muralitharan chucking incident

Is this the funny season for cricket controversy Down Under?

One of the Aussie umpires also came up with a book about Muralitharan's action, so one has to wonder at the motives for the umpire's actions. The incident shocked the cricketing world as Muralitharan had bowled earlier in Australia. Sri Lankan skipper Arjuna Ranatunga, too, had a few words with the Umpire and it was quite clear that he no-balled him for throwing the ball. He is one of the best bowlers in the world now.Wasantha, New Zealand Email. Yovin Jaimangal, _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); That's what enables him to get tremendous spin on almost any kind of track.

This definition shall not debar a Bowler from the use of the wrist in the delivery swing. " Mohamed, UK, I've seen him bowl. Kudos to Murali. Buddhika Jayamaha, USA Prem, USA, The Australians are not the best sportsmen.

Yes he does chuck. "Murali has a really bad arm, everyone knows about it. The authorities should have the guts to stand up. Mehul Shah, USA in the balance.

There is a need for a new political charter and a framework for institutional democracy.

There are plenty of issues of racism in sport, even in cricket. This extract from the laws of the game clearly allows a bent arm, as long as the bend remains constant throughout the delivery.

Kannan, India

I take exception to Amarjeet Rantunga's comments.

I wasn't so emphatic. "There you are but again it comes down to the umpire, how he sees things. 0 Comments, ChuckingICCMuttiah MuralitharanTony Greig. I think it is clear that in the Muralitharan case, there is no deliberate attempt on the part of Muralitharan to deceive or to perpetrate wrongdoing.
It's his own style. }

"We had a discussion on Wednesday evening and then this comes along.

10. The only cheating scum on display in this match was the guy who obstructed Gough to Though I initially thought, he 'chucks' as India's Rajesh Chauhan is also blamed for similar reasons, but the subtle problem with his arm, as revealed by later findings of ICC and also through slow-motion, certainly suggests that he does not throw the ball as per the existing rule. The rule is that the arm action must not change during the delivery. A phone call was made back home to cricket board officials too. u = u.replace(/[\?][^\? ''We saw each other several times after that.

Obviously, 0. His action is correct as the ICC has approved. Adrian North, UK

liking but we still have freedom of opinion. It doesn't straighten out before the ball is delivered.

If he did chuck he would never have been able to get into the national team because of the very high competition. var asset_id_re = /(\d+)\/?$/; has a problem with his arm should B D Anthoney, South Africa Peter Donhaue This is because he played matches in India in the early and mid-1990's. If Aussi umpires say he throws, then all other umpires are wrong. When one watches his action in slow motion, it is quite easy to spot.

I do think a white player would be 'called' The gutless "penalty" of the ICB is a disgrace.

I think it's all rather pathetic. Anjana Aryal, USA Some Australian idiots who cannot understand that those type of things can happen at birth can say that he is throwing. } It was at that moment that words were exchanged. I think it's all rather pathetic. P K Das, Australia, This issue had already been tested by the authorities long before the current One Day Series, who found in favour of the bowler. new Image().src=n:j.write('

<\/p>')}; Osama Siddique, USA

Personally I think Murali bowls fairly. Ltd. ( for Dawn. Asela Indraratne, USA

Muralitharan had bowled two overs before lunch from umpire Steve Dunne's or the Members' End of the ground with umpire Hair at square leg and these passed without incident.

Amit Gandhi, USA, The Umpires can only call it as they see it. To say that it's racism is very convenient, to say the least. This is a team standing behind its bowler who has been cleared by 40 umpires across the world, but here he is called in the middle of the series…, "I am a bit lost and saddened by the decisions this afternoon. One either accepts the medical fact or forces him out of the game. Just leave Muralitharan and Arjuna alone.Tissa Abeyratne, USA

It seems to me that the Aussie umpires should sort their own cricketing ethics out before they go around accusing chuckers of chucking even if they do chuck. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); Neil Dev-A, UK, I don't think he throws. Last year a Golfer who had great trouble walking long distances and who had to use a motorised cart to go from hole to hole. large number of people think that this guy actually wants to throw the ball in order to get an advantage over the opposition and that he is using the deformity of his elbow as excuse to justified and legitimate it.

prod_name = name; '', Stand-off ... Darrell Hair and Muttiah Muralitharan.Credit:Jack Atley.

I do think a white player would be 'called'

First published on Fri 12 Dec 2003 01.43 GMT.

Paul, UK, The rule is that the arm action must not change during the delivery. The same situation exists with Muralitharan's case. Gareth Howell, UK, Mmmm, this is obviously a very numberno = 0

There's more to it than cricket. I pray on behalf of them to god to give them enough knowledge to understand it.Prasantha Suraweera, Sri Lanka, As to whether Murali throws or not is, in the light of recent events, irrelevant. ", #PoliteEnquiries: Is it the end of Murali? Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. A bent arm is allowed as long as it does not straighten.

Murali became the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket when he overtook the previous record-holder Shane Warne on 3 December 2007. // ]]>. It not only demoralises the player as an individual but also crashes the morale of the entire team sometime to the extent of changing the entire team composition.

For that matter except for the two Aussie umpires, no other umpire from any of the other countries has called him. They are appointed to umpire the match. In our #RetroLive series, we rewind to classic matches to bring you the ball-by-ball commentary and match coverage as if the games were happening live, for the first time. His elbow bends a little but stays the same way when the ball is released.

How many IPL teams have won and lost a match by ten wickets in the same season? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Chamath Perera, USA, This man has played in over 40 test matches around the world under the scrutiny of the world's best umpires; has taken over 200 test wickets (and almost 150 ODI wickets). They were the ones responsible for prolonging this ugly incident in the first place, and now they've finally managed to tarnish the GENTLEMEN'S GAME.

Given that Muralitharan has got a medical problem, it is unfair to call him for chucking.Gopal K P, Oman

The spirit of the game has to be followed at all times, and that includes aussie umpires as well. There have been spinners such as Muralitharan, eg Peter May.

"Quite amazing.

I think if Murali had not been so successful, no one would have commented on his style.

Then there are one or two who have a basic fault in their action. Bill Lawry, staying non-committal about the actual action, was not happy with how things panned out on the day. cricketer is to work hard at his game & bring honour to his own country .

''The laws changed and in my opinion it became a farce,'' Dunne says. Aussie umpires are the best in the world - just like our Test and ODI teams.

Just a few words to the Aussies and the English: THE DAYS OF THE RAJ ARE LONG GONE, GET OVER IT!!

for (var name in prod) { No wonder why they try hard to get rid of him. countername.push('page'); 'if percentno = 0 then Bill Byers, New Zealand He bowls perfectly except Australia.Fenton Alphonse, Canada, Aussies and Englishmen want to play cricket only between them, they can't stand anybody else standing above them, so this is a well planned conspiracy to call him no-ball. Sri Lanka

With one controversial call, umpire Emerson has given Aussie umpiring a big thumbs down. I think the Aussie umpires should be sent to school I believe that the PGA ruled that the Golfer's case was distinct and that the law regarding his particular problem could be modified.

That's all about it.Anura, UK The ICC, I think now, will be dragged kicking and screaming into the region of solving the mess.".

I think its about time Australians learnt to prove their mettle on the cricket field instead of criticising on baseless issues. England batsmen would have trouble with under-arm bowling at the moment, never mind someone accused of throwing the ball. Richie Benaud pointed the ICC to the mess it created when the umpires called bowlers on the field for chucking as opposed to reviewing actions and sending them for remedial work between series. a Chucker. Now in Australia to represent the Melbourne Renegades while his compatriots prepare for another Boxing Day Test, Muralitharan says he just wants to forget the whole episode. end if The malice behind such umpiring verdicts is confirmed by the comments these 'worthy umpires' have been making to the press and in their 'literary masterpieces'. ''I'm not interested … that was a long time ago and I've moved on,'' says Hair, who is no longer involved in cricket and works as the manager of the St George Police Citizens Youth Club. break; D Fernando, France
Frankly, its just not Cricket. If Muralitharan cannot staighten his arm, whether he intends or not that is the only way he can deliver the ball. He hopes to return to top-class cricket in January when Sri Lanka will be touring New Zealand. So ban them. u = u.replace(/\/newsid_\d+/g, '/'); Gopal K P, Oman. Maybe the ICC should take a stand on the issue.

If they call "no ball" for throwing then that is their decision. After so many rewinds and expert analysis, they gave him the thumbs up.

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