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Mike’s dream of becoming an astronaut began when he was six years old watching television as Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon. Massimino. Those early years led to the thriving commercial airline industry of today. Mike and his fellow astronauts spent hours in simulators practicing how they would work and communicate with their support team in the Mission Control Center (MCC) while literally a world apart. Space shuttle missions are generally flown in order.

He has hosted Science Channel’s The Planets and its special Great American Eclipse. Mike Massimino, former NASA astronaut, and the senior advisor for space programs at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. The biggest lesson is that safety is everyone’s job, and everyone has a responsibility to speak up when an unsafe situation arises. Upon arriving at NASA, Mike discovered he was part of team that put the success of the team and the mission above individual accomplishments.

For over 20 years, Personify has served as the technology foundation for associations, nonprofits, event professionals and show organizers as well as YMCAs and JCCs. Everyone loved him!!

science, and planetary exploration.

Numerous television appearances include The Big Bang Theory, Science Channel’s The Planets and Great American Eclipse, and National Geographic Channel’s One Strange Rock, Draws from his first-hand experience at NASA to discuss goal setting, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership. Mike Massimino, a former NASA astronaut and the first person to tweet from space, is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University and the Senior Advisor for Space Programs at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. Inspired at age 6 to become an astronaut while watching Neil Armstrong taking the first steps on the moon, Mike had no idea how to make his idea come true.
Attendees can choose from a wealth of education sessions that are tailored to executives, marketing, membership, finance and IT professionals, all while earning Certified Association Executive (CAE), Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Certified Exhibition Management (CEM) credits.

We may not like the new world we are now living in that has forced us to change the way we do business. He received a BS from Columbia University, and MS degrees in mechanical engineering and technology and policy, as well as a PhD in mechanical engineering, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I also appreciated that he hung around and chatted with a number of our colleagues after his remarks – even if it did nearly cause him to miss his flight. Mike Massimino was the first astronaut to tweet from space, but it took him a total of four tries to get his dream job. Mike was rejected three times by NASA including a medical disqualification which Mike overcame by teaching his eyes to “see better.”   His persistence paid off with two missions on the Space Shuttle and four spacewalks on the Hubble Space Telescope. Climate Change, one Earth. His presentation was really well done and set a great, positive and fun tone for our event. Watch all of our previous episodes of London Speaker Bureau's Webinar Series including exclusive insights on: Co-Founder and Managing Director, Blockchain Partner & Chairman of the ChainTech Association, Journalist, Columnist, Event Moderator and Writer, Founder and former president of Mozilla Europe, Sustainable development specialist, co-writer and author, Co-Founder & CEO at ANIMA, Co-Founder, AI COMMONS, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer / Chief Marketing Officer, Nelson Mandela's Grand-Daughter, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian.

Speaker fees are subject to change without notice. MIKE MASSIMINO – On Leadership -Collaborative Agency Group Astronaut, Columbia Professor, Media Personality, Author, Explorer The path to achieving this dream was wrought with unexpected challenges, failures, disappointments, and self-doubt.
We have gotten an incredible amount of positive feedback about your talk, and to say you ‘delivered’ would be a complete understatement. It was time for NASA to retire the shuttle and move on to the next phase in space exploration. Mike discusses the difficulty of giving up the most exciting and interesting job he could ever have for the next phase in life. This can even happen to astronauts. Mike stresses the importance of trying to remember the reason why we work as hard as we do. The orbit of the Hubble Space Telescope is 350 miles above the Earth, 100 miles higher than the International Space Station. is now a Columbia University professor, the Senior Space Advisor for the Air & Space Museum, an author, television host and more. Former NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino, fresh off of a keynote at Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime show in Houston, shares stories from space and relates some of the things he learned to the independent retail channel. perspective on teamwork, innovation, and leadership. During his NASA career he received two NASA Space Flight Medals, the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, the American Astronautical Society’s Flight Achievement Award, and the Star of Italian Solidarity (Italian knighthood). Looking to run webinars?

A major miscue during that spacewalk nearly led to failure.

After working as an engineer at IBM, NASA, and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, along with academic appointments at both Rice University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor Massimino was selected as an astronaut candidate by NASA in 1996, and is the veteran of two space flights, the fourth and fifth Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions in 2002 and 2009. He has had a recurring role as himself on the CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” is the host for the Science Channel Series “The Planets and Beyond,” was featured in National Geographic Television’s “One Strange Rock,” is a frequent expert guest on news programs and late night television (including Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNBC, and The Late Show with David Letterman), and has been called the real-life astronaut who inspired George Clooney’s role in the movie “Gravity.” He lives in New York City.

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