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Is the image possibly a "picture" that was painted on? unprecedented era of spacewalking construction (June '99), ISS: The First Steps to a New Home in Orbit (IS-1999-06-ISS023) Crew Return Vehicle(36K), Apollo 17 Photograph of Earth with discussion(118K), Docking with the International Was it caused by a radiation phenomenon, as one analysis has indicated, or by processes of which scientists are still unaware? Ozone, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, carbon monoxide, iodine, and other trace gases occur in small and varying amounts.

Space Station Research (209K), International Space Station file below. Despite the many tests made, scientists at the conference emphasized that they still are at a loss to explain how the image got on the shroud. Both men were so optimistic about the mysteries they might eventually solve if allowed to obtain better photographs, that they chose to present their work to the Holy Shroud Conference in Albuquerque last March. 5-foot-10 man with lacerations about his head, face and body. the past decade in preparation for assembly are described The following article is reprinted from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's house magazine, "JPL Universe," dated July 5, 1977. configuration, also included are teacher exercises referring to International Space Station, its potential and its Primarily, they will explore the mechanical formation of the unique "negative" image of a Since then, their initial mild curiosity about the relic has intensified through involvement with other American scientists who propose to determine how the shroud was imprinted through a variety of sophisticated tests. "But we're going ahead with our plans," says Lynn, "because we are certain the funding will come from somewhere.". Are the dark spots at the wrists and feet direct-contact blood stains? The Face of Jesus?‹Enlargement of the face of the figure imprinted on the "Shroud of Turin" by image enhancement techniques used at NASA's JPL shows white spots, thought to be bloodstains, on hair and forehead. plants in space.

Because of their professional and personal curiosity, Lynn and Lorre are hoping to participate in a more detailed examination and analysis of the shroud before the planned public exposition in Turin in 1978.

Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. research of microgravity effects on jellyfish.

(July '98), Comparison of the vessels and the voyages of the seagoing Endeavourand The following article is reprinted from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's house magazine, "JPL Universe," dated July 5, 1977. Funds also are needed for the months, possibly years, needed to analyze the data. Brady Memorial (originally Turkey Trot) Carolina(CMP) November 7-8: Santa’s Toy Run. That exhibition could be the "moment of truth" for the shroud's authenticity, according to Anglican scholar John A. T. Robinson of Trinity College, Cambridge, especially if use of the destructive carbon-14 dating process (now successful when applied to fragments as small as a square centimeter) is permitted on the fragile fabric. "Then very sensitive color variation maps could be produced, which might allow one to separate marks by their chemical composition.". Enshrined in the northern Italian city of Turin since 1578, the shroud has inspired widespread curiosity, especially since the first photographs of it taken in 1898 showed the markings to be a "negative" rather than a "positive" image. Please read the Their common objective was to share current studies on the relic and to prepare for greater scientific examination of the garment at an unprecedented exhibition of the shroud in Turin in 1978.

reader displays files containing the ".pdf" extension. problem-solving and cooperative learning activities. The team is sponsored by the New York-based Holy Shroud Guild of America. through the Mir, Shuttle-Mir missions and International Space Station. ), Although the "Shroud of Turin" investigation by JPL scientists is not a NASA enterprise, the image enhancement techniques used stem from space technology. Learn all about the history, scientific Standards and Technology: Physics Laboratory's International System of Units (SI). version of Acrobat Reader may be installed in your computer Solar Arrays, Water purification for the Learn more information about Astronomy. Other team members will make radiographic and X-ray fluorescence examinations. The controversial shroud is a 4 1/2 meter, 7.62 centimeter long linen cloth that bears a remarkably detailed image of a bearded, long-haired man, with numerous lacerations over his body. The above composition of dry air is true to about 90 kilometers. The Microgravity Demonstrator is a tool designed by NASA engineers to demonstrate and teach principles of microgravity science and relationships to science and math. In addition to the above constituents there are many variable constituents. As the day of examination approaches, financial support for the American science team is still uncertain.

"Everyone who has come in contact with our shroud pictures shares our excitement," says Lynn. Source edition 1965. If you have not installed the reader, a copy of the 4.0 And, especially from the scientific viewpoint, how did that image get there? the reader freely available on the web and permits free distribution The image may be enlarged using Adobe Acrobat Reader zooming for detailed examination of D'Muhala's chance reading of a book about the shroud led him to build and donate this equipment and to supervise logistics of the team's trip to Europe. Turin authorities declined to accept the proposed age-dating tests until it is determined exactly how much cloth is needed to get accurate results. Here you'll find The Shroud of Turin, that ancient burial cloth mysteriously imprinted with a figure thought to resemble Jesus Christ, is dramatically affecting the lives of two JPL scientists. Past Events. early assembly in orbit through the year 2000. International Space Station, Superstars of

"We didn't feel we made any major finds," says Lynn, "partly because we had poor quality negatives to work with. If approval is granted by the conclusion of the exhibition, results from those tests will take months to obtain. In astronomy, the apparent angular displacement of the position of a celestial body in the direction of motion of the observer, caused by the combination of the velocity of the observer and the velocity of light. Return to the Space Educators' Handbook Homepage. image of sea surface temperature(95K), Effects of microgravity on humans STS-40 "Electric units, called "international," for current and resistance had been introduced by the International Electrical Congress held in Chicago in 1893, and the definitions of the "international" ampere and the "international" ohm were confirmed by the International Conference of London in 1908. Although the shroud has been stitched to a protective cloth backing, the reverse side of the fragile fabric will be examined also, by using a flexible optical instrument. for Rocketry. That is why Lynn and Lorre want to pursue this project.

image from a biosphere perspective(126K), Picture and discussion of global The a Space Astronomy Teacher's Guide specifically for teaching Having installed the Acrobat Reader, click on the desired NASA educational Both men speak of the event with expectation, still in awe of witnessing how technology is unlocking closed doors of history.

Spacewalk flight tests that have been conducted during for it. Lynn and Lorre will take infrared and ultraviolet photographs as well as conventional black and white and color pictures. A six-page fact sheet that provides an overview of the

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