mid atlantic regional spaceport launch schedule

They were not sure if it had come down or not - … [16] Amid debris fall, New Zealand issued international warnings to ships and aircraft traveling in the South Pacific area.
They were worked out from a combination of Russian information and data from other sources. This final Progress engine burn would need to be of ten minutes duration using the main thrust chamber firing in parallel with the smaller orbit correction thrusters. Amid debris fall, New Zealand issued international warnings to ships and aircraft traveling in the South Pacificarea. Manoeuvring engines aboard the Progress spacecraft that will be used to initiate re-entry will be used in the days prior to the event to place the ground track within the "Koptev Corridor" off Australia. An official statement announced that Mir "ceased to exist" at 05:59:24 GMT. Yuri Koptev estimates that the potential trail of debris will be 200 kilometres wide and will extend some 8,000 kilometres along the ground track from the entry point - taking it towards South America but falling short of the continent itself. Current and historical launch lists, re-entry predictions and diaries, lists of satellites in specialised orbits. Expeditions varied in length (from the 72-day flight of the crew of EO-28 to the 437-day flight of Valeri Polyakov), but generally lasted around six months. The final tracking of Mir was conducted by a United States Army site on Kwajalein Atoll. According to Mission Control, the main impact area was near to 40° South, 160° West with debris falling in the area 1,500 kilometres before this point and 1,500 kilometres beyond it. Compton started to burn just above 90 kilometres and broke up around 70 kilometres high. The deorbit was carried out in three stages. [14][15], At the time, Mir was the largest spacecraft ever to reenter the Earth's atmosphere, and there were concerns that sizeable pieces of debris, particularly from the docking assemblies, gyrodynes and external structure, could survive reentry. A March 6 re-entry means that visual observation of Mir from the ground (for orbit measurement) will be possible around the time of retro-fire and the re-entry itself will take place in the dark, which will mean that the space station can be observed visually in its final fiery moments.

Two circuits of the Earth later, a final firing pushed perigee down to about 80 kilometres to ensure that the complex entered the atmosphere to burn up. A re-entry on February 28 will occur at approximately 17:45 UTC, above the southern Pacific - 05:45 local time the following day. Sunset in this area of the southern Pacific on March 23 was at about 18:20 Local Time: Schools, clubs, societies - space exploration and history. It stated that the plan involved two Progress supply vessels (Progress M-43, which was already docked with Mir, and the yet-to-be launched Progress M1-5) and the Progress engines being used to perform a de-orbit manoeuvre. Mir was visited by a total of 28 long-duration or "principal" crews, each of which was given a sequential expedition number formatted as EO-X. Yuri Koptev, head of the Russian Space Agency has clarified the last of these points by stating that Mir will re-enter between 1,500 and 2,000 kilometres to the east of Australia. ESA, together with other European partners, will monitor the progress of the MIR re-entry. The precision with which Progress would be able to bring Mir in along the target re-entry track would be dependent on controllers being able to steer the orbit into exactly the right position with respect to the Earth. In other words, similar events and alignments occur at the same time of day so the re-entry times are pretty much identical on the two dates. [17] Deputy director of New Zealand's Maritime Safety Authority, Tony Martin, said that the chances of debris hitting ships would be very small. A combination of the Earth's rotation and precession of Mir's orbit means that as time goes by, Mir comes around a … Principal expedition crews consisted of two or three crew members, who often launched as part of one expedition but returned with another (Polyakov launched with EO-14 and landed with EO-17). Its controllers wanted to dump it in the same isolated region of the Pacific as they want to put Mir.
[17] A similar situation occurred in Japan, whose residents were warned to stay indoors during the forty-minute period when debris was most likely to fall. It contains additional notes based on March 6. Pieces then fell into the Pacific. A study was made of the burn-up and fall of debris.

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