nasa space puns

"You cannot be Sirius." Because little green men always crack up when they watch it! Y’all are invited to my space party. After being unable to find space for it, I suggested we move the steaks that my mom is saving for dinner. NASA left an astronaut on the Moon? Intense Science Friction. They look at the bright side. This story is about a man called Trevor, and his obsession with tractors. Somebody owes somebody an Apollo guy. If dustys dad from home daddy 2 was in nasa How come he is not famous. A - A space cloth. An instagram. Astronaut 1: Hi mate, I can't find any milk for my coffee. You planet. Einstein released his theory about space, and it was about time, too! But there isn't a lot of room. Which Earth sci-fi sitcom have spaced aliens on Ork been binge watching since 1978? Totally out dad joked by my own daughter. The other astronaut replies “In space no one can, here use cream”, And from the pictures I saw, his suit does seem like it has a lot of space inside, "You know, if they had a bunch of different fruits from around the universe and made it into a jam they would call it a Space Jam.". NASA Jokes. Car salesman: So it's a great car, everything you need. In the Simpsons , Kang is a Rigellian from Rigel 7. His space suit. Dad.

A. A. Prime numbers and stoners have a lot in common. 13. Jokes, Space Alien Humor, Little Green Puns Encounter extraterrestrial humor, unearthly UFO puns, alien LOLs and out of this world jokes. 13. As unappealing as it sounded, spud was sliced up, fried and eaten. I'm marketing mostly towards blue collar men who might be widows/divorcees who never had to worry about the general finances and household paperwork. Space Bar Puns. 14. For example, this whole situation has been plagued with problems since the beginning! How are space aliens and smart blondes alike to a sci-fi nerd?

They can leave you with a feeling of waitlist-ness. Kang and Kodos have a lot of space weaponry at hand and have their own spaceship. [Request] Can anyone please help me come up with a business name that is a Bob's Burgers-level pun? I’m returning this vehicle to the dealership. How do space cowboys wrangle their cattle? And this is a symptom of a larger problem. “Why is there two cases of Arizona outside?”.

High and Dry. A. Where do aliens go on their day off?

62. Q. Everywhere I go, I’m constantly being PESTERED to wipe down surfaces and sanitize my hands. Why does the History Channel show, Ancient Aliens, cause so many UFO crashes? I asked the bartender for the WiFi password but he told me to buy a drink first. – They planet. My dad: "That crowd is really excited. Q. It said: Why didn't the ghost become an astronaut?

Space Pick up line puns and one liners. Q. Space Puns. I got fired on my first day as a car salesman. The lineups in outer space are long. NASA jokes. So, I've gotta ask... How much food would a good truck chuck if a food truck could chuck food? A. If you know of any puns about space that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Unidentified Frying Objects!

A Fridge Too Far. What do you say to a hot astronaut? Q. Don't Stop Bereaving, Grief Counseling. Anonymous. Sorry, that joke wasn’t very good... three stars. He just stared at me for 5 seconds then walked away. The guys at SETI would like to know that! Are you a carbon sample? No weigh. It was sole destroying. 12. Why do little space men always turn green when they land on Earth?

Anonymous. Booster rockets need to be retired, when they show signs of thrust. A.

32. How do space alien poets write their poems? How many aliens does it take to change a light bulb? Because Erich von Daniken is on a quest to rediscover our alien ancestors. Click here for more information.

Because they don't like to give away their presence. There wasn't enough space to fly it. Here, use cream. If a crime is commited in space, it should only be judged by facts, as there, things tend to gravitate towards what matters. Space Jammies! Space Puns – 53 total . Q. * Those who study the moon are optimists. bootasticfamily. Guess you could say that I've been watching them like a hawk! My boyfriend wanted me to give up my career in NASA to marry him, but I couldn’t. Q. Space Bar Jokes, Alien Bartender Puns, Mars Jokes and Martian Puns, Dr Who Jokes, Tardis Puns, and Whovian Humor, Darth Vader Dark Side Humor. SAVE TO FOLDER. What did the space aliens in the UFO say when they got turned around on a whirl-wind trip through the Colorado high country? It’s a little fishy. Fat. What’s an astronaut’s favorite part of a computer. Did you hear about the invisible airplane SpaceX is developing? Why do aliens like to create crop circles in Iowa? My Favorite Martian. He's light-years ahead of the competition now. He needed more space. What should you do if you come across a green alien? NASA decided to send a vegetable to space. Let's Scissor! A - Would you like some tea, Rex? Why was the alien logged in online? My mate, Skippy, is a bit of a nerd. Q. Why is an error the biggest thing in the universe? 14. How does NASA organize a party? Terrible pun sorry, it is only 3 stars. All right reddit, I have to get this off my chest. Q. The jokes cover topics such as astronauts, space travel, astronomy, the Moon, planets and space puns. The old man, who spoke only Navajo, asked a question that his son translated. He handed me a card with the password. One astronaut says to another “I can’t find any milk for my coffee”. Space Puns List. Have you heard the news about Orions belt? A - In a bub-bull bath. Then she grinned... (she knew what she was doing)... space dad. Why did the astronaut refuse to fly home to visit his girlfriend? I am craving sugar, I need a milky way. Q. 8. Turns out they eat radio active materials. This page is a lot smaller. Why did the hermit move to the moon?

A. I’m building a website for a new cafe and Coworking space opening in the area. To reduce waste, our city has told food truck drivers they must donate all unsold items each night. What do little green men wear to bed? Why does Orion’s belt only have three stars? Trevor loved tractors. ETA Examples: I'd Hit That Boxing Gym.

What does a claustrophobic astronaut want? Did I ever tell you what happened after I broke through earth’s atmosphere? Sometimes spaceflight is unpredictable and dirty sacrifices must be made. Astronaut 2: In space, no-one can. A waist of time. Because even in space there's no room for error. A. In 2009, Kang was ranked as IGN's 65th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. Why do extraterrestrial aliens enjoy these spaced out Painful Puns? We're leaning toward "One Giant Leap". How many aliens does it take to screw in a light bulb? Q. That’s okay. What do you call a belt with a watch on it? Which classic sci-fi TV sitcom do aliens from the fourth rock from the sun binge watch?

I cut my finger chopping cheese, but I think that I may have greater problems. Why are hippies good at social distancing? You spend too much time on the web. What did the alien chef see in its skillet? What do you call a little green man surfing the Internet in your garden?

(Just came to me), Q - What does an astronaut use in the bath?

A. He and his sister Kodos continuously try to take over Earth and are usually seen attacking Springfield.

What did the alien say when its flying saucer landed at a Colorado cattle ranch? It wasn't long before the five guys came up with a plan. Q. 2 years ago. * Two ladies were discussing the planetarium show they had just seen. They should call it YASA. Because ancient aliens took off with them all in a winged dragon.

(Originally I was gonna say at the parking meteor!). A list of puns related to "SpaceX" What's the difference between SpaceX and a chicken? Q. When NASA was preparing for the Apollo project, some of the training of the astronauts took place on a Navajo reservation. * NASA accepted the wildebeest’s application, and around our planet a brave gnu whirled. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon! You see child, in this existence, they are all: While this ode may be (chamo)miles away from a Maya Angelou. KAPPIT . In this time, that goddess doesn't own this pun. You know what really makes my blood boil? Q. Because you rock my world. NASA had a supply of rib eye on the last flight to the international space station to see how meat cooked in space. Operation Spud-Nik turned violent when the astronauts, due to unforeseen circumstances, ran out of food. to pekoe out just a few does not do her justice. They called it their most important mission. A. Because they're corny.

Q. Q. I've been really keen on watching the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches lately... SpaceX is launching astronauts today with a new space catapult. This page is a lot smaller. No Apes Submit Astronaut . I need my space. Can the coronavirus survive on Mars if it ends up on a SpaceX rocket ? Q. 32.

Every day Trevor would get up, in his tractor-themed bedroom in his tractor-themed house, with its tractor-themed wallpaper and tractor-themed carpets, and he would make his bed with its tractor-themed duvet and tractor-themed sheets. It was getting really hot in the journey, so I opened the window to let some air in. Thanks for any help, don't worry about them being dumb as a dumb pun could inspire a decent one :). Take me to your bleeder. A little background about my business idea: I'm a personal/sometimes virtual assistant specializing in household admin and management. He's light-years ahead of the competition now. It's miles away. Edit: I can't believe anyone would downvote a three-star joke like this. Does anyone have any great puns or other humorous ideas to do with cafes or working spaces? They speak the Rigellian language, which, by coincidence, is identical to English. What does an alien use to keep his feet warm? A. Gravi-Tea. It's miles away. What is the name the new one-eyed alien sitcom? Car salesman: Car no go space, car go road. A. Why do Russian astronauts only drink black coffee? Yo mama so fat, NASA has a satellite orbiting around her. What should you do if you see a spaceman?

Elon Musk just completed his SpaceX warp drive, and Blue Origin can't compete. One said the show was fantastic. Didn’t like that joke? What spread do astronauts use on their toast? Neither has tried to contact him.

In uni-verses. Because they are out of this world, and just as vague as aliens are. Joking apart and yes that was a joke - space is very big. I ask it what its favorite meal was. Why did space aliens flock to the zoo in the year 2001? r/puns.✌️. I closed the window after a minute, and everyone disappeared from inside the space shuttle! Q. Q. And while you're here, please take a moment to visit our sponsors: E.T. Back that NASA up! It’s just an obnoxious way to say how very matcha I love you.

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