outside in movie 1972

With a story that had me wondering who double-crossed who, some great action scenes and stunts, a fantastic cast and plenty of beautiful eye candy on display, The Outside Man was a lot of fun, an enjoyable movie to watch and a nostalgic time capsule of what Los Angeles looked like in the early 70’s. Actually very rad and compelling. Although Ollie finds his fugitive life depressing, Bernard’s example makes facing legal consequences seem horrific. FYI, many sources list character actor G.D. Spradlin as co-director of this picture, but his name appears nowhere on the credits. Weighing heavily on his mind are visits with another old friend, Bernard (Dennis Olivieri), who also dodged the draft but got caught and served time behind bars. The sound is fine and the dialog can be heard clearly. Now, I would say this would get an R rating now but at the time, full frontal was mostly shown in X rated films. There are also some specs and crackles at times but they aren’t that noticeable. За бегом Жана-Луи Тринтиньяна от Роя Шайдера не скрывается ничего серьезнее желания показать Заграницу как в каком-нибудь "Тайском вояже Степаныча". It’s also got a theme song that kind of breaks down what you’re about to see!

It was nice to see Scheider as a silent villain, Dickinson always makes a great femme fatale and Ann-Margret can give a gay man a hard on. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Not really laugh out loud cheesy but still it's silly. Trintignant acts and talks like a robot on low batteries and with an 'Allo 'Allo! Original title: Outside In (Red, White and Busted). Really amazing use of LA, made very much by an outsider (or an Outside Man, if you will).

The audience is put into a similar position, one further complicated by the way our anti-hero plays things close to the vest with his knowledge. Jean-Louis Trintignant Ann-Margret Roy Scheider Angie Dickinson Michel Constantin Umberto Orsini Georgia Engel Jackie Earle Haley Felice Orlandi Carlo De Mejo Carmen Argenziano Ted de Corsia Hank Stohl Rico Cattani Philippa Harris John Hillerman Jon Korkes Connie Kreski Ben Piazza Alex Rocco Talia Shire Lionel Vitrant Sidney Clute Bob Harks, Jean-Claude Carrière Ian McLellan Hunter Jacques Deray, Cité Films Les Productions Artistes Associés Mondial Televisione Film, Brutale Schatten, A Man is Dead, The Outside Men, 104 mins  

К сожалению снят фильм не слишком хорошо: сюжет совсем незамысловат, а экшен скучен. This happens very rarely and yet I have had the honor in watching the little known film The Outside Man and having the urge to tell the world how great this 70’s crime drama is. Over the course of several leisurely days (or weeks—hard to tell), Ollie contemplates his next move. That feeling of never knowing a film existed, seeing it without reading any reviews or comments before hand and walking away with more than satisfied feeling. While Trintignant is a bit of a dull anti-hero, the rest of the cast is fantastic. There is never any rush. You've got your dinner, your traffic, your biker gang, your blaring tv sets...It's all very LA told from an outsiders perspective. Boring. And Alex is not one for loose ends and has in turn hired Roy Scheider's killer to hit the hitman. Can Lucien leave without knowing the answers? I quite dug it. Kind of focusing on the things in LA that people who live here avoid. Just getting this out of the way, this is a cheesy movie.

It’s telling that this is nearly the only movie featured in Los Angeles Plays Itself that Andersen seems to respect. Pure cinema, atmosphere, mood, character, early 70s Los Angeles, wit, car-chases, Legrand Psych-Funk score featuring JOE MORTON on vocals, young Jackie Earl Haley, and a scene featuring the 'cat came back' number of PBS's 'Zoom'. Full frontal nudity boys! Was the ratings board asleep when they viewed this? The Outside Man (1972) Comments Off on The Outside Man (1972) 29 ... stunts, a fantastic cast and plenty of beautiful eye candy on display, The Outside Man was a lot of fun, an enjoyable movie to watch and a nostalgic time capsule of what Los Angeles looked like in the early 70’s. © 2020 UnRated Film Review Magazine | Movie Reviews, Interviews. With the help of a cocktail waitress at a strip club (Ann-Margret who is just drop dead gorgeous in this) Lucien tries to get out of the country while the entire Mob family is out to get him. An expressionless man of very few words has come to do a job and leave.

In LA, nothing is…. This…. The Los Angeles locations are stunning and the loud 70’s funk music accompanying the city landscape gave me the chills. Hard boiled men and boiling hot women. MGM has released the X rated version . Sillier than I remember it being but a great look at early 70s LA with a nice cast of familiar faces including an even younger Kelly Leak from Bad News Bears. A French hit man is hired by a crime family to end the life of a rival mobster, but things fall apart when the boss who hired him is killed. The quickly-paced script throws Trintignant into the deep end in the first act, setting up a plot where the character's cultural displacement and lack of allies add complexity to his struggles to stay alive. Good god this is a great film. Film data from TMDb. Report this film. James Klein - who has written 473 posts on UnRated Film Review Magazine | Movie Reviews, Interviews.

Culled from an even longer mubi…. Just getting this out of the way, this is a cheesy movie. Still, he is king. French attempt at an American ganster film. Awesome crime film with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Roy Scheider. Predictably, Ollie falls in love with Chris, who’s so mellow that she wanders around the house naked and reacts gracefully once she learns the truth about Ollie’s situation. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. More details at Outside In (Red, White and Busted) is a film directed by Allen Baron, G.D. Spradlin with John Bill, Peggy Feury, Darrell Larson, Heather Menzies .... Year: 1972. KEVIИ HДWKIИS 1,000 films 2,193 69 Edit, Updated to remove any movies in "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", and my Ultimate Film Canon lists…, some films are not on tmdb, some may have been mismatched or simply not found when importing into…, Now I know this might seem like a shameless way to get other people to find loads of 1970s crime…, Kevin Royal Johnson 3,249 films 228 Edit, A complete list of the films in John Grant's A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir: The Essential Reference Guide, an…, All the films shown in the wonderful essay on the portrayal of Los Angeles in cinema Los Angeles Plays Itself…, Stephen Williamson 7,675 films 266 5 Edit, Missing ANDREY KHRZHANOVSKY ANIMATIONS, 1966-1997 Gene Deitch Animations: Big Sam & Punky, Frozen Logger Bob Dylan: Rejected…, A watchlist I've accumulated over the past decade on my search for hidden gems. Other than the opening song, the music is great. Пожалуй, самое запоминающееся связано со временем, когда был снят фильм: например как главный герой отхлестал ребёнка по лицу (его играет маленький Джеки Эрл Хели, взаправду получивший по физиономии в паре дублей) или как он курит сигареты в лифте. Soon he becomes the target of a local hitman. Weirdly overlooked '70s crime flick with a handful of ace set pieces and stellar LA location work throughout. You could have hired a…. Jean-Louis Trintignant arrives in Los Angeles to carry out a contract to kill mob boss Victor Kovacs which he does with typical gallic cool by rocking up to his house, bold as brass, introducing himself under the name of one of Kovacs' French lawyers and shooting him right there on the spot. Comments Off on The Outside Man (1972) 29 July 2012.

A specific quiet, meandering hit-man v hit-man movie that is never boring, but never truly action-packed. Jean-Louis Trintignant stars as Lucien, a French hit man who travels to theU.S.to assassinate a high profile crime boss. Home » The Outside Man (1972) Action, Crime, Thriller.

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