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Often, I have to remind people that I moved here when I was 16. We’re not just all this one type of person.
‘Superstore’ ends abruptly tonight with an unplanned, cliffhanger finale and the shocking departure of series star America Ferrera. “My mom has thankfully recovered, so we are thankful for that and to celebrate any good news we can get while we are all dealing with this pandemic,” he said.

And then when I auditioned, I kind of just played a version of myself and they liked it. Network's Fashion Police and appeared on screen on Showtime's Pride Comedy Jam as well as the series Ground Floor, Mulaney and 2 Broke Girls.

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SUPERSTORE is officially back in production for season 6, with a planned premiere date of Thursday, October 22, which means there is just over six weeks for new viewers to catch up on the show’s first 98 episodes. It just means you have an accent. In the clip, he realizes that he’s an illegal immigrant. But it wasn’t until I got really involved in theater in high school and I majored in theater in college that I thought I may want to do something with acting. We’ve been bugging Justin Spitzer, who created the show, since the pilot.”. It began in the beginning of March, when America Ferrera announced her unexpected departure from the beloved NBC comedy after five seasons, just weeks after the show was renewed for a sixth season. I collected comic books as a kid, and played Dungeons and Dragons. But then my college experience wasn’t what I had anticipated it to be. Intrigued by the show and not quite sure where to start? Superstore It’s a stark change from the show’s previous finale; at the end of season 4, Mateo was captured by ICE and hauled away in front of all of his friends at Cloud 9. Let’s do this.” After three years of not doing anything with my life except selling handbags, I asked, “Is your friend still doing that open mic?” And she was like, “Let me make a phone call!” She called that person, and said, “You’re on. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. He was also a regular panelist on Chelsea Lately.
“We have to have a proper sendoff for the fans and for the fans to have closure with America’s character Amy leaving,” he said. I never even thought I’d have this career at all.”. or film. I think people shouldn’t be afraid of that. “We only had a week left [of filming] and then we were shut down,” Nico explains. As for the future of “Superstore,” Santos said he wouldn’t be surprised if the pandemic is addressed on the show. I wanted to be a pastry chef. What airs tonight is in fact the first part of a two-part finale. “This pandemic obviously created new challenges for not just the entertainment industry, but for everybody.” He then added, “The plan was never to completely shut [America] out from the show, so hopefully we’ll have her back for a few episodes here and there. “Who knew when we started this journey five years ago that we would be going into season six and to our 100 episodes? I’m glad I’m able to show a different kind of queer Asian character out there. Somebody had brought that to my attention, and this clip was like from three years ago!

Charming audiences with his sarcastic wit and outrageous sensibility, Santos has that rare ability to be crass and snarky while at the same time remaining completely likable. It’s not going to be the same without her.”. Just having them out there is a huge thing. I honestly probably wouldn’t have survived these past few weeks without him.”. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. 2015 - Present It was surprising, sort of getting this second wave of traction, and people going “Well, I need to see this show!” I was really happy that the creatives of the show really incorporated my background into the character, because Mateo’s character wasn’t written to be Filipino originally.

People used to ask, “You weren’t born here?” And I say, “Yes. I had to find a day job pretty quickly. “His laugh is the thing I remember the most,” Santos said during an appearance Thursday night on Variety’s “After-Show” on Instagram. Have news, pics or video on a breaking news story? He’s Singaporean with a British accent. Because a lot of people know me as Mateo, and Mateo’s pretty similar to my natural mannerisms and all that — maybe just a little heightened. Time will tell if the cast’s efforts will pay off next season! Nichole Bloom (who plays Cheyenne) is just the most fun to play around with.”. Superstore Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Santos also told Variety which music superstar he’d love to see pop up on “Superstore.” Watch the video above to find out what he said. After doing that for about three years, I told myself, “You said you were going to do comedy in San Francisco, and you’re just selling handbags! And there’s nothing wrong with being a masculine gay guy, but I think it’s important for the straight community and everybody out there to realize that there’s so much more to the gay community than these two things. We hope we continue to have chance to play with her in the future.”. The two have been binge-watching “What We Do in the Shadows.” And like millions of others, they’ve watched “Tiger King.” They’ve also been cooking, finding inspiration from how-to videos on the Bon Appetit website.

As for the Superstore finale, fans will be pleased Mateo will be ending things on a high note, as he plans an epic birthday celebration for his bestie, Cheyenne. “It was really bittersweet to find out that she was leaving. “They have similar tastes when it comes to other stuff, but for the birthday planning, they both have different ideas.

His parents were divorced, and his father had relocated to Oregon. Yeah, and then he talks to his lola. I never really thought I would be acting while I was in LA. Where did that come from? Having an accent doesn’t mean you’re unintelligent. He hasn’t seen his mom, who lives in the Bay Area, because of social-distancing protocols. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His mother had urged him and his brother to live with their dad and experience what life was like in America. Moreover, the big question is if Amy’s departure means Amy’s brother Eric, played by George Salazar, will be sticking around in her place. You get to see a little conflict between the two of them, which is fun.

I should try that!” That’s kind of what put that seed in my brain.

“Cheyenne and Mateo’s tastes are very different,” he says. Santos shared his guide to some of the best installments of SUPERSTORE…, "Our first introduction to the ICONIC character of Sandra, played by the one and only Kaliko Kauahi. “My mom has thankfully recovered, so we are thankful for that and to celebrate any good news we can get while we are all dealing with this pandemic,” he said. It’s important to show immigrants that don’t have accents as well.

With season six on the horizon, as well as the 100th episode, could next year be the year it finally happens? They said, “You seem to be really good in design.

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