naomi bentley tv shows = "visible"; After Stephen Hart sacrificed himself stopping the creatures in the bunker from getting out, Caroline attended Stephen's funeral with the team and the ARC personnel. else Skip to main content .us ... Naomi Bentley Producers Rohan Acharya, Mark Devlin, Saurabh Kakkar, Kristian Smith Season year 2012 Network FilmRise Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices > Customer reviews.

renderedWidth = renderedElement.offsetWidth; renderedHeight = renderedElement.offsetHeight; = (y + 15) + "px"; She was apparently the most popular girl at school, and had many boyfriends but wasn't ever dumped before. And Olivia Bentley drew inspiration from the fitness fanatic on Thursday, as she stripped off to capture her own sizzling bathroom selfie. 5.0 out of 5 stars. (Episode 2.5). Select the department you want to search in. When Rex was wounded by a gunshot while leading Caroline and the team out of the bunker, Caroline went to help Rex and carry him out of the bunker, as atonement for getting him into this situation in the first place, and displayed genuine concern over Rex's wound. if (document.body.firstChild != originalFirstChild) Connor explained what happened. 5 out … } You deserve to have a series built around you and to be the central character, have you never been offered something on those lines? { (Episode 2.7). [2] At some point, Oliver Leek contacted Caroline and paid her to spy on Connor Temple and Abby Maitland for him without questioning his agenda. Fun to binge or watch every once and a while. Late the next day, Caroline went to meet with Leek in his car and receive her next payment. function destroyPagination() y - overFlowY : y; (event.clientY + de.scrollTop) : y; At Stephen's funeral, Caroline went up to Connor and gave him and Abby a proper and genuine apology for what she did, and she indicated she was willing to start a real relationship with Connor if he wanted, however he did not reciprocate the feelings. }

Connor revealed that he and Caroline had kissed when Abby was not around. Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2019, Funny without being overly silly. = 1000; excessHeight = 20; You are my favourite character in White Van Man, was it fun to make? After Caroline had shown Abby up on the punching bag, Abby complained at how much Caroline was visiting her flat. Hopefully there's more season's to come, Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2019.

Are you superstitious? } Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2018. Awards & Events . (Episode 2.4). Naomi Bentley is a British actress best known for her roles in television series such as Grownups, Primeval and Dalziel and Pascoe. As well as being greedy and cold, Caroline could also be very vicious and cruel; she once trapped Rex in a freezer just for smashing her bowl of food, resulting in him nearly freezing to death, (Episode 2.4) and she later viciously attacked and knocked him out to take him for Leek.

} Do you have memories of visits? NAOMI BENTLEY......FILM AND TELEVISION ACTRESS, Re: NAOMI BENTLEY......FILM AND TELEVISION ACTRESS. TV shows; Included with Prime; Amazon Originals; Sports; New Releases; 4K UHD; Featured deals; Shorts; My Stuff; Kids; Settings; Getting Started; Help; Lee Boardman. Second series (season) holds up as well as the first. Connor asked Caroline out for a drink and she agreed, as she was leaving, she asked Abby to join them but she declined. Caroline realised her infiltrating time was over and set about packing her things and leaving, but intended to steal Rex as well for Leek. How do you feel about it?

self.location.href = start ? After Caroline was captured by Leek and imprisoned with Connor and the team, when she saw what Leek was doing with his creature army, she displayed genuine remorse towards Connor for deceiving him, and seemed to lose her original contempt for him. Is there a part of your appearance that you're specially proud of? 9 July 2020... Naomi Bentley news, gossip, photos of Naomi Bentley, biography, Naomi Bentley boyfriend list 2016. } Enjoy a rich lineup of TV shows and movies included with your Prime membership. { x = document.all ?

You have played loads of roles brilliantly but you still seem to mostly get supporting character or maybe co-star parts. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. (Episode 2.7). A short time later, Leek had Caroline, Connor, Abby and Jenny locked in a sealed room with a Smilodon as 'dinner theatre.' He has been married to Jennifer James … Which actor or actress would you really love the chance to work with?

When a mercenary found them and injured Rex before Jenny killed the former, Caroline redeemed herself for getting Rex into this by carrying him out to Abby. Do you like football? Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. Please tell us about some embarrassing moments..... Have you ever appeared naked or semi-naked in front of the camera? After Caroline took Rex, Connor and Abby were unable to find her. However, Caroline showed when receiving her payment for Leek that she outwardly really had a lot of contempt for Connor; calling him a "little creep" for his constant flirtation towards her, but then admitting that he probably wasn't all that bad. But after capturing Rex, Caroline became more curious about what Leek wanted and was doing with the creatures, and Leek decided to show her one way or another.

Caroline was left in shock, horror, fear and disbelief after seeing the creatures and what Leek was doing, then had a change of heart and became remorseful towards Connor and Abby for what she'd done to them. After Caroline had written her number on Connor's hand, he wound up losing it while washing Precambrian Worm slime off of himself. Born Today Most …

This series follows their hilarious capers as this pair leaves a trail of destruction after every job. She apparently also performed well at school, although she loathed the bookwork and dropped it once she left. excessWidth = 0; Once Connor and Abby finally came home at night, Caroline pretended to be asleep on the couch. Ollie is a helpless handyman who is somewhat hindered by his lazy, freeloading right-hand-man Darren. Both seasons are equally great. Who did you want to be like? { Latest appearance.

She complained about her work pretending to be interested in Connor, but agreed to carry on with it before leaving. Abby found Rex barely-alive in the freezer and Caroline covered her actions up as an accident before leaving. Reminds me of the older Britcoms but with an updated approach. First appearances. actor. } What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. He spent a great deal of time fretting about it, believing that Caroline would think he was too cool to call her.

Caroline apologises to Connor and Abby at Stephen's funeral. While Connor and Abby were out, Caroline apparently locked Rex in the freezer after he'd eaten from the meal she'd made.

Naomi Bentley. y = overFlowY > 0 ? display = true; Caroline texted with Connor while he was actually dealing with the Smilodon incursion at Blue Sky Park. originalFirstChild = document.body.firstChild; However, Caroline and Abby afterwards softened up somewhat when Caroline became remorseful over what she had done, and when Caroline saved Rex, Abby genuinely thanked her. Connor told Stephen who said he needed to tell each woman how he felt.

[CDATA[ if (typeof(originalFirstChild) == "undefined") Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2020. During their partnership, Leek and Caroline maintained a non-personal, strictly-business and cold partnership, in which Leek handed Caroline her payment for her services, and Caroline didn't ask any questions about what Leek was up to. { I am pleased to say Naomi Bentley is to come onto the Star Bar!! She then played a receptionist in the crime drama … { { 0 : start; destroyPagination(); Nick Cutter asked if she was pretty and Connor nodded before the former told him "bummer". element = document.createElement("div"); (Episode 2.5), Despite her selfishness and cruelty, Caroline was not truly evil, and showed a better-hearted side after learning the truth about Leek and his creature army - she became genuinely remorseful towards Connor and Abby for what she'd done to them, and she helped get a wounded Rex to safety as atonement for getting him into the mess. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Though paid by Leek, Caroline initially did not know about Leek's motives, or about the Anomalies, until the time when she redeemed herself. I am a great Silent Witness fan, can you tell us what it was like working with the regulars on the series? Abby is unhappy to find Caroline sleeping round the flat. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

When Leek turned on and captured Caroline, she initially didn't care at all about what Leek had done with Rex, until she became horrified and remorseful after seeing Leek's creature army.

Do you sing and dance? However, before Leek left, with her curiosity growing, Caroline asked Leek why he was interested in the creatures, and Leek offered to show her, taking her to his Creature containment facility. Despite Abby's recommendation, Connor sent Caroline a text message saying "ITS OVER".

It's a funny show with lovable characters that always surprise you. { When Abby and Caroline first met just after the latter and Connor had met, Abby was noticeably baffled that Connor had actually managed to pick up such as attractive girl, and was rather impatient, unimpressed and passive-aggressive about the relationship and its sheer unlikelihood.

Ollie inadvertently arranges a date with an old flame. (Episode 2.3). (Episode 2.6). To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The four eventually reunited with Rex, who led them to a ventilation shaft exit. start = (isNaN(start) || start < 0 ) ? Despite Caroline's reluctance to be any further part of Leek's actions, Leek turned on Caroline and imprisoned her with the team, and he gave her the answers about the creatures in a twisted way, by showing her the creature army Leek had gathered and collected. var de = !document.documentElement.clientWidth?document.body:document.documentElement; Caroline waiting to attack Rex with a tennis racket. y = document.all ? Caroline redeems herself, getting an injured Rex out. message ); Leek shortly afterwards, true to Caroline's curiosity about what he was doing with the creatures, took her and the team to see his army of captive creatures, before afterwards locking the four back up. overFlowX = x + renderedWidth + excessWidth - document.body.offsetWidth; Caroline was born circa 1985[1]. Caroline meets with Connor with coffee. Abby and Connor were called away before more could happen, though before they left, Caroline wrote her mobile number on Connor's hand, asking her to call him. After luring Rex out with a bowl of food, Caroline viciously attacked him with a tennis racket and used several plates as projectiles. (Episode 2.2). The next day, after Caroline had locked Rex in the freezer, Abby called her "Cruella De Vil", while Connor tried to defend her. Born 1972 in Manchester, England, UK. This is a review for White Van Man Seasons 1 and 2. display = false; Episode 2.7. When Abby got Cutter's call, she and Connor left before they could start eating the meal, leaving Caroline behind at the flat. Hi, I love the White Van Man. 2 : start; Season 2 included with your IMDb TV channel. You have done comedy in White Van Man, Grownups and Mutual fiction in Primeval............drama in Silent Witness, Dalziel and Pascoe and much more, is there no end to your talents?

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