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The rest you will definitely want to banish to oblivion. Andy Blankenbuehler, who also choreographed the stage revival of Cats, does excellent work. 2.1K Shares View On One Page The Batman Meets Cats in a Magically Maniacal Mashup Trailer, Jason Derulo Truly Believed Cats Was Going to Change the World, Cats Is Even Crazier When Listening to the Blu-Ray Audio Description Track, Hugh Jackman Said No to Cats Role and Really Dodged a Bullet. Shot on a soundstage to suggest a bad feline-themed Halloween party, the film — like the show — is based on Eliot’s beloved 1939 poetry collection, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Everyone’s digitally androgynous, as if baby’s first Photoshopper had a little too much fun with the smoothing tool, though some are smoother than others.". Eliot. Look for that gesture to be repeated by all who must endure this hellish fiasco of a film version. Talent is misused all through the film: There’s Sir Ian McKellan as Gus the Theater Cat, singing of his lost youth; Idris Elba as Macavity, the monster of depravity; and — God help her — Taylor Swift as Bombalurina, his accomplice in crime. "But Hooper’s mistake is that he’s tried to class up the joint. They sing and dance under towering trash cans, tables, etc. Old Deuteronomy (Judi Dench), their wise matriarch, is hosting the annual Jellicle Ball. They are also cat-sized. At the very least, Cats seems like a really good time if you enjoy really bizarre movies. There’s Rebel Wilson as Jennyanydots, dancing with cockroaches. They look like cats with frisky ears and tails. Instead, he misguidedly covers them in digital fur and bizarre makeup. The lesser known Laurie Davidson plays the magical Mr. Mistoffelees and his big number is actually — wait for it — passable. Ao continuar com a navegação em nosso site, você aceita o uso de cookies. It follows a group of cats called the Jellicle cats as they perform songs until one cat, named Old Deuteronomy (played by Dame Judi Dench in the movie) picks one of them to go to kitty-cat heaven. Want more Rolling Stone? Sorry, Ms. I agree they're a bit odd, but certainly grows on you as the film progresses. If you liked Cats the musical, you will like the film, the scathing reviews are just bullies piling on. "This uneven eyesore turns out to be every bit the Jellicle catastrophe the haters anticipated, a half-digested hairball of a movie in which Hooper spends too much energy worrying about whether the technology is ready to accommodate his vision," he wrote. "There aren’t any people, so maybe there were Bomb blasts — or maybe a bio disaster, causing cat-human mutants with digital fur. In an unheard of move, Tom Hooper is sending a new edit with enhanced effects to theaters for Christmas Day. It was. Complainers make the most noise. A frightened Kitten, Victoria, played wonderfully by prima ballerina Francesca Hayward, is dumped in a London alley. The song, meant to enhance “Memory” and perhaps improve on it, fails in both cases. Cats is a worthy musical. It falls to genius Hamilton choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler to adapt Gillian Lynne’s stage dances for the screen. Brace Yourselves, The Second "Cats" Movie Trailer Is Here, Here's What The Cast Of "Cats" Looks Like In The Trailer Compared To Reality. "I saw a terrifying gray statue looming over a character, only for it to blink and realize it’s a woman who is a cat, but they colored her and then forgot to add fur. (think “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off”). Lloyd Webber has also included a new song, “Beautiful Ghosts,” shunning existing verses from Eliot for another poetical T.S. Michael Blackmon is a culture reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York. This primary flaw is what I believe leads to the mountain of hate heaped on the film. In feline terms, this is a movie without epic hairballs, without rear-end sniffing, without a deep, wounding scratch. "Nine may not be enough lives for some of the stars to live down their involvement in this poorly conceived and executed adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical," wrote Peter Debruge. "The setting is London, it does look post-nuclear," wrote Peter Bradshaw. Cats unique production design and costumes have been pandered. Sign up for our newsletter. ", Vishnevetsky highlighted a weird visual effects moment in the movie, where Dench, 85, "is at one point depicted stretching an unconvincing digital leg behind her head.". Negativity towards the film grew after an admittedly bad trailer. She's been singled out for her "one-note" performance. ‘Cats’ Review: Ignore the Haters, Enjoy the Music and Dancing. This disastrous attempt to bring Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical to the screen shouldn’t happen to a dog, James Corden, center, lets his freak fur fly in 'Cats.'. If you liked Cats the musical, you will like the film, the scathing reviews are just bullies piling on. Director Tom Hooper has lumps of coal filling his Christmas stocking. You need willing suspension of disbelief to watch a live action movie about singing cats. "Part of the pleasure of theater (if you’re a partisan) is this human factor; but without the presence of hard-working troupers in fun fur in this Cats, all that’s left are canned images of fit-looking people meowing and raising their rumps high in the air," wrote critic Manohla Dargis. Groundhog Day Funko Pop! His work may be impressive, but you’d never know it from the manic way Hooper keeps cutting from long shots to medium shots to close-ups so that the eye can never appreciate the simple beauty of a full body in graceful motion. Will you be seeing it when it opens this Friday? The review embargo for the upcoming movie adaptation of Cats, directed by Tom Hooper, lifted on Wednesday night and critics all across the internet have been coughing up furballs. Taylor Swift, an artist I really don't know, captures the saucy Bombalurina. As the aging glamour cat Grizabella, Hudson nearly busts a lung over-emoting on the show’s only memorable song, “Memory.” To hear this musical-theater standard done glorious, haunting justice, listen to Betty Buckley’s take on the tune — she won a Tony award for playing the part in the Broadway version. The Broadway show is a spectacle.

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