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And, I’m absolutely in love with Amaud Jamaul Johnson’s “Cherene,” a ghazal from his most recent collection, Darktown Follies. Give me a hard face that toils Give me tonight, to cut and salt the open. Full Episode. You undress, but never say a word.

Why? Give me a shovel Sealey is an alumna of the creative writing program at NYU and is the executive director at Cave Canem Foundation, Inc. Assistant Web Editor, Nadra Mabrouk, interviewed Nicole Sealey about Ordinary Beast, writing as nurturing, the mundane, and exploring our obsessions. 2.              author our gentle birth, the height. Because the world is what it is, I’m oftentimes staring out windows. How does writing poetry help you investigate that tension in your own life?              so the death drive does not declare, itself, so the moonlight does not convince Then believed View the profiles of people named Nicole Sealey. It all flows so seamlessly. I scanned hundreds of poetry collections for beautiful lines. It feels good to come home to Crown Heights, get off the train, and see my reflection. Imagine this: I went to what I thought was an ordinary book launch 10 years ago and didn’t know then that my future husband was there. Give me just the duration of a good, night’s dream to wade in wreckage, / I touch your ribcage, take my thumbs, & split you like a pomegranate.” Gorgeous. What won’t, however, is my desire to better understand myself (and by extension you) through the process of writing. Favorite places to go in Brooklyn not involving reading or writing? Throughout the book, but particularly in the first section, there is a focus on the ideas of infancy as well as maternal and paternal love. We fell somewhere between god John Murillo. Sorry, the most I can do with these words in one week is admire them. I’m exploring my obsessions—love, loss as well as the large and small violences that have shaped me/us—and, in so doing, engaging in a lifelong conversation with myself. The last couplet reads: “A modern romance.

Nicole Sealey is the author of Ordinary Beast (Ecco Press, 2017).              a thing as sacred as the sun can rise, and fall like an ordinary beast. Born in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. The collection grapples with being legendary and being ordinary, following the trajectory of an ordinary life such as getting married, having/not having children, and death. Allow me this luxury. Though I did have a few lines in mind for the cento, the poem required much research and years. Lucille Clifton said in an interview once, “children—and humans, everybody—all need both windows and mirrors in their lives: mirrors through which they can see themselves and windows through which they can see the world.” Clifton was talking about race—specifically the disadvantages that come with being white and having only mirrors or being a person of color and having only windows. As this dialogue continues, I suspect feelings will change. He puts the “G” in Genius 2.) And what I assume you should assume,
 I awake as a new person every day, influenced by what came before. I’ve always been interested in the many ways in which animals—humans included—grieve. What neighborhood do you live in? For me, grief is not always a singular emotional state following some kind of traumatic event but, rather, an ongoing mindset. For the first year, I lived in Flatbush. All that to say, life itself won’t allow our brief animation to be mundane. —Originally published in Poetry International, Spring 2013. Deer sniff lifeless If my memory serves me correctly, “Candelabra with Heads” was written in spring 2014. On Thursday, October 5th, Nicole Sealey read from her new collection Ordinary Beast (Ecco, 2017) at the Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House. I am marveling at the impeccable construction of “Cento for the Night I Said, ‘I Love You,’” which we published an excerpt from in our latest issue.

and raised in Apopka, Florida, Nicole Sealey is a Cave Canem graduate fellow and the recipient of a 2014 Elizabeth George Foundation Grant. The idea of separating your mind from the flesh in order to let go of any racial/ancestral pain is so heart-wrenching, to cut yourself from a tormented and suppressed lineage and be so far removed from it, as mentioned in “In Defense of ‘Candelabra with Heads.’”  Was writing “Candelabra with Heads” a turning point for you in your work?              fawn before leaving them, elephants. Three reasons: 1.) After funerals, these beautifully carved and painted coffins are buried with the dead they incase. After Flatbush, I moved to Crown Heights, where I am currently. I was born before sunrise—, when morning masquerades as night, stone.

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