security merilisnya pada 21 Oktober 2014. cockpit has head-up displays for the enhanced vision system with four cameras [50] The third aircraft (PT-ZNG), originally slated for the first delivery, has been redirected to complete certification. Brazil. The KC-390 can refuel in flight other aircraft through two wing-mounted probe and drogue pods from Cobham plc. While Russia still has a lot of work to do after Ukraine cut In addition Estado "LAICO": quem paga por essa propaganda? This aircraft was first publicly revealed in 2014. tanker, depending on mission requirements. OS SABOTADORES SÃO RODRIGO MAIA, DORIA WITZEL STF E TV GLOBO - BOLSONARO FAZ ALERTA, Acontecimentos sobre Lula e aliados no Cemitério Jardim Colina ,SBC, Reajuste para os MILITARES das Forças Armadas: 27.9% - é o que se espera para carreiras de estado, EX- SECRETÁRIO DE SAÚDE ENTREGOU Á PGR PROVAS DE CORRUPÇÃO CONTRA WITZEL, Live - A importância da intervenção precoce para vencer o coronavírus, A CHINA “INAUGUROU” UMA MOEDA PERIGOSA – O EMPOBRECIMENTO DO MUNDO, Fiuza: 7 de Setembro nos lembra da importância da união e da liberdade. KC-390 modern medium-range military transport aircraft. But comparable, yes. First deliveries to the Brazilian Air The extra wing span and power are required by the C 2 ( pluss high lift devices ) to enable it to achieve it's very short takeoff and landing abilities, which were specified by the Japanese airforce. VBTP-MR Guarani). Cina Tampilkan Ranpur Lapis Baja Roda Rantai yang Mirip Rheinmetall Wiesel, Terekam Sosok ZBD05 Varian Ambulans, Punya Desain Mirip BTR-58, Kawasaki C-2 “Baby Globemaster,” Di Persimpangan Antara Pesawat Angkut Berat dan Sedang, Indra Tawarkan Paket Airborne EW Systems untuk C-295M TNI AU, AK-101/102: Senapan Serbu dari Rusia Bercita Rasa NATO, Ikon Brimob di Awal Reformasi, Kemhan Lakukan Kontrak Pengadaan 21 Unit Tank BT-3F dan 22 Unit BMP-3F untuk Korps Marinir, Bukan Cuma Brahmos, India Juga Kembangkan Rudal Jelajah Jarak Jauh Nirbhay, FN DeFNder Medium: Opsi RCWS Modular Untuk Panser Anoa 6×6 APC, Ditabrak Kapal Kargo Kontainer, Kapal Pemburu Ranjau AL Yunani Rusak Berat dan Nyaris Karam, Armada Pasifik Rusia Resmi Operasikan B-603 Volkhov, Kapal Selam yang Disebut Paling Senyap Tanpa Teknologi AIP, Menanti Operasional Gripen E, AU Swedia Masih Gunakan Gripen C/D Hingga 2030, Inilah D-19, Drone Bawah Laut Andalan AL Perancis dengan Standar Kaliber Torpedo, ROCS Hai Shih – Kapal Selam dengan Usia Pengabdian Terlama dalam Sejarah, Masih Operasional Hingga 2026, Drone Aerostar Ternyata Ikut Berlaga di Perang Armenia vs Azerbaijan, Lakukan Penyamaran, Rudal Balistik Diluncurkan dari Truk Kontainer, Boeing Loyal Wingman Tuntaskan Uji Taxii, Mantapkan Jadwal Terbang Perdana di Akhir Tahun, Gantikan F-18 Hornet, Eurofighter Tawarkan Typhoon ‘Halcon’ ke Spanyol, Untuk Pertama Kali, Rusia Uji Penembakan Kanon Pantsir-M dari Korvet Karakurt Class. The landing gear has low-pressure tires, two 5.9 bar (85 psi) on the nose and four 7.2 bar (105 psi) on either side bogies for soft, unpaved ground or damaged runways. Yang dimaksud adalah Embraer KC-390 dari Brasil. [56] In October, Sweden was to evaluate the C-390 in connection to its F-X2 offer on JAS 39 Gripen. What does the second pilot do? The C-390 can refuel in flight other aircraft through two wing-mounted probe and drogue pods from Cobham plc delivering up to 1,500 L (400 US gal) per minute from a 35 t (77,000 lb) total fuel capacity, between 120 to 300 kn (220 to 560 km/h) and from 2,000 to 32,000 ft (610 to 9,750 m). [76], In August 2019, Brazil's ambassador to Budapest, José Luiz Machado e Costa, informed of Hungary's interest in the C-390. It is expected to carry 84 military personnel and the cargo cabin will be configured for transporting the wounded or sick, on medical evacuation missions. Besides A400M program manger Tom Williams declared the main performance criteria aren't at any particular risk. stabilizer is mounted on top of the vertical stabilizer in an [78], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, "Operação Covid-19: KC-390 Millennium e C-105 Amazonas realizam Transporte Aéreo Logístico", "KC-390 - Terceira aeronave é incorporada à frota da FAB", "Embraer says KC-390 cargo jet adaptable to some civilian roles", "Brazilian aircraft takes on an American military icon", "FAB and Embraer Announce Plan for KC 390 Initial Acquisition", "Inside Embraer's KC-390 Tanker/Transport", "Embraer divulga nome e designação de seu avião de transporte multimissão: C-390 Millennium", "Boeing-Embraer joint venture: KC-390 becomes C-390 Millennium", "Redesign transforms KC-390 into all-new market threat", "Pilot Report: Putting Embraer's KC-390 Through Its Paces", "Embraer studies C-130-sized tactical airlifter", "Embraer reveals details of C-390 military airlifter", "Governo investirá no cargueiro C-390 da Embraer", "Câmara aprova verba de R$800 milhões para cargueiro militar", "Defesa salva de cortes plano de avião cargueiro", "Brazilian Air Force signs deal launching Embraer KC-390 tanker-transport", "Embraer reveals KC-390 schedule, design changes", "Embraer reveals plan for KC-390 civil stretch", "Argentina joins manufacturing of Brazil's KC 390 jet powered military transport", "Garré brindó una charla a suboficiales de base naval de Mar del Plata", "Embraer Reveals Discussions on a Partnership with Chilean Aeronautics Industry for the KC-390", "Colombia formalises Embraer KC-390 interest", "Defence Ministers of Portugal and Brazil Sign Memorandum of Understanding on the KC-390", "Brazil and Portugal Sign Defense Partnership for KC-390 Program", "Boeing and Embraer Sign Agreement for Broad Business Cooperation to Benefit Customers and Support Industry Growth", "Boeing and Embraer Sign Agreement to Collaborate on KC-390 Program", "Embraer signs two new suppliers for KC-390", "Embraer selects Rockwell Collins advanced avionics system for Brazilian Air Force KC-390 fleet", "BAE Systems selected for Embraer KC-390 primary flight control system", "KC-390 cargo jet will have landing gear by ELEB", "Embraer selects Rockwell Collins to provide KC-390 Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Control System", "IAE steps into military market with KC-390 win", "Para Rossi, es un "hito histórico" la asociación de Argentina con Embraer en la frabricación de un nuevo avión militar", "Embraer apresenta protótipo de cargueiro KC-390 e espera acelerar vendas", "EMBRAER Rolls Out KC-390 Military Airlift", "Embraer's KC-390 Returns to Flight Test", "KC-390 já ultrapassou a marca de 100 horas de voo", "Embraer conclui o segundo protótipo do cargueiro militar KC-390", "KC-390's Flight Test Campaign Progresses", "ASN Aircraft accident Embraer KC-390 PT-ZNF Gavião Peixoto-Embraer Unidade Airport, SP", "Embraer moves closer to KC-390 delivery with IOC declaration", "Embraer reports KC-390 runway excursion in Gaviao Peixoto", "First Production KC-390 Takes to the Air", "Embraer KC-390 receives Brazilian type certification", "Boeing Embraer - Defense Joint Venture to Develop New Markets for the C-390 Millennium",, "Brazilian air force receives first Embraer KC-390", "Brazilian postal service may order Embraer C-390 freighters". KC-390 program has cost US$2.25 billion to develop, and the unit Por Julio Severo Se você pensou que um Estado ‘laico’ é um Estado em que uma igreja não possa impor suas doutrinas no governo, seu pen... Por Luiz Eduardo Rocha Paiva Em fevereiro assumem os novos comandantes da Marinha, do Exército e da Aeronáutica, sobre quem recaem, e... Por Revista Sociedade Militar Reajuste dos militares pode ser definido ainda essa semana. [70] In November, Embraer proposed the C-390 to replace the Royal New Zealand Air Force's five C-130s. It is the heaviest aircraft the company has made to date, and will be able to transport up to 26 tonnes (29 tons) of cargo, including wheeled armoured fighting vehicles. The KC-390 is expected to be a formidable rival to the US The nose is very short and swept downward, to maximize the aircrew’s forward visibility, and as with many military cargo aircraft, the horizontal stabilizer is mounted on top of the vertical stabilizer in an “all-flying tail” configuration. [12], In March 2010, Embraer drew up a development schedule, with the first prototype aircraft scheduled to be delivered in late 2014. Baca juga: Kawasaki C-2 “Baby Globemaster,” Di Persimpangan Antara Pesawat Angkut Berat dan Sedang. Initially designated as the C-390, EMBRAER based its design and technologies on their E-Jet airliner series. The Embraer C-390 Millennium is a medium-size, twin-engine jet-powered military transport aircraft in production by Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer, able to perform aerial refuelling and to transport cargo and troops. JavaScript is disabled. [9] On 18 November 2019, during the Dubai Airshow, Embraer and Boeing announced the new name of the aircraft, targeting the global market, C-390 Millennium. Click an entity to go directly to the entity box. [35] International Aero Engines (IAE) supplies the V2500-E5 turbofans, its first military application. [77] In October 2019, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro, informed his country's interest in the C-390. capability. Depois de na semana que passou a presiden... Patriota 1964. The new 20t jet is technically advanced and has fly-by-wire Comparable? I'm not sure what conditions that range is supposed to be under. Japan could better exploit its defense technology. stations, and all the functions of the KC-390 are controlled and Seruoa dengan Kawasaki C-2, Embraer KC-390 masuk kategori di persimpangan, antara pesawat angkut berat dan pesawat taktis angkut sedang. Enviar por e-mail BlogThis! Artillery     The KC-390's avionics are exceptional for an aircraft of its The aircraft can be rapidly converted from transport to These are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, and Portugal. [59] In August, the Chilean Air Force planned to order six C-390s. The possible announcement of the sale could come during President Jair Bolsonaro's official visit to Hungary in late 2019.

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