on through the night album cover

This is especially true of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, who harnesses feedback almost as well as Jimi Hendrix did and displays smarts plus speed in his solos.

It may not have the critical or commercial cachet of their landmark titles Pyromania and Hysteria, but Def Leppard’s 1980 debut, On Through The Night, effectively captured the band’s confident initial strides on a remarkable journey which has led to over 100 million record sales worldwide and their imminent induction into the hallowed Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. But heavy metal, that belligerent bastard son of American blues and macho English rock-star attitudes, is back. Only one quick question now: is this your idea of a good time? The label is not black with red neon Mercury logo. Your email address will not be published. Adding a touch of Wagnerian drama to the genre, the Scorpions mine the traditional heavy-metal lode and assay a potent sound that’s one part Deep Purple (lead singer Klaus Meine), one part Black Sabbath (the Francis Buchholz-Herman Rarebell rhythm section) and two parts Blue Öyster Cult (guitarists Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs). Van Halen toss melody — along with subtlety and good manners — straight out the barroom door. Specializing in decibels and cock-strutting bravado, they put forth the proposition that Might Is Always Right, and the proof on their third LP, Women and Children First, is pretty convincing. The deal that led to On Through The Night’s release, on 14 March 1980, came through Def Leppard’s connection with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. With an average age of eighteen, the five members of Def Leppard are barely old enough to remember the first Neanderthal rumblings of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Yet On through the Night shows they not only respect their elders, they’ve taken cues from their New Wave peers, too. Want more Rolling Stone? Critics wish it would. Even more significantly, critical appraisals such as Rolling Stone’s, which proclaimed On Through The Night to be “awfully impressive for a band making its vinyl debut”, piqued the interest of AC/DC producer Mutt Lange – the man who would later helm High’n’Dry, Pyromania and Hysteria, and help mould Def Leppard into the legendary act they are today.

But I can't find my copy on here. Photo courtesy of Def Leppard. Listen to On Through The Night right now. To their credit, these bands have managed to tap some fresh energy from a source that apparently never went dry. Megalomania of this kind is an acquired taste, yet the haste with which Women and Children First bullied its way into the Top Ten suggests that there’s a little Van Halen in everybody. As Trump Declares Surrender to the Coronavirus, GOP-led Senate Punts on Pandemic Relief, Keith Raniere Sentenced to 120 Years In Prison, See Pre-Fame Sebastian Bach, Zakk Wylde Jam on Led Zeppelin at a 1987 Wedding, Before the Landslide: Inside the Early Years of Fleetwood Mac, Beck’s ‘Hyperspace’ is a Dark, Heavenly Pop Fantasy. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Besides, the info is rather cutting edge, so like it. This one finishes up the High n Dry album. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. !” and the mad, triple-time dash, “Loss of Control,” are works of high-volume art. The most iconic grunge album cover after Nirvana's Nevermind, Hole's Live Through This depicts a sobbing beauty queen with mascara running down her face. First coined by Sounds journalist Geoff Barton in May 1979, the NWOBHM banner collectivised a group of fast-rising, grassroots-level UK rock acts (also including Iron Maiden, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Saxon and Diamond Head) whose sound reflected their love of classic 70s hard rock outfits such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, but infused it with the energy and vitality of punk. It's the skyline label. ‘God Save The Queen’ is still my ringtone now!”.

The Nightfly is the debut solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Donald Fagen.Produced by Gary Katz, it was released October 1, 1982, by Warner Bros. Records.Fagen was previously best known for his work in the group Steely Dan, with whom he enjoyed a successful career in the 1970s.The band separated in 1981, leading Fagen to pursue a solo career. And while Joe Elliott isn’t a lead singer on the sanctified level of Robert Plant, he wails wonderfully in a resonating tenor, fortified by backup harmonies and Tom Allom’s battering-ram production. What Does that Mean for Biden’s Chances? “[By 1977], rock had got really overblown – really boring, people droning on with guitar solos,” Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen told Record Collector in 2018. As for David Lee Roth and his big mouth, he puts up a lot better than he shuts up, baying at the moon with far more spirit and comic panache than most of his competition.

Though not quite the killer that last year’s Lovedrive was, Animal Magnetism, this German group’s seventh American album, still scores a head-banger’s bull’s-eye with frantic rockers like “Falling in Love” and the rather commercial “Make It Real.” The title track and “The Zoo” are a strange finale: two of the most oppressive, ham-fisted dirges I’ve heard since Black Sabbath turned loose “War Pigs.”. We want to hear from you! Need help figuring out what version I have. Van Halen toss melody — along with subtlety and good manners — straight out the barroom door. “Romeo Delight,” “Everybody Wants Some! The anthemlike “Rock Brigade” and “Hello America,” with its Queen-aphonic harmonies, are apt examples. Show: Where Teenagers of the World Unite, ‘It Was A Combustible Mix Of People’: Steve Hillage Talks Life On Planet Gong, ‘1989’: How Taylor Swift Shook Off Her Past And Hit New Peaks Of Artistry, Praise Be!

On through the Night is awfully impressive for a band making its vinyl debut. Their new label paired them with Judas Priest producer Tom Allom for their debut album, which was recorded at Startling Studios in Ascot, a country estate belonging to Ringo Starr. Listen to the best of Def Leppard on Apple Music and Spotify. Why Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ Is Still A Kick In The Nuts, The T.A.M.I.

Bassist Rick Savage and drummer Rick Allen apply the same youthful muscle to a breast-beating ballad (“Sorrow Is a Woman”) as they do to a Thin Lizzy-like raver (“Wasted”).

On Through The Night peaked at No.15 on the UK Top 40 and swiftly opened doors for Def Leppard, who supported its release with a series of high-profile US opening slots for Pat Travers and Ted Nugent, and a slot at UK’s Reading Festival. With their debut album, ‘On Through The Night’, Def Leppard proved they were no strangers to ambition, paving the way for later career highs.

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[Sex] Pistols were the most wonderful thing I’d heard in years. What they may lack in innovation, the Scorpions make up for in sheer amplified power, while Van Halen swagger confidently past their own limitations and Def Leppard fall back on youthful naiveté, enthusiasm and talent.

It was covered later in 1970 by Sammi Smith, on the album Help Me Make It Through the Night. Pretty cool song with lots of 'fiddly' riffs. How to Stream 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 on Disney+, This Is What Stealing an Election Looks Like. Required fields are marked *. Displaying a wisdom beyond their years, Def Leppard take the timeworn basics of heavy metal, give them a punky Eighties overhaul and come up with, uh, heavy melody. They were fantastic, so young and vigorous and very tight, so it was easy to get good performances out of them.”. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “I went to see them before I did the album – they were opening up for AC/DC in Birmingham. “Great guys to work with and such a great band”: the ‘On Through The Night’ line-up. Early Turnout Is Huge.

This is a hard rock album pure and simple. I have a copy of On Through the Night that has a black label with a red neon Mercury logo.

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