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He reveals this to Alex and Kara, also telling them that the kryptonians are increasing the signal to that extent that humans brain cannot cope with it. Eventually, Lord cuts a wire and it initially seems that the bomb is defused but seconds later the countdown goes down even faster, with only a minute remaining. After the events of Legends, Max feels it is time to make the Justice League of America an international group. Maxwell Lord | Maxwell Lord has been identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice. The second appearance is on a episode entitled "Hostage". Despero | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Max was afforded a top-notch education and wanted for nothing. She pursues and takes down the drone. Maxwell Lord appears in 359 issues. While doing so, he is interviewed and rants about Supergirl (who is not able to help because the fight against Red Tornado temporarily drained her powers). He felt badly about accidentally making Supergirl a temporary villain with a trap that was supposed to be for Non. Black Flame | Maxwell Lord III was a good businessman who always had enough to help others and also his family. The same time at Lord Tech, Maxwell Lord is told by one of his scientists that the "test subject" he requested was found. Lord would have been able to deactivate the bombs with a kill switch should Supergirl not have been able to stop them. Blithe | By many of the super villain community, Maxwell Lord has been called "One of the greatest masterminds on Earth". Nationality Lord manipulated the Justice League in an attempt to turn them into his goons, and forced them to accept Booster Gold into their ranks. When Maxwell Lord IV was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was soon killed, the Kilgore was waiting for this moment. Worldkillers (Selena, Reign, & Thomas Coville) | With the computer's help, he grew more and more powerful. After Bizarro sets off again, Lord is visited in his office by Alex and two D.E.O. Livewire | Although initially refusing to help, he contacts Agent Danvers and reveals to her that Red Tornado is not sentient, but still controlled by its creator Dr. Morrow. Maxwell is the head of Checkmate and Cadmus.

New Reich (Black Arrow, Overgirl & Promethus) | Maxwell Lord has to kidnap someone but this time it's Tess. Lord Eye, Wonder Woman #219 - Sacrifice, Part 4 of 4. Selena | When Blue Beetle is kidnapped by Max, he is eventually killed by him. However, James and Winn manage to calm her down. Black King Dominators | Eradicator | Shadow Demons | Wonder Woman 1984: Museum Mayhem (picture) Pascal's scrapbook featured multiple printed images of the DC Comics' version of Maxwell Lord, according to Variety. She is stopped by Henshaw and furiously leaves the room. Morrow | After Kara has been attacked by a parasitic plant, Alex thinks that Lord is responsible and when he claims not to know anything about it, beats him up in his cell. Maxwell Lord is at first seen giving an interview after Supergirl accidentally made a container ship spill its oil into the bay while trying to save it from a fire. To find out what Lord is up to and to draw him out of his lab, Alex agrees to a date with Lord. The original Rocket Red helps the former JLI members against the brigade and they realize that this was Maxwell's plan all along to get the JLI reunited when Maxwell talks to them through one of the Rocket's armor. (Eve Teschmacher & Margot Morrison) | Crimes However, they are later forced to employ Lord's help to create a device which allows Alex to enter Kara's virtual reality. Lord reveals that he knows nothing of a drone and that the building blown up by the bomb belongs to him. Trying to see if Jaime is really dead, Red Rocket does all he can, but tells Booster (and the team) that he is dead. Bizarro | Psi | Black Gold Cooperative With this knowledge Supergirl faces Lord at his apartment and while Knox doesn't confess he claims that the man responsible would have done these things to test Supergirl. He is like a mob kingpin you do not want to trust with your life. Genius-Level IntelligenceMaster TechnicianDoctor Skills H'el | Lord is later freed by Kara who has realized that keeping Lord as a captive is illegal and not the right way. Admiring her resolve, Lord wishes her good luck with her plan. Livewire | The Elite (Manchester Black, Pamela Ferrer, The Hat & Morae) | Maxwell Lord has appeared in one episode of Justice League Unlimited entitled "Ultimatum" where he was a powerless manager for a hero team called Ultimen. After the resurrection in Blackest Night, Maxwell Lord has become a fugitive in a global wide manhunt called "Land Lord".

He also threatens Kara, claiming that while he was dangerous before, she has no idea what danger he poses when he is bored. Pedro Pascal[1]Pedro Leandro (young)[2], Maxwell "Max" Lord is an opportunistic media entrepreneur, an oil tycoon, and an enemy of Wonder Woman.[3]. Scorcher | Maxwell Lord makes 2 appearances on season 9's Smallville. Maxwell Lord is a major antagonist in the first season of Supergirl. Kilgore wanted control over Max's body and created a duplicate body and exchanged Max's conscious into the robot body. Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel


His first appearance was on a episode entitled "Charade" where Maxwell Lord (portrayed by Gil Bellows) is a Checkmate Agent sent to kidnap Louis to try search her memories to identify the "Blur". Stop the war before it starts.") Origin

Dark Angel | Human She storms out of the room but stops when Lord once again asks for some reward. Years later, Maxwell Lord was portrayed as having been playing a double game, holding a deep distrust of non-humans. Emerald Empress | Alphina | At one point, Kara realizes that she is followed by a drone while flying through National City. Find a way to weaken and defeat Supergirl

He is however captured on camera and the footage is later shown to Lord, who is surprised to see that someone who looked like himself broke into the building. DC Extended Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Lord, who has pledged a cleanup fond, claims that Superman's arrival in Metropolis quadrupled the city's maintenance budgets and that National City does not need these kind of problems as well. Roulette | Including heroic locations like in Metropolis and Gotham City. Indigo | When Non activates Myriad, Lord is unaffected because he invented blockers after witnessing the kryptonites attacking his lab. In Lord’s original story, he was the son of businessman Maxwell Lord III. Parasite | Max debated leaving him, but his conscience got the better of him, and Max started to climb down to help the man up. Wordkiller-1 | She returns to Lord, who tells her that Supergirl made her a monster and, would he be in her place, that he'd kill everyone Supergirl loves. Lord enters the room and demands to know who helped James infiltrate Lord Tech. In there, she tells Maxwell Lord to bring the civilians as far away from the bomb as possible while she uses her ray vision to locate Knox. While planning, he is kidnapped from his laboratory by Reactron, who needs a nuclear physicist to repair the core from his suit. agents prevents Non from killing Lord and he merely lunges Lord away to assist his men in fighting the D.E.O.. After Non's men are defeated and Non has fled, Lord forbids the D.E.O. Lord is very charming and charismatic, a powerful speaker who can greatly influence people. The former JLI's that came for Maxwell are the only ones that remember him, possibly due to being in the epicenter of Maxwell's mind wipe. Lex Luthor |

He finds out that Lord is planning a move against the Kryptonians, including Kara, and decides to break into Lord Tech at night to find out details. MAXWELL, ROBERT, fifth LORD MAXWELL (d. 1546), was descended from a family which, probably originally from England, settled in Scotland at Maccuswell or Maxwell, on the Tweed, near Kelso, in or before the reign of David I. Ewen Maccuswel of Caerlaverock, Dumfriesshire, assisted Malcolm Canmore at the siege of Alnwick in 1093, and it is with Dumfriesshire and Galloway that the … Once the DEO finds out that Knox was the one to blow up Lord's building and realize that Knox is at the launch site, Supergirl enters the driving train. Phil Baker | Controlling one mind makes him bleed out of his nose, however wiping his entire existence from everyone's mind off of the planet caused Max to loose much blood from his eyes, ears, and nose. Max Lord Kara agrees and is welcomed by Lord, who sarcastically claims that he had assumed his help would have earned him an early parole. Before Booster became unconscious he had sent a alarm through the JLI frequency. Season 5: Leviathan Eventually, he was exposed of fraud and was attacked by his own team. Lord reveals that the kryptonites are using his satelites to broadcast Myriad and that this was the reason why they attacked Lord Tech earlier. Appex |

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