our universe for class 4

It is closest to the Earth. So the area of space we now see is billions of times bigger than it was when the Universe was very young.

It gets its light due to Sun's light. Jupiter rotates faster than any other planet. For More Information Talk To Our Sales Executive. Back.

Comets are the celestial body moving about the Sun, consisting of a central mass surrounded by an envelope of dust and gas that may form a tail that streams away from the sun. Answer on question posted on JustAsk and earn 15 points. We are restricting you cause we have numerous users in queue to get their answers. Sea breeze blows during ___________________. Mars is named after the Roman God of War. Jupiter has a faint ring system which appears to be made up of dust. Related Papers How Plants Make Food MCQ Worksheet Class 4 Science Posted by Mary Dsouza Class 4 SCIENCE REVISION WORKSHEET – 1 (Lesson 3 & 4… Which star is responsible for the light emitted by moon? It gets its light due to sun's light. These are called Asteroids.

The chapter ‘Our Universe and The Planets’ have been explained through HD quality animated videos, images, real videos in Class 4 Science. Saturn has the greatest number of known moons of any planet in the solar system. }, .btn {

An asteroid is a large rock in the outer space. There are 8 planets in the solar system. The chapter ‘Our Universe and The Planets’ have been explained through HD quality animated videos, images, real videos in Class 4 Science. At night if we see the sky closely, we can see many shooting stars. It has the slowest rotation in the solar system. The Universe is incredibly huge. No one knows the exact size of the Universe, because we cannot see the edge – if there is one. The chapter ‘Our Universe and The Planets’ have been explained through HD quality animated videos, images, real videos in Class 4 Science online classes. This is also a windy planet as the fast rotation causes high winds.

Please log in again! Download Paper Post Comment Report Back. Venus doesn’t have any oceans. It also includes the satellites of the planets; numerous comets, asteroids, and meteoroids; and the interplanetary medium. There are around 3-5 solved Printable Worksheets in each chapter.


Before the birth of the Universe, time, space and matter did not exist.

10:00 AM to 7:00 PM IST all days. All rights reserved. Planets are heavenly bodies revolving around the sun in elliptical orbits.

Our Universe Free online tests for class-4 EVS (Environmental Science including both Science and Social Science) as per NCERT and CBSE syllabus includes Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, formation of day and night, eclipses etc. The Universe is defined as everything that exists. 4.

Earth– Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that has water in liquid form, Oxygen, and supports life.

Space is also filled with radiation (e.g. This CBSE paper and worksheet can be instrumental in students achieving maximum marks in their exams.

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The Sun – The Sun is a star. Doubts solved by panel of Post-graduate/ PhD Experts. When comets are close enough to the sun, they display a visible coma (a fuzzy outline or atmosphere due to solar radiation) and sometimes a tail. Register now. Mercury is very hot during the day and has a very thin atmosphere. The universe is unimaginably and infinitely big. Our earth is a part of solar system, which is a part of the Milky way galaxy. The sun, the planets and all the objects moving around the planets are collectively called solar, Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth, Outer Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The Universe is unimaginably and infinitely big.

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It revolves around the sun and due to its tilt, seasons are created. It is named after the Roman god of the sky. The Universe is unimaginably and infinitely big. One can use these papers and worksheets to get extensive practice and familiarise themselves with the format of the question paper.

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}, No software required, no contract to sign. Uranus is tilted in such a way that a season lasts there for 20 years.

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