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As an organization, we have made our expectations very clear to him. The league needs to take meaningful action so that its players and decision makers understand what these campaigns are actually supposed to be about. );


An NHL team selecting someone who committed a hate crime and committing resources to their physical and professional development is repugnant.
Mitchell Miller?s actions undercut Coyotes inclusion efforts; After Hockey Accident Ends in Tragedy, One Family Aims to Raise Awareness; Maple Leafs News & Rumors: Der-Arguchintsev, Finnish Prospects & More?There is a victim out there? ga( : Coyotes, NHL knew of Mitchell Miller?s ugly past - CategoriesArizona Coyotes rss_feed St Louis Blues yotes. function _gaLt(event) { There are some people who don’t deserve a second chance, especially at something as rare as an opportunity in professional sports.

What does it say to the minority fans the league is trying to court that it’s willing to overlook a prospect’s racist history because he might be good enough to help the Coyotes win hockey games eventually? return; /* If target opens a new window then just track */ el = el.parentNode;


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/* send event with callback */ The details of Arizona Coyotes’ top draft pick Mitchell Miller bullying and racially abusing Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, a Black, mentally disabled teen, are harrowing. Mitchell Miller?s actions undercut Coyotes inclusion efforts - Since the league is so heavily white, it’s natural that we see that reflected in scouts and executives across the league. The USA Today reports Miller admitted to tricking Isaiah Meyer-Crothers into licking candy he and another boy wiped in a urinal. /* HitCallback to open link in same window after tracker */

/* Loop up the DOM tree through parent elements if clicked element is not a link (eg: an image inside a link) */ So, clearly, it was never about being remorseful or growing up. if (el && el.href) {

His sense of timing is a big plus at both ends of the ice. GRAND FORKS, N.D. — An assault conviction comes to light for UND hockey freshman Mitchell Miller three weeks after being drafted by the Arizona Coyotes. This isn’t a story about excuses or justifications. : false; We have first-hand experience. Yet, the Coyotes, a team which proudly boasted of its new President Xavier Gutierrez’s dedication to diversity initiatives, took Miller in the draft. Will Bergevin’s hard work pay off for Canadiens? I wrote about this back in June in the wake of the New York Rangers zoom call with K’Andre Miller that was spammed with racial slurs. }; Then again, he might buck the odds of a fourth-round pick and become a …

}, !1) : w.attachEvent && w.attachEvent("onload", function() { Mitchell’s actions should’ve been viewed as irreparable, and instead they’re seen as a simple learning experience. Committing a hate crime as a 14-year-old should’ve knocked Mitchell off of every single team’s draft board. With the Stanley Cup and Vezina still in his view, Robin Lehner’s successes come off the ice, This extensive flowchart breaks down all Odell Beckham trade scenarios, After Striking Out on Patrick Corbin, the Yankees Have Other Options, Tavares turns heel as the Islanders flounder to start free agency, For the New York Rangers, some not so puzzling decisions.

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w.addEventListener("load", function() { ‘Canes, Fleury agree to two-year, $2.6M deal, Jets ink F Harkins to 2-year, $1.45M deal, Lowe, Buchberger reflect fondly of impact Joey Moss had on those around him, Arbitrator awards Red Wings’ Bertuzzi $3.5M, Friends and former Oilers remember beloved local sports figure Joey Moss.

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